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Publication numberUS702403 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 17, 1902
Filing dateApr 7, 1902
Priority dateApr 7, 1902
Publication numberUS 702403 A, US 702403A, US-A-702403, US702403 A, US702403A
InventorsSamuel D Chapman
Original AssigneeSamuel D Chapman
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Valise, hand-bag, or suit-case.
US 702403 A
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No. 702,403. Patented June l7, I902.



(Application filed Apr. 7, 1902.)

(N0 llodel.) 2 Sheena-Sheet I.


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Patented lune l7, I902.


(Application filed. Apr. 7, 1902.)

2 SheetsSheet 2,

(No Model.)

'I/Wf/VTOR, 5. 13; -Cha aman;

bottom of the valise.




.SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 702,403,11ateddune 17, 1902.

Application filed April 7. 1902. Serial No. 101,765. (No model.)

ing valises or hand-cases with a small but' bright light, which can be lighted at will by pressing with the thumb upon the handle of the valise. The advantages arising from the use ofthis device in poorly lighted or dark localities are obvious.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a longitudinal vertical section of the valise provided with my invention, indicating the wires by dotted lines.

of the valise on a smaller scale. Fig. 3 is a transverse section looking toward the lampand battery case. Fig. 4 is a bottom plan view, enlarged, of the battery compartment and cells, the bottom being removed. Fig. 5 is an enlarged detail view showing the insulation around one of the handle-rings, the ring being in section.

In'one end of the valise is a box 1, containing battery-cells 2 2 2, a lamp 3, a reflector 4, and a convex lens 5. A circular opening of suitable size is cut in the end of the valise, and around this opening, on the out-- side of the valise, isa metal ring 6. Secured to this ring are two inwardly-projecting bolts 7, which pass through the box 1 and are provided with nuts 8, by which the ring 6 and the entire box 1 are secured tothe end of the. The bottom of the box is further se-.

valise. cured by a sheet-metal plate 9, riveted to the In a lower compartment of the box 1 are three battery-cells 2 2 2, shown as connected in series in Fig. 4. Said compartment is provided with a hinged lid 10. One terminal 12 of the battery is a piece of sheet metal, to which a wire 13 is soldered. The other terminal'of the battery is a button 14 on one of the cells 2. A contact-spring 15 is secured to Fig. 2 is an end elevation the inner side of the lid and a contactbntton or screw 16 is placed in the seat of the lid'nnder one end of spring 15, so that when the lid is closed the spring connects the button 14 to the screw'or button 16. A wire 17 is soldered to the screw or button 16 and leads to the lamp 3, to which it'is connected. From the other lamp-terminal awire 18 runs to one of the handle-rings 20. on the handle-cap 19. The aforesaid wire 13 runs from the batteryterminal 12 to the other handle-ring 22. Both wires 13 and 18 are concealed, being run between the leather and the lining of the valise. Each handle-ring 20 and 22is insulated from its handlecap to prevent the current from short-circuiting through the metal bow or frame of the valise. To effect said insulating, I sewa piece of leather around each ring 20 22, where it passes through the handle-cap. (See Fig. 5.) The ends of the wires 13 and 18 are soldered to said rings underneath the pieces of insulating leather.- Within the handle23 are a short contact-spring 24, connected slidably to ring 22, and along contactspring 25, connected slidably to ring 20, so that the handle may be turned in the usual manner. It is now evident that if the bandle be pressed above the end of contactspring 25 said spring will he moved into contact with spring 24: and the circuit will be closed through the cells 2 and the lamp 3. 'When the pressure is removed from the handle, the spring 25 opens the circuit and the lightv goes out.

The cells 2 may readily be replaced by fresh ones when exhausted.

Having now fully described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the UnitedStates, is-

1. In a valise, suit-case, grip, or hand-bag, the combination of an opening in one end thereof, a lens behind said opening, an electric lamp behind saidlens, a battery, a handle, a pair of contact-springs therein, connected to the respective handle-rings, and connections between the handle-rings, the battery and the lamp, whereby the lamp will be lighted when said springs in thehandle are in contact with each other; substantially as described. I

2. In a valise, suit-case, grip or hand-bag, the combination of an opening in one end too thereof, a lens behind said opening, a box, a ring outside of said opening, bolts secured to said ring and passing through the box, an electric lamp behind said lens, a re flector between the lens and lamp, a battery in said box, a handle, a pair of contact-springs therein, connected to the respective handlerings, a Wire connecting said lamp to one of the handle-rings, a Wire connecting the other

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