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Publication numberUS704199 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 8, 1902
Filing dateAug 28, 1901
Priority dateAug 28, 1901
Publication numberUS 704199 A, US 704199A, US-A-704199, US704199 A, US704199A
InventorsWilliam Ralls Lee
Original AssigneeWilliam Ralls Lee
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Apparatus for recovering minerals carried off in the fumes from smelting-furnaces.
US 704199 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

No. 704,|99. Patented July 3', 1902.

w. 8. LEE.


(Application filed Aug. 28, 1901 Wilncsscs 9 213 UNrrED STAT S PATENT OFFIQE.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 704,199, dated uly 8, 1902.

Application filed August 28. 1901. Serial No. 73,613. (No model.)

To (tZZv whmn it may concern.-

Be it known that I, W'ILLIAM RALLS LEE, a citizen of the United States, residing at Marion, in the county of lVilliamson and State of Illinois, have invented anew and useful Apparatus for Recovering Minerals Carried Off in the Fumes from a Smelting-Furnacc, of which the following is a specification.

My invention is an improved apparatus for recovering minerals carried off in the fumes from a smelting-furnace; audit consistsin the peculiar construction and combination of devices hereinafter fully set forth and claimed.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective view, partly in section, of an apparatus embodying my improvements, showing the same connected to a smeltingfurnace. Fig. 2 is a detail transverse'sectional view of my improved apparatus.

In the embodiment of my invention I provide a precipitating-chamber 1, which is here shown ashorizontally disposed and as being oblong in form. In practice this precipitating-chamber may be of any suitable size and constructed of any suitable material. The bottom 2 of the said precipitating-chamber is inclined laterally to shed water, and at the lower side of the inclined bottom is a trough 3, which leads from one end of the said precipitating-chamber. The latter is divided into a series of compartments 4 by baffleplates 5 6, which are associated in pairs,the

baffles 5 depending from the top of the pre-' oipitating-chamber and the baffles 6 projecting vertically from the bottom thereof, said baffles 5 6 being suitably spaced apart, and hence the precipitating-chamber forms, in effect, a continuous tortuous passage. At the rear end of the said precipitating-chamber an eduction-flue 7 leads therefrom, and in the said eduction-flue is a suction-fan 8.

A smoke-flue 9 leads from the smeltingfurnace A. The said smelting-furnace may be of any suitable construction. That portion of the flue which leads immediately from the furnace forms an uptake 10, said flue being curved at 11 and formed with'a downtake 12. The latter discharges into the precipitating-chamber at the front end thereof, so that the smoke, fumes, products of combustion, and the minerals carried by the fumes from the furnace will be discharged into said precipitating-chamber and caused to pass therethrough from its front end to its rear end by the blast through the eduction-flue 7 and the exhaust-draft created by the fan 8 through the said precipitating-chamber. will be'understood that the baffles cause the fumes and the minerals carried thereby to descend successively in the chambers 4 and to pass from one chamber 10 another through the uptakes formed by the spaces between the baffles 5 6. A steam-pipe 13, which leads from a suitable boiler, (not shown,) is provided with a nozzle which discharges a jet of steam upwardly in the uptake 10 of line 9 at the point where said uptake leads from the furnace. This steam jet accelerates the draft, promotes combustion of the combustible substances in the fumes, and moistens the mineral particles carried by the fumes. A Water-pipe 14, which leads from asuitable source of water, is provided with a nozzle which discharges spray downwardlyin the downtake 12 of flue 9, said nozzle bei ng indicated by the reference-numeral 15. Nozzles l6 depend from the said pipe 1d and spray water downwardly in the chamber-compartments 4. Hence the fumes which pass from the furnace through the precipitating-chamber are showered with water during their descent through the downtake 12 and during their passage through the various compartments 4, the elfect of the water thus showered downwardly on the fumes being to condense the particles, including the minerals, and precipitate them to the bottom of the precipitating-chamber. The extent of the .precipitating-chamber in practice is such that when the fumes have passed through all the various compartments thereof the minerals carried by the fumes have been separated therefrom aud precipitated to the bottom of the said chamber. The minerals carried' off by the water descending on the bottom of the precipitating-chamber to the trough 3 are discharged from the latter at one end of the precipitating-chamber. I also employ a series of settling-troughs 17, of which any suitable number may be employed, which settling-troughs are provided with baflies or rililes 18. A pipe 19 leads from the trough 3 and is connected by branches 20 to the settling-troughs. As here shown there are two of the said troughs and two of the said branches, and I provide the pipe 19 with a valve 21, by which water carrying the minerals separated from the fumes and precipitated in the chamber 1 may be caused to flow to either of the settling-troughs at will. The minerals settle in the said troughs, the water flowing therefrom through spouts 22. While the minerals are being recovered from one of said settling-troughs the other may be in operation.

By means of my improved apparatus the minerals which are ordinarily wasted by benace, of a precipitating-chamber having baffie-plates arranged therein and separating the chamber into communicating compartments, an induction-flue connecting one end of the chamber with the furnace and including means for accelerating the projection of fumes to the chamber and for moistening the same, water-spraying mechanism arranged in the compartments, an eduction flue including suction mechanism connecting with the other end of the chamber, a conduit for conveying the precipitated materials from the chamber, and settling-troughs including valve mechanism connecting with the conduit.

2. The combination with a smelting-furnace, of a precipitating-chamber, an inverted- U shaped flue connecting one end of the chamher with the dome of the furnace,an upwardlydischarging steam-pipe entering the leg of the flue connecting with the furnace, a downwardly discharging Water pipe connecting with the leg of the flue entering the chamber,.

water-spraying means communicating with the chamber, and a flue including suction mechanism disposed at the discharge end of the chamber.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own I have hereto affixed my signature in the presence of two witnesses.


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