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Publication numberUS70610 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 5, 1867
Publication numberUS 70610 A, US 70610A, US-A-70610, US70610 A, US70610A
InventorsD. Porter
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US 70610 A
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Letters .Patent No. 70,610, dated November 5, 1867.


v Be it known that I, W. D. PORTER, of Petersburg, in the county ofDinwiddie, and State of -Virginia, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Toy Humming-Wheels; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, making part of this specification, and to -the letters of reference marked thereon, like letters indicating like parts wherever they occur. A

To enable others skilled in the art to construct and use my invention, I will proceedto describe it.

My invention consists in making a new and improved humming-wheel, to be used as a parlor toy, or for amusement'generally. In the drawings- Figure 1 is an edge View,

Figure 2 is a sectional view, and

Figure 3 is a side view. p

In constructing mytoy, I rst cut out two circular pieces of tin or other met'al, having a diameter of about three inches, and cut four holes inl one of them, near its circumference or outer edge, placing two of them near each other, and on aline parallel with its circumference, and near the opposite ends ofits radii, as shown in fig. 3. These circula-r pieces of tin or other metal I then form into disks A A', iig.` 1,' having. an altitude of about one-twelfth (T15) of their diameter, and unite them in any of the ordinary ways at their edges,-and thus make a. hollow wheel, E, with protruding or convex sides, as shown in figs. 1 and 2. Near the centres of the convex sides I fasten two eyes or loops a a` so that they may be about one-quarter orl one-half of -an inch apart. Through these eyes or loops I pass cords B, and fasten theirpoppositeends to wooden handles C, as shown iu tig. 1.

In operating the wheel, I take the handles C C, one in each hand, and thenl whirl the wheel E until it has twisted the cords between it and the handles tightly together. I then pull the handles in'iopposite directions,

which causes the wheel to turn rapidly, and, in turning, it gets suliicient momentum to twist the cords in the opposite direction. As it does this I move the handles nearervto each other, so that this twisting may be the more complete. I then pull the handles, as before, in opposite directions, and the wheel turns rapidly, as at first.

. This motion I can keep up for an indefinite length of time. The wheel, as it is revolved in this way, gives out a clear humming noise, to the great amusementA and interest of the operator and bystanders.

As a parlor toy, it affords no end of amusement, and serves specially to interest children, who ca'u operate it as readily as grown people. It may be made of different sizes, and with one, two, or more holes grouped together in one side, and may be made as ornamentalas desired.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim, is l The toy-.wheel E, formed by the union of twoconcave disks, united at their peripheries, and provided with one or more openings I) and the loops a, when said parts are constructed and arranged as herein -shown and described.

W. D. PORTERl Witnesses F. M. BRADBURY, GEO. T. JAnRA'rT.

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Cooperative ClassificationA63H1/32