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Publication numberUS70616 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 5, 1867
Publication numberUS 70616 A, US 70616A, US-A-70616, US70616 A, US70616A
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Improvement in pessary
US 70616 A
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, @uitrit giant tttznt @frn M. J. RHEES, M. D., OF MOUNT HOLL-Y, NEW JERSEY.

Letters Patent No. 70,616, elated November 5, 1867.



Be it known that lI, M. J. RHEES, M.l D., ofvMount Holly, inthe county of Burlington, and State of Neiv'/ Jersey, have invented a new and improved Pessary; and I do hereby declare that the following is afull, clear, and exact description thereof, which will enable those 4skilled in the art to make and use the seme, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, `forming part of this specification. f

The present invention relates to a pessary or support to be used as a support and coveringto themouth o f the uterus in cases of female weakness, falling of'the womb, and other a'ections of the same; and the invention consists in providing the common ffshaped pessary with a rest or support for the womb, which rest or support may be in thei'orm offa concave'-perfo1ated disk, or globe, or ovoid, ilzittened on its superior or upper. surface. In the accompanying plate of drawings my improved pessary is illustrated- I Figure 1 being a. View of the same from its frontside, and

Figure 2 an edge view.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding ports.

A, in the drawings, represents my improved pessary. This pessaryl is in its edge view and at its posterior end of a. similar shape to the ordinaryff pessary nowV in common use, but at its superior or upper end or extremity is made broader than in such pessaries, and'is there provided with a. rest or support, B. This rest B is concave upon its upper face C,'and`,in or other form suitable.

A pessary constructed as abovedescribed is most simple and perfect, and in its sha-pe issuch as tohave no angles, joints, or ends to produce irritation of the'parts.

I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent-l A pessary, made substantially as described.

shlpe, in the present instance, is ovoid, but may be globular Ml J. RHEES.y Witnesses:


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Cooperative ClassificationA61F6/08