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Publication numberUS707234 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 19, 1902
Filing dateApr 17, 1902
Priority dateApr 17, 1902
Publication numberUS 707234 A, US 707234A, US-A-707234, US707234 A, US707234A
InventorsHarvey P Jones
Original AssigneeHarvey P Jones
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US 707234 A
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Pafenteu Aug. I9, 1902.


H 0 L D E R.

(Application filed Apr. 17, 1902.)

2 Sheath-Sheet (No Model.)

Patent ed. Aug. l9, I902. n. P. JONES.

H 0 L D E R.

(Application filed Apr. 17, 1902.)

2 Shoots-Sheet 2. 7

(Nn Model.)

nmwnnms PEfiBS m. mane-mun, wAsnlNr-TOM o. c.

- Nm -Tsmms PAT'EN aO F E? ,"HABv YP; .JoNEs, 0 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. I


l1 srnotrxonrrolv forming garter Letters Patent No. 76 ,234, dated negate, 1902. Y

' 1 Application fi1 edApril17, 19 02.'

To all whom, it rota/y concern:

.Be a known that-#1, HARVEY PJJ o E'sm I citizen of theUnited States; residing at Ohi-. "cage, inthe county'of Oookand State of l'lliv nois, have invented a new andus'ef'uL Im'=j ,j provement in Holders; of which thefollowing" is aspecifi cation. V

My invention relates] tohOIdersand' has particular reference to floose leaff holders which employ containing cover -lsections spring-actuated and-pintlediat one side and 1 having a pintled sectional-upper cover adapt- ,v itssections, and myinvention liesin the'itn- 15' proved construction ofthejpintle and at-,

ed to freely turn and fold back upon one of tendant parts of theholder. I

' My primary object is to simplify the'pintleconnectionsand facilitate the assembling [of parts and the adjustment of spring-ten isio'n' at the pintle and also to provide a 'siinple stopto regulate the degrBQL 'f separation'of the I icover-sections; Q 1f My invention is shown in its preferred em r bodiment in the accompanying drawings, in' V y forations atand theloopfci The-pintle-secwhich-- Figure 1 is'a .Yspective-showing the stop means employed; 3, a view in perspective showing the of Fig. 4; and Fig; 7a perspective view'showembieaa.

ofisets 0, I The an'njular projection (t is-provided with perf0rations; rd for. receiving a Arepresehtsone of the cover sections' o'f a 1 carriers 1 a, a a and 0, The annular projections a, ct" are provided with shouldersor spin" or spring retainer (1.

B represents theother'cover-section, fornned perspectiveviewof my'inn' proved holder; Fig. '2,a broken view in per-' manner of inserting, loose leaves into the, holder; Fig. 4, a brokense'ctional view taken a'sindicated at li'neytof Fig; 5; Fig.6 aview:

' 'takenfasindicated at line 5 of Fig. t; Fig'. 6, 1

. sectional }view taken "asindicatedat line 6 i ing the parts of the holder before t-hey are as;

holderhaving annular projections oripint'l'e- SerialNol 103,371. (No modem! tahic receive'pins t rte projections bi are also provided withshoulders 'or ofisetsb which coact withjthel oifset' a above mentioned. i a

1 C is' a pintle bars 0, having"longitudinat'grooves a and coinpos ed 'o'fthee linqric'al perforationsjc fadapted to receiv'e the pins b and pro'vided at their ends withsl'ots "0 110,

1 serve as a meansfor receiving ascrew-driver the parts are assembledpandareIverse-wound coil-spring ha vingthe main; "reverses-wound coils c connected bya loop c andhaving at their free ends lateral extensions 0 adaptedto fit within the grooves of the cylindrical bars." The parts are assetnloled by bringing 'the annular projections-into alineinent with each other to thus iforrn lajcontin'uons open ,ing, The lateral eitensions of the-spring are j inserted into the grooves inthe pintle'sec- Y by-the pin a, which'passesthrough the p'ertions care then m eanntu the proper ten sion is ,producedin the coils and the perfo rations in the harfregister vvith "thev perforations in the annular projections 17 b of the part'BT. Said pintle-sections are then, se

cured in this position by inserting the pins b 'into theperforations'. W'henthe parts are thus assembled; the shoulders 'or oifsets (1 0 b b are in a position where' they oppose each other andserve to preventv the further separation ofthe cover-sectionspast apredetermined point. The-operation of theholder is Well nnder-' stood. The upper-cover section is.=raised against the-tension pot the'spring by awellv understood prying action and ,theleaves insex-ted between thespringectuated portions. The pressure of thecover secti'on serves to hold the loose'leaves inpositiongat the same time permitting of the readyremoval of the same. The upper cover-section being freely hinged,the free portion of the top cover-section may be folded back upon the spring-ac of the loose leaves." 1 7 Changes in minor within the spirit of my inventionmay be detainee construction I03 tuatedportion, thus presenting the surfaces made. Hence no undue limitation is to he understood from the foregoing detailed description.

What I regard as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-- 1. In a holder, the combination of coversections, with a pintle comprising a spring connected with one of said covers, and pintle-' sections attached to the ends of said spring and connected with the opposite cover.

2. In a holder, the combination of coversections, with a pintle comprising a spring with reverse-wound spiral coils attached at its central portion to one of said covers, pintle-sections attached to the ends of said spring and connected with the opposite cover.

3; In a holder, the combination of cover- ,sections, with a pintle comprising a spring offsets, and a pintle comprising a spring with reverse-wound coils connected with one of said cover-sections and pintle-sections attached to said spring, said pintle-sections be ing connected with the other one of said cover-sections.

5. In a holder, thecombination of coversections, with a pintle composed of a spring with reverse-wound coils attached at its central portion to one of said covers and pintlesections attached to said spring extending approximately to the edge of said covers, means for turning the pintle-sections and means for securing the pintle-sections to the opposite cover when the spring is adjusted.

6. In a holder, the combination of coversections provided with pintle-receiving perforations, with a pintle composed of a torsionspring connected with one of said sections at the pintle, a pintle-section connected with said spring and serving to produce torsion in the spring, and means for securing said pin tie-section while under stress to the other cover-section, substantially as described.

HARVEY P. Jones.

In presence of W. GIFFORD JoNEs, E. R. .ToNEs.

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