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Publication numberUS710674 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 7, 1902
Filing dateAug 5, 1901
Priority dateAug 5, 1901
Publication numberUS 710674 A, US 710674A, US-A-710674, US710674 A, US710674A
InventorsJosef Victor Fassmann
Original AssigneeFirm Of A Martincovics, Josef Victor Fassmann
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Siphon-head for soda-water bottles or the like.
US 710674 A
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Patented flot 7, I902.

No. 7l0,674.


(Application filed Aug. 5, 1901.)

(H0 llndel.)

UrtiTnn STATns PATENT Truce.



SPECIFICATION ,forming part of Letters Patent No. 710,674, dated October 7, 1902.

Application filed August 5, 1901. Serial No. 70,972. (No model.)

To all whont it may concern: of the bush is secured, preferably by screw- Be it known that LJOSEF VICTOR FASSMANN, ing into the interior thereof, a socket is, witha subject of the Emperor of Austria-H11ngary, in which the spring I) is arranged and in which 55 residing at Vienna, in the Province of Lower the upper extremity of the siphon-tube a is Austria, in the Empire of rtustriallungary, fixed, the arrangement being such as to close have invented certain new and useful Imthe siphon-tube (t by means of the ball-valve movements in Siphon-Heads for Soda-Water 0 against escape of the contents of the bottle. Bottles or the Like; and I do hereby declare The removable top portion j, adapted to enthe following to be a full, clear, and exact degage in a suitable internally-screw-threaded IO scription of theinvention,such aswillenable portion of the bush (Z, is furnished with a others skilled in the art to which it appertains packing-ring or washer I, thus insuringa tight to make and use the same, reference being joint between these two parts.

had to the accompanying drawing, and to The general construction and arrangement 65 letters of reference marked thereon, which of the upper portion of the siphon-head is the forms a part of this specification. same as usual, with the exception that it is This invention relates to siphon-heads for minus the valve. bottles containing soda-water and other eiter- The plunger or rod 9, operated by the disvescent beverages; and it consists, essencharge-lever h against the pressure of the 7 tially, of a part permanently connected with spring 1', is extended downwardly, so as to enthe bottle and containinga closing-valve and able it to act against the ball-valve 0 when the siphon-tube and to which is removably the top part jis screwed upon the bottle. secured an upper part or top portion carry- Thus the filled bottles can be transported ing the delivery-tube and the discharge-lever. without the top portion j, as the ball-valve \Vith this improved arrangement it is now 0 prevents the escape of the gas with which 25 possible to use one such upper portion in sucthe liquid is charged, and when the bottle is cession on any number of filled siphon-botrequired for use it is only necessary to screw tles, and thus effect considerable economy by on the upper portion j of the siphon-head and merely having to supply to consumers a sinthen depress the lever, so as to open the valve gle top portion with the required number of and discharge the contents. On releasing the 30 filled siphon-bottles fitted only with thelower lever the spring I) closes the valve 0 again.

part, containing the closing-valve and the I claim tube, as hereinbefore stated. A siphon-bottle comprising a flanged neck,

The accompanying drawing represents in a bush seated therein, a flanged sleeve adaptvertical section the upper part of a soda-waed to engage the bush and the neck-flange, a

5 terbottle provided with the improved siphonring to hold the sleeve in engagement with head. 'said bush and flange, a socket secured to the According to my invention the lower porbush, a valve-seat mounted between the bush tion of the siphon-head, which may advantaand socket, a valve, and a spring mounted in geously be permanently secured to the botthe socket adapted to seat said valve, in com- 0 tle-neck, consists of a bush cl, securely atbination with a siphon-head adapted to be cached to the bottle-mouth by means of a suitmounted in the bush, a rod mounted in said able sleeve e, composed of two halves, and of head adapted to operate said valve, and a lea ringf, which latter forces the lower flange ver for operating said rod, substantially as of the sleeve 6 under the flange or shoulder and for the purpose set forth.

5 of the bottle, a tight joint being obtained by In testimony that I claim the foregoing as means of an appropriate rubber or other my invention I have signed my name in prespacking-ringlm.f ence of two subscribing Witnesses.

The bush 6 is ormed with an internal seat a h T T for a ball-valve 0, adapted to be pressed up- JOSEF VICTOR FASSMABIB' 5o wardly against the seat by means of a spring \Vitnesses:

b, the valve-seat consisting advantageously J OSEF RUBUROH, of a rubber or like ring a. To the lower end ALvEsTO S. HOGUE.

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Cooperative ClassificationB67D1/0456, Y10S137/901