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Publication numberUS712599 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 4, 1902
Filing dateOct 30, 1901
Priority dateOct 30, 1901
Publication numberUS 712599 A, US 712599A, US-A-712599, US712599 A, US712599A
InventorsRudolph Sanders
Original AssigneeRudolph Sanders
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Folding lounge.
US 712599 A
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No. 712,599. Patentd Nov. 4,1902.4


somma Louual-z.

(Application med oct. 30, 1901.)-

l sy; l mmv/Ey.4

TH: mams PETERS co., PHcTaL1'rM-., WASHINGTON. n.11,

`and a2.

"PATENT trici-3.



` :SJPEGIFIGATON forming part of Letters Patent No. 712,599, dated November 4, 1902. l Application tiled October 30,1901. Serial No. 80,520. (No model.) l

To ctZZ whom it mrtg/.conserva Be it known that I, RUDOLPH SANDERS, a citizen of the Kingdom of Roumania, residing atthe city of New York, in the county of New York and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Folding Lounges, of which the following is a specification, reference ,being had to the accompanying drawings and to the letters of reference marked thereon. l

The invention relates to that class of lounges which when extended form a comfortable reclining-couch and which when folded resemble in their shape a closed writing-desk and occupy but little room.

The nature of the invention will be fully understood from the following general description and the annexed drawings and will be subsequently pointed out in the claims.

Figure l of the accompanying drawings, which are hereby made a part of the specification, isa side viewin elevation of my newlyinvented folding lounge, showing various part-s ofthe frame and illustrating how they are hinged together. Fig. 2 is a foot end View of the same, showing a part of the frame and illustrating the construction of thatpart. Fig. 3 is a side view in elevation of the same when folded up, illustrating howthe various parts of the frame fold together.

Similar letters of reference denote similar parts in all the figures.

In the said drawings, a, a', a2, and t designate the dilferent sections of the side rail. On either sideare the parts designated'by a.

Theseare straight pieces ofangleiron of proper size. There are two of each, one on each side of the lounge, and they are hinged together by their ends at p, as illustrated. The parts e, and t are U shaped pieces of angle-iron, hinged by their ends, respectively, to the outer ends of the parts d' and d2 at p' and Z, as illustrated.

h and b' designate the legs of the lounge. There are four of these, which are rigidly fastened to the rail sections a' and are strengthenedby theV braces o, o', and o2.

The rail-section fi, which, as aforesaid, is hinged to the section a2 at Z, is held in inclined position by the braces t" ft2. The brace c" is hinged by one end to the rail-section rl at Z2 and by the other end to the brace 'i2 at Z.

The brace t2 is hinged by one end, as just d escribed, to the brace t" and by the other end to the rail-section a2 at Z2. These two parts c" and f2 are so arranged that they form a flexible support for the rail-section 'L'. This section i is a headpiece ofthe lounge. The horizontal` braces h are rigidly fastened Vto the legs, b and b. There are two of these, one fastened to each pair of legs on either side of the lounge. To these braces h are hinged the brace-straps 71. and h2 at la and k2, respectively.

To support the foot-section tot the lounge, the U-shaped brace CZ is provided. This is `hinged by its ends to the foot-section ct of the side rail at p2 and to the brace-strapsrh at k. The head end of the lounge is supported by the brace CZ. This is hinged by its upper ends to the rail-section d2 and to the brace-straps h2 at las. Additional brace-straps d2 are hinged to the rail-section a2 at 'q and to the horizontal brace h at k2 for the support of thestructure. The bottoms of the legs Z7 and h' are provided with casters 'n and 7L'. The Whole device is to be substantially'ias illustrated rin the drawings.

`"When the lounge is in the position illustrated in Fig. 1, it will be found to be a very comfortable reclining-couch, and on account of the fact that the head-section 'Z is always held in inclined position it may be made a little longer than an ordinary straight lounge and not at the same time occupy any more floor-room.

When the lounge is folded up into the position illustrated in Fig. 3, the shape of the lounge very nearly resembles that of a folded writing-desk. This is eifected by raising the outer ends of the rail-sections a and a2 so that these two sections will assume a perpendicular position. Then the outer end` of the headsection will foldrup against the outer end of the section a and all the accompanying mechanism will automatically assume the positions illustrated in Fig. 3. It will then be found that the lounge, while it presents a very sightly appearance, occupies a minimum of floor-room and as it is mounted on casters may be wheeled about to any desired position in the room where it is used.

Having now described what my invention is and in what way the same is constructed and used, what I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

In a device of the type set forth, the combination with the side rails, comprising a series of hinged sections, the end sections of which are U-shaped and pivotally connected to the inner sections of the said side rails, of a U-shaped brace hinged to one of the said end sections, means for limiting the movement of the other end section, legs rigidly secured to the inner of the side rails sections, horizontal braces rigidly secured to the said legs, brace-straps pivotally secured to the said U-shaped brace and to one end of the said horizontal braces, vertically-arranged braces hinged to one of the inner rail-sections, and brace-straps hinged to the last-named braces and to the adjacent ends of the said horizontal braces, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I, RUDOLPH SAN- DERS, have signed my name to this specication, in the presence of two subscribing Witnesses, this 23d day of October, 1901.




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