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Publication numberUS712648 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 4, 1902
Filing dateMay 11, 1901
Priority dateMay 11, 1901
Publication numberUS 712648 A, US 712648A, US-A-712648, US712648 A, US712648A
InventorsCharles P Callaway
Original AssigneeCharles P Callaway
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US 712648 A
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Patented Nov. 4, I902.

jNo. 7I2,648,


V TOOTH GROWN. (Application filed Dis-y 11, 1901.' Renewed Apr. 80, 1902.)

(No model) m: Nbnms PETERS co, PHOTO-LITHO WASHINGTON, n, c,

Jean in the county of Fayette and Staten? West Virginia,haveJnventedaa and useful Tooth-Crown, of which the following is a UNITED STATES;




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 712,648, dated November 4, 1902.

Application filed May 11, 1901. Renewed April 30, 1902. Serial No. 105,490. (No model.)

To 00% whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, CHARLES P. OALLAWAY, a citizen of the United States, residing at Glen specification.

This invention relates to tooth-crowns; and the object of the sameis to provide simple and effective means for holding a crown securely in applied positions and overcome the inconveniences and disadvantages heretofore experienced in this class of dental Work.

The invention consists in the construction and arrangement of the several parts, which will be more fully hereinafter described and claimed.

In the drawings, Figure l is a perspective View of a tooth prepared in accordance with the invention. Fig. 21s a detail inverted perspective view ofashell-crown embodying part of the features of the invention. Fig. 3 is an enlarged sectional view of the tooth and crown united.

Similar numerals of reference are employed to indicate corresponding parts in the several views.

The numeral 1 designates a tooth which has its exposed extremity or head 2 formed with a series of corrugations 3 to provide projections 4, having a direction best adapted to resist pulling ofi the part which is applied over the said extremity or head 2. A shellcrown 5 is mounted over the extremity or head 2 of the tooth and is also formed with interior corrugations 6, corresponding to those on said head, so as to closely coincide with the latter. The corrugations on the head of the tooth and likewise those in the crown can be made to extend any distance thereover desired and found necessary to perform certain kinds of crownwork, and the depth and hollow portion of the crownwill be regulated in accordance with the extent of the tooth-head it is intended r to cover.

In applying the crown a coating of cement is applied either to the interior of the crown or on the corrugated portion of the tooth-head, and the said crown is then pushed over the head to the extent desired and afterward dressed or treated by the ordinary methods pursued in work of this character.

The improved mode of securing the crown will be found exceptionally effective in resisting loosening of the same, and in bridgework, where the bridge is secured to the crown, the latter under the improved method of fastening will be particularly useful in providing a firm anchorage. It will be seen that the improved means of fastening the crown avoids material mutilation of the tooth extremity or head, and a more extended bearing foundation for the crown thereby results. The expense of crownwork is also materially reduced and the operation of applying crowns can be more expeditiously carried on.

Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new is- A tooth having the upper extremity formed with a plurality of horizontally-disposed corrugations to provide alternate projections and recesses, and a metallic shell-crown to fit over said toothed extremity and having the interior thereof formed with a corresponding plurality of horizontal corrugations to provide alternate projections and recesses to coincide with those of the tooth extremity, a cement coating being interposed between the crown and tooth extremity. I

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own I have hereto aflixed my signature in the presence of two witnesses. 1 CHARLES P. CALLAWAY.




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Cooperative ClassificationA61C5/08