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Publication numberUS712843 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 4, 1902
Filing dateAug 17, 1901
Priority dateAug 17, 1901
Publication numberUS 712843 A, US 712843A, US-A-712843, US712843 A, US712843A
InventorsRalph H Paul
Original AssigneeRalph H Paul
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Pneumatic sugar-cane cutter.
US 712843 A
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y, nu. 7|2,a43. Patented. Nov.' 4,` 1902.


(Applicafaion tiled Augf'l'?, 1901.)

@no Madam.




PNsuMA-rlo SUGAR-CANE cui- TERl SPECIFICATION formingpet of Letters Patent No. 712,843, dated November 4, 1902.

Application `filed August 17, 1901. i Serial No. 72,394. (No model.)

T @ZZ` wftom it may councer:

Beit known that I, RALPH HERBERT PAUL,

. a subject of the King of Great Britain, resid- `ing at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, have invented a new andusetul Improvement in Pneumatic Sngar-Cane Cutters, of which the following is a specification.

` In the art of cuttingsugarcane prior to crushing the same it is essential that thecane should `be cut level with Orslightly below the` i ilevel ofthe ground in drder to prevent waste and'` to insure a good crop the following year.

lthaswllieretofore 'been the practice to out ther cane with arcane-knife wielded in the hand of the user,`and as` the stalks are usually from three-quarters of an inch to two .inches l tain sufficient power 'to sever eachstalk.

The object of myinvention is to provide an improved pneumatic sugar-cane cutter, the

cutting device being applied vlto the stalks so` as to cut the same at alevelwith or below `the level of the ground means 'being employed for supportingthecutterfrom the arm of the userand asiiitabledhandle being also provided havi`ng' anjjeXhaust-passage, whereby the exhaust can be directed against the breast or shoulders ofA the user, so as to cool the latter.

It also comprises novel construction and combination of a casing orcylinder, a handle:`

thereon having an exhaust-passage there-i through, and an outlet directing the exhausti upon the body of the user in conjunction with a rodattached to said casing andhav-i ing a plate adapted to be secured to the armz of the userpivotallyattached thereto. y lt'further consists of nwovel details oi' construction, `all as will be hereinafter fullyset forth, and particularlypointed out inthe claims. ,l A i Figure 1 represents a longitudinal sectional view of a pneumatic cane-cutter embodying myinvention,certain of the parts being shown in elevation. Fig. 2 represents a perspective View of the cutter seen in Fig. 1.

Similar numerals of reference indicate corresponding partsin the 'figures Referring to the drawings, 1 designates my improved pneumatic cane-cutter, consisting of the casing or cylinder 2, having the inletpiece 3, which has the inlet-port 4 therein near the handle end thereof, to which the motive fluid is admitted and passes from thence through the passages 5, 6, and 7 to the port 8Where it enters the chamber 9, formed between the heads 10 and 11 by the neck 12 `ot' the piston 13, which is provided with the striker 14; The compressed air passes from the chamber 9 through the port 15, passage 16, and port 17 intothe chamber 18, which is formed between-the head 19 of the piston and the shoulder 19 of cylinder 2, it being noted that said head 19 is oi larger area than the head 11, whereby a differential piston is formed. As the chamber20 is open t0 the main exhaust-passage 21 by the port 22, it will be apparent that the air pressing on the shoulder 23 will force the piston 13 from the position seen in Fig. 1 toward the right, which movement will continue until the head 1l uncoversthe port 24 to the live-air pressure inthe chamber 9, and when, thepiston reaches this last-mentioned position the motive fluid passes through said port 24, passage 25, and port 26 intothe chamber 20. The piston will now be moved from its extreme right-hand position toward the left,` the eX- haust taking place from the chamber 18 through the port 27 to the passage 2l, which discharges into the chamber 28 in the handle `29, the outlet 30 in the latter being deflected in such a direction that the exhaust will discharge upon the breast, neck, and shoulders of the user, thereby cooling the latter.

-3l designates a rod attached to the inlet- =piece 3 4and having at or near its extremity the curved orconcave plate 32, to which the [forearm 33 of the user is adapted tobe strapped or otherwise secured, said plate being pivotally attachedto said rod at the point 34, so that when the user lets go the handle 29 the tool or cutter will be supported; but the operator will at the saine time be free to use his hand.

35 designates the nose-piece of the tool,


cutter and means carried by said cylinder for enabling the latter to be secured to and supported from the arm of the user.

c 10. In a pneumatic sugar-cane cutter, a cylinder, la cutter-holder mounted in the front end thereof, means for preventing said` cutter-holder from rotating, a sugar-cane cutter adapted to be inserted into said holder, a reciprocating piston in said cylinder, a handle on said cylinder having rearward eX- haust-passage therethrough and means carried by the latter for enabling the tool to be supported from the arm of the user.

1l. In a pneumatic sugar-cane' cutter, a cylinder, a reciprocating piston therein, a sugar-cane cutter operated by the impacts of said piston, a handle attached to said cylinder and having an exhaust-passage therethrough and means on said cylinder for enabling the latter to be supported from the( arm of the user independently of said handle.

12. In a pneumaticl sugar-cane cutter, a

\ cylinder, a nose-piece therefor, a polygonal opening therethrough, a cutter-holder having a polygonal-shaped body movable in4 said opening whereby rotat-ion of said holder is prevented, a sugar-cane cutter in said holder, a piston in said cylinder, au inletpiece for the latter and a handle on said inlet-piece, having rearwardly-discharging exhaust-passage.

13. InY a pneumatic sugar-cane cutter, a cylinder, a nose-piece therefor, a polygonal opening therethrough, a cutter-holder having a polygonal shaped body `movable in said opening whereby rotation of said holder is prevented, asugar-cane cutter in said holder, a piston in said cylinder, an inlet-piecefor the latter and a handle on said inlet-piece having an exhaust-passage therethrough.

14. In a pneumatic sugar-cane cutter, a cylinder, a nose-piece therefor, a polygonal opening therethrough, a cutter-holder having a polygonal-shaped body movable in said opening, whereby rotation of said holder' is prevented, a sugar-cane cutter in said holder,

a piston in said cylinder, an inlet-piece for the latter, and a handle on said inlet-piece having a discharge-passage therein, in com` binat-ion with means carried by said yinletpiece for enabling the tool to be independently supported from the arm of the user.




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