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Publication numberUS713176 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 11, 1902
Filing dateSep 30, 1901
Priority dateSep 30, 1901
Publication numberUS 713176 A, US 713176A, US-A-713176, US713176 A, US713176A
InventorsHenry C Thomas, Alfred Lynch
Original AssigneeHenry C Thomas, Alfred Lynch
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US 713176 A
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Patented Nov. Il, |902.



[Application led Sept. 30, 1901.)

(No Model.)




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N o. 713,176, dated November 11, 1902.

Application filed September 30,1901. Serial No. 76,993. (No model.)

.To all whom, it may concern.-

Be it known that We, HENRY C. THOMAS and ALFRED LYNCH, citizensof the United States, and residents of New York city, borough of Brooklyn, State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Book-Covers, of which the following is a specification.

The object of our invention is to provide a simple, cheap, strong, and efficient removable cover for books; and to this end the invention comprises the novel-details of improvement that will be more fully hereinafter set forth and then pointed out in the claims.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings, forming part hereof, wherein- Figure l is a face view of a book-cover, partly broken, embodying our invention. Fig. 2 is a cross-section, enlarged, on the line 2 2 in Fig. l. Fig. 3 is a similar view on the line 3 3 in Fig. l. Fig. 4 is a detail of a modified form of the cover. Fig. 5 is a cross-section, enlarged, on the line 5 5 in Fig. 4. Fig. 6 is a detail showing a protecting corner-piece for the pockets. Fig. 7 is a detail cross-section, enlarged, on the line 7 7 in Fig. 6; and Fig. 8 is a perspective view of a modifie form of pocket.

Similar numerals of reference indicate corresponding parts in the several views.v

Our improved cover comprises a main back l, adapted to extend across the back of a book, and at the ends of the back Vl are located receptacles or pockets to receive the bookcovers. In Fig. l the pockets are formed by cutting three triangular members 2 3 4 from a sheet of paper or cloth and folding them upon each other, as indicated, a space 5 being left at the edges of the central portion of the back l between the pockets for the reception of the binding or back of the book. The cover is strengthened at the portion 5 by means of a strip or piece of fabric 6, which is glued or pasted to the back and extends lengthwise thereof under the'folded portions 24, and the strip 6 has at opposite sides of the space 5 extensions 6, which pass along the corresponding inner surfaces of the parts 2 4 and are glued thereto, so as to lie inthe bend at the junction ofthe parts l 2 and l 4, and thereby protect the same from tearing at the ed ges 2a 4a. The stript also has an extension 6b, which is folded back on the former and is glued thereto to strengthen the same between the parts 2 2 and 4 4. The manner of forming'and connecting the strip 6 to the parts of the cover is clearly shown in Fig. l, Where a piece of the cover is represented as laid back. The overlapped members 2 3 4 may be glued together or may be secured by a metal clasp 7, having prongs 7, which pass through the layers 2 3 4 and are clenched, as shown in Fig. 3.

In Figs. 4 and 5 the parts forming the pocket are not made so long or extended inwardly so far as in Fig. l and overlap near the corners and are there secured by theclasp 7X, forming pockets for the edges of the book- Ycover. :'In' Fig. 4 the inner edge of the part 4b is represented as oblique to the outer edge of the cover, while in Fig. 6 the inner edge of part 4c is parallel with the outer edge of the cover. ln Figs. 6 and 7 the edge of the cover is bound by a corner clamp or clip 8, which is shown in the form of a right-angled channel-piece having a portion 8?, that extends under the back l, and inwardly-projecting teeth 8b at the opposite side, which pass through the members 3C 4C and are clenched, and thus the clamp 8 secures the edges 3 4 rmly together, protects said edges from Wear, and provides a iirm pocket for the edge of the book-cover.

In Fig. 8 pockets are made by taking a straight strip of paper or cloth and folding it back from eachend, as at 3a, far enough to provide a space 5 for the binding, and the side edges of the back and folded parts 3a are stitched longitudinally, as at 2b. The strips 6, having the portion d for attachment to the overlying part of the pocket, can be provided in either of the forms shown, and the corner-pieces 8 can also be provided in all the forms shown and secured as shown in Fig. 7. With either construction the bookcovers can readily be slipped into the pockets and removed. therefrom, and the strip 6, particularly at thel portions 6a, will serve to strengthenthe vdevice and prevent tearing of the same Whenin use. The device is simple and cheap to manufacture and eliicient in use.


securing said lapped parts together, a space 15 being formed between the pockets, and a strengthening-piece located at such space and secured to the covers and having extensions 6L secured Within the lapped parts at the joint and having their edges coincident with zo the edges of the lapped parts, substantially as described.




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Cooperative ClassificationB42D3/04