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Publication numberUS713888 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 18, 1902
Filing dateApr 9, 1902
Priority dateApr 9, 1902
Publication numberUS 713888 A, US 713888A, US-A-713888, US713888 A, US713888A
InventorsCharles Kellner, Theresa E Kellner
Original AssigneeCharles Kellner, Theresa E Kellner
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US 713888 A
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No. 713,888. 7 Patented Nov. l8, I902.

c. KELLNER, Decd. T. E. KELLNER, Administratrix,


(Application filed Apr. 9, 1902.

(No Model.)



SPECIFICATION formingpart of Letters Patent No. 713,888, dated November 18, 1902- 7 Application filed April 9, 1902. Serial No. 102,118. (No model.)

T all h it Z/ 60711667711! convex middle portions of the shanks and Be it known that I, CHARLES KELLNER, a clasped by the same. citizen of the United States, residing in New When the spring-clasps are intended for use York, borough of Manhattan, and State of in a towel-rack, two of them are employed, in 5 5 New York, have invented certain new and which case the base is placed in vertical posiuseful Improvements in Spring-Clasps, of tion, so that the convex middle portions of which the following is a specification. the shanks are in horizontal position for re This invention relates to an improved ceiving the horizontal towel-roll R, as shown spring-clasp that can be used for piano attachin Fig. 1.

to ments, towel-racks, brush-holders, or similar When a spring-clasp is used as a brushdevices,the clasp being intended to be astaple holder, the base is attached to the wall in a article of hardware stores, so as to be bought horizontal position, so that the convex midfor any purpose for which a clasp of this nadle portions of the shank assume a vertical ture maybe employed; and for this purpose position for supporting the handle of the r 5 the invention consists of a spring-clasp which brush in vertical position. The doubled-up is preferably made of sheet metal and comends of the base A are provided with reg- .posed of a base having doubled-up ends proistering openings a, passing through the vided with resilient portions adaptable to indoubled-up ends for the reception of the fasward adjustment, said doubled-up ends being tening-screws O, by which the base of the 20 provided with registering perforations and spring-clasp is attached to the Wall. The forwardly-bent shanks provided with convex shanks of the fastening-screws pass through middle portions and outwardly-bent ends, as the registering openings in the doubled-up will be more fully described hereinafter and ends of the base and support thereby the finally pointed out in the claim. spring-clasp firmly in position. When by 5 In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 continued use the holding-shanks become represents a perspective View showing two of spread apart, they can be readily restored to my improved spring-clasps used in a toweltheir original position, so as to firmly clasp rack. Fig. 2 is a perspective View of the the article to be supported, by tightening up spring-clasp drawn ona larger scale, and Fig. the screws, causing the resilient portions 0. 8o 50 3 is a vertical longitudinal section of the to spring inwardly and the shanks to assume spring-clasp. the position shown by dotted lines, Fig. 2. Similar letters of reference indicate corre- This tightening up of the screws can be made spending parts. use of when the diameter of the article to be Referring to the drawings, A represents the supported is somewhat smaller than the dis- 35 base or main portion of my improved springtance between the convex middle portions of clasp. The base A is made of any suitable the shanks, so that one size of spring-clasps size, according to the application for which. can be within certain limits used for supthe spring-clasp is intended, and is formed porting a number of articles having slightlywith the doubled-up ends provided with the different diameters. This adj ustment of the 1.0 resilient portions at, having the spring-shanks holding-shanks is rendered possible by the B bent at right angles from the center of the doubled-up portions of the base, which perbase A. These spring-shanks B are provided mits of the adjustment of the holdingsl1anks with straight portions adjacent the resilient relatively to each other, because the resilient portions aof the base, the convex portions b, portions will yield to the driving in of the 5 t5 and the outwardly-bent portions 12, as shownscrews. The rcsilieutportionsaalso increase clearly in Fig. 2. The outwardly-bent ends b the spring action of the shanks of the clasps facilitate the introduction of the towel-roll, and form the new and useful feature of the brush-handle, or other article that is to be same. supported by the spring-clasp by reason of I am aware that spring-clasps of approxi- 10c 30 their yielding sufficiently so that the article mately T-shapod clasps have been used herecan bereadily placed in position between the tofore for various purposes; but 1 am not aware that any spring-clasps have ever been used in which the ends of the base were doubled up and then bent in outward direction, so as to form the holding-shanks. This feature imparts a greatly-enlarged application to the spring-clasp and enhances its usefulness and adaptability for the different purposes for which it is intended to be used.

The spring-clasp is made of sheet steel, brass, or other metal in different designs,

either nickel or silver plated,.s0 as to present a neat appearance when applied for the different uses for which it is intended.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent A spring-clasp, consisting of a base having doubled-up ends provided with resilient portions adaptable to inward adjustment, forwardly-bent shanks extending from said resilient portions and having concave portions intermediate the ends and the outer ends outwardly curved, said doubled-up ends'of the base being provided with registering openings, and fastening-screws received in said openings, substantially as set forth.

In testimony that I claim theforegoing as my invention Ihave signed my name in presence of two subscribing witnesses.

CHAS. KELLNER. Witnesses:


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