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Publication numberUS71414 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 26, 1867
Publication numberUS 71414 A, US 71414A, US-A-71414, US71414 A, US71414A
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US 71414 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 71,4 [4, dated November 26, `$1867.l

To all whom 'may concert/u Be it known that I, AUGUST C. ROHLEDER,

1 of the city, county, and State of New York, have invented a new and Improved. Uterine Support and Tampon; and I do hereby declare that `the `following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, which will enable ,others skilled in the art to make and use the same, reference being had tothe accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification. y

The object of this inventionisto arrange an apparatus which may be used as tampon or shield to prevent the escape of blood from the uterus, for the purpose of stopping hemorrhage, and also for other purposes, said-apparatus being so arranged thatit can be easily converted into a very effective pessary and support for the uterus.

The invention consists in the use ofa circular steel spring ot' the required diameter, (according tothe size of the vagina,) which spring is covered with a layer of india-rubber, gutta-percha, or other suitable iiexible waterproof material. A thin membrane of indiarubber or other suitable material is stretched across the ring, 'so as to iill the whole circle, said membrane being depressed inthe center,

for the purpose of receiving the mouth or neck i of the uterus. `This instrument can be easily insertedintothe vagina until it comes in contact with the uterus.

by arrested. rated, the instrumentcan be used as a pessary to support the uterus, to prevent displacement of `the same, or to replace it into its natural position, and/to direct the iiow of matter discharged from the uterus tothe outlet.

In the annexed .drawing my invention is creatingcoagulation hemorrhage will be illustratedlarge base and short axis, `as shown; y The y y It will then eft'ectually` stop the tloW of blood from the uterus, and` When the end of the cup is perfo` A is a circular steel spring, heldin a sheath ,`1

aof india-rubberor othersuitable material.` A membrane, B, is arranged so as to iillthe;`

circle, being depressed in1tl1e center of the f` circle, as shown, the appearance oftheinstrument b'eing similar to an inverted cone with instrument Hattened betweengthe lingers :is 1 readily pressed iutdthe vagina, when, asfsooni f as the pressure is removed, the spring causes I` l; it to assume its natural `forma It is then acl-Il` f Y justed by gradually, movingiitfupwardfits 1 la apex being in line withi thecenter of theva-i i. gina, until it .comesin contactwitli the neck? ofthe uterus. The natural contractibility of; the walls of theivagina ,serve `touretainit in its position, and itaccidentallydisplaced `iti` `1 can be easily readjusted bythe wearer. The diameter ofthe instrument should be in ac,`

cordance with thesizeoi' the vagina.` When adjusted below the uterus, thisitampon or plug will preventtheescapeofbloodfromtheuterusn R When the apex is` perforated, as shown` in :l Figs. 3 and 4, the instrumentis converted into a pessary. The cup-like`depression has the eect to directttheimouthiof the uterus` to 1 1 the center of the vagina, that beingits natural` V l position. The uterus isvery frequently foundi to be displaced, and byirestoring it gto its,l f natural position by `means of "this instrument f it will be retained thereinpand the parts will i thus be enabled to irecover their natural rela-M tion to each other,`fandithe `wearer isithus res-1 lieved of all unpleasant consequences ofvther` displacement. Acting asa support, `inthei` manner herein mentioned, the instrumentwill be found to be of great value.` y L I claim as new and desire to secure by Letf 1- i tersPatenti A support for the os uteri, composed of the .i

- spring a and exible membrane B, either with l,l

or without the cehtralperforation, substany tially 'as described,"for thepurpose specified@ i A. o. ROHLEDER. y



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