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Publication numberUS71460 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 26, 1867
Publication numberUS 71460 A, US 71460A, US-A-71460, US71460 A, US71460A
InventorsImpeovement In Cane
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Thomas gross
US 71460 A
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` ATogALL W'HoM 1T MAY coNcERN p t I p l y Be it known that L THOMAS CROSSLEY, of Bridgeport, inthe countyo Faireldfandtstatef Connecticu't,`

i @mme ,tw-fm1 effe.

f THOMAS necesitar,v or nelnesromf;conNEicfrlcu'r;'`

Letters Patent No. 71,`460,`dated November 26, 1867.` i ii i `IMPRWEMBNT IN GANBAND LAMP commen; j

have invented a new and useful Improvement in -Portable Lamps; and I do hereby declare thati the` following is a full,` clear, and exact description of the same,ire`i`erence binghad to the" annexed drawings, making part` of this specification, in whichi i i Figui-e1 isa side elevation, with parts represented as broken away, and Figure 2 isa vertical ectony y l 3 1 Thesame letters are employed in both figuresin referring to identical parts.`

i The objectof my invention'is `the insertion of a lamp into canes, crut-ches, `uliileella-handles,` whips, `and]` other analogousportable articles usually carriedfin `the` hand. t i A represents the shaftof` a cane, `the handle of an umbrella, &c., formed in two pieces, AfandA, screwed together." In the part A is insertedan oil-receptacle,- B, whichcontains the oil, burning-Huid, or othermaterial i used,`and the wick, which passes through the wicktube C. Dis a. cap, which covers the wick-tubeiwhen the` amp is'not lighted. i This maymbe a separate piece, `or constructed so as to yform partfof "tlflepieceACV i n TheV lamp may be burned w'tbthe piece A"remoive'd,"or the latter may be'constructed with suitable trans;`

parent material `surrounding the lame orpar't thereof, and with the requisiteventilation for the supprn'tofl the y `ianie, furnished by making the piece 'Ai intheform of a pipe, open above, Aandywith air-holestbelowthe 'ame. i Thecap` D should be compressed by anlndi'afrubber spring holding it firmly Ion': h 'c k-tube, onjwhich it; t

lits tightlyii'so esto prevent all leakage. f y i* i i 'y Theiferrule Ef'may be made to screw o', leaving a spike exposed; which, projecting from thei bottom of the cane, `may be stuck into the door, to support the lamp.` l i t lWhat I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, isi `Acane, staii',` crutoh, umbrellahandle,. or otherlanalogous portable article," constructed n wrioiparts,` A and i l y A', and enclosing `the Aoil-receptacleB and wick-tube C in one part, and the capD fand-` conipressingslltpringi` hearing against the latter in the other part, said parts being arranged substantially as setfo'rth. 1 y

In testimony whereofI have signed myname to this specification in the presence oftwo subscribing `ivvitnesses. i i

p y THoMAsgcRossLEY;

Witnesses: v

` Amos Sfillnns'r, i i i H T. BLAKE.

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