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Publication numberUS718969 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 27, 1903
Filing dateMar 3, 1902
Priority dateMar 3, 1902
Publication numberUS 718969 A, US 718969A, US-A-718969, US718969 A, US718969A
InventorsHenry Altshul
Original AssigneeHenry Altshul
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Holder for polish or other substances.
US 718969 A
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.receptacle for the purposes above named- UnTTnn STnTns PATENT @einen i HENRY ALTSHUL, OF NEW' YORK, N. Y.


SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 718,969, dated January 27, 1903.

Application leil March 3, 1902. Serial No. 96,410, @To modell To all whom, it' may concern:

Be' it known that I, HENRY ALTSHUL, n citizen ofthe United States, residing at the city of NewYork, borough of Manhatten, in the county and State of New York, here invented certain new and useful Improvements in Holders for Polish or other Substances, of which the following is n full, clear, and exact speciticnt-ion.v

My invention relatesV to improvements in receptncles for packing shoe-polishes, soup, and other substances; and said invention hes for its object, more particularly, to provide e wherein the contents muy be kept fresh und ready for use and by menus ot which receptacle the contents may be readily extracted in such quantities es may be desired without soiling the hands and without unnecessarily exposing the contents of the receptacle to the atmosphere. These objec's above set forth I am enabled to attain by nien-.ns of my invention, which consists in the novel details of construction and in the combination, connection, and arrangement of parts hereinafter described and then point-ed out in the claims.

In theecconipnnyingdrawings, formingpn-rt of this specification, wherein like letters of .reference indicate like parts, Figure l shows e perspective View of ny holder with cap de itached made in accordance with und einbodyingr my invention.

Fig. 2 is a central section ofthe sume, showing the cnp in position thereon; and Fig. 3 is n pn'spective View of the upper portion of a holder, also with csp detached, illustrating e. modied construction.

In said drawings, A designates n holder comprising n cylindrical box B, open et its upper and lower ends und provided with an inwnrdly-projecting finnge c at its base and an n-nnulnr rib Z9 upon the surface ofsnid box B nenr its top. 'Tithin the box is nrrnnged t follower C, having depending` sections O irrengedclosehv together Lalong its edge,n'i1ich Sections are adapted to Contact with the inner well ofthe box B and by ineens of the spring-pressure exerted thereby hold the follower C to its adjusted position within the box I3. Upon the top ofthe bex B is di" n"ed perforated corerii consisting o u or wire-genre, depenoing upon the nature ot x l i l the contents of the box B and thefpurposes for which the same are to be used. The edges of the perforated covering D extend downwardly over the outer surface of the box B end the rib b thereon, and the saine nre secured in position upon said box B by ineens of un annular bend E, having n rib c therein at about its middle which is adapted to it over the rib on the box B and securely clamp the edges of the perforated covering D intermediate the same. rIlhe perforated covering D is preferably somewhat loosely disposed upon the top of the box B in order to cause the sume to lAssume substantially the shape indicated-nt Fig. 2 when the contents of the box are forced upward by the pressure exerted upon the follower C.

G denotes a csp adapted to be fitted upon the box B over the annuler' bend E, whereby to inclose and protect the perforated covering D and the contents of the box below seid perforated covering.

In the modified construction illustrated et Fig. 3 the upper portion ofthe box B is provided nt its opposite sides above the rib ZJ' with tents (not seen) and the annular band 'E' provided at its opposite edges below the rib c' with recesses d, which ere adapted to engage the test; on the box B, and thereby loch the annuler bund E' in position upon the box B and ntthe same time lirmly secure the Vedges of the perforated covering D intermediate seid box and bund. G" denotes cap for inclosing the upper part of the box B.

The contents of the receptacle B nre expressed thercfrom by forcing the follower C; upward, and thereby causing the contents to he forced outward in small quantities between the interstices of the perforated covering D, and thus enabling the user to npply the contents to the objects upon which the suine are to be used withoutsoiling the hands. Should it become necessary in the course of time by reason of continued use or for snuitnry or other reasons` depending, of course, upon the nature of the contents ofthe holder, to substitute r new perforated covering, it simply ecotnes necessary to remove the band E remove the perforated covering end then A. l D

place e nenperiornted covert: in position Icol ,pon the top of the box rnd then slip the nnnuler bend over the saine upon the box.

Without limiting myself to the details of construetion, W ich maybe 'varied Within the scope of the invention, what I Gleim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of tho United States, is-

l. A holder for he pui-poses specified coinprising s receptacle open at its top and bottom, an annuler rib arranged in said reeeptaele adjacent toits top, n follower arranged within said receptacle, at flexible, perforated covering disposed over the top of said recepmele, n'reinovnble band arranged upon said receptacle adjacent to its top adapted to inclose the edges of the perforated covering and hold the saine in position upon said recepmole, substantially as speeied.

2. A holder for the purposes speeied Coinprising a receptacle open at its top and bottom, an annular rib arranged in said receptacleadjaoent to its top, an inwardly-projecting ing device for flange at its bottom, a follower arranged Within said receptacle having' depending sections adapted to Contact With the interior Wall of the receptacle, n gauze covering disposed over the top of said receptacle, an bend upon said receptacle above the annuier rib thereon adapted to inelose the edges of said gauze covering to hold said ganze coveringin position upon said receptacle, a lookseouring said annular upon said receptacle, and a cap adapted to be fitted upon seid band to seal the top of the receptacle, substantially` as specified.

Signed at the oit-y of New York, in the county and State of New York, this 26th day 35 of "February, 1902. y



annular 25 band 3o

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European ClassificationA45D40/08