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Publication numberUS72028 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 10, 1867
Publication numberUS 72028 A, US 72028A, US-A-72028, US72028 A, US72028A
InventorsJohn A. Haase
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Improved hose-shield
US 72028 A
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@uiten ytartes jstnt @Hindi nvrriiovsn'Hess-isimsala.

tite tlgehnlt niet@ tu initie ettet 33mm mit mating part nf the same'.

To ALL WHOM 1T MAY CONCERNQ Be it known that I, JOILN A. HASE, of the city and county of Philadelphia, and State of Pennsylvania, have invented a. new and useful Improvement inHose-Shields; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the lettersof reference marked thereon. A

' The natnre of my invention'consists of a. portable hose-shield, which has a foot-way between the sectional rails, for the car-horses to walk over.' The shield is constructed in sections, for convenience in handling and conveying it from one part ofthe city to another.

, The construction and operation will beunderstood by the following description. In'the accompanying drawings, .which maken part of this specication- '.Fgnre'lisaplan of the'improv'e'd shield.

Fig-flare 2 isa vertical section of the same.

Figure 3 is aside"elevzitionf Figurer! is a. cross-section at the red line z :c of fig. l1.

` Like lettex'slinall theligures indicate the'same parts. Y

I havel epresented'the' shield as' composed of three sections, so as to be conveniently handled and moved vfrom one part of the city'to another. Themriddle section A, and the end sections B'B, confined together bymeans oi hooks and eyes a and a', as represented in figs.. 1 and 3. Each section has thick side pieces b b, which have grooves c @as seenin `iig. 4to receive the edges ol' the floor C, which is confined between the side pieccsby'nienns of bolts passing througheach', thebolts being` provided with headed andnuts e, as represented in the drawings; or the lside piece'sllmayl'be confined to the edges ofthe iioor by means of nails or screws. There are cross-pieccsf beneath the licor, whichfgive support to it. On the `upper side 'there are cleats, g, which pre. vont the slipping ofthe feet of-thecarhorscs as the Vlutter pass over-this sectional road.v The sid'efpiec'es b b of.

'eachsccti'on have cross-grooves, z,thronghrtheir bottoni edges, for hose to pnssthrough, there being any conY venient number, in accommode-tion tlc-different hose companies. There are rebates z' 1,' inthe lower edges ofsaid l side pieces, as soon inigs. Send 4, which rest npon the rails of the railway, to give lateral support to the shield.

dey OfJtly, 1867.

The object of the floor C isfto protect the hose fronithe feet of' the'horses, and to receive the weight ofthe lattei', to keep the shield in plnlcfv` What I claim as my invention, is-' :y l The combination of the leolfor toot-wayCwith the side piecesb b of asectional hose-bridge, constructed substantial-Iy jas-described. v

In testimony that the above is my inventiomI have hereunto set my hand and axed my seal, this ninth JOHN A. HAASE. [n e] Witnesses JOHN WHITE, STEPHEN Usrrcx,

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Cooperative ClassificationA62C33/06