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Publication numberUS721132 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 17, 1903
Publication numberUS 721132 A, US 721132A, US-A-721132, US721132 A, US721132A
InventorsEmerson S Brooks
Original AssigneeHoward L Hix, Emerson S Brooks
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Commercial directory
US 721132 A
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110. 721,132. PATETBD FEB. 17, 1903.



,r agzvnt tu@ is h@ same Siae si fm on @he @ppethea Glasur@ w 1 m nimma m01@ applica-'isn o in@ u Eigure l i@ pe, tory as a. Whom.

o @action in si@ ha sin dilrecmry. Eig. 3. Sid@ 35 sua-fm@ Eis S o -nalin@ tha @Yank is csw 'n lau'lar number and si me g s -v a@ the @paging n. im imm me directory. t i.; ci ezmlm@ 30 he unermod than?. any 10o fvmba aeve ent@ may be located upm; 1S, @ia-@Liar A ,im rijmen in my esrzab'i@ horizontally-disposed shafts 10, 10, with jonrway and that the mechanism constituting the directory may be used for any analogous purpose for which it is adapted.

From the foregoing" description, taken in connection with the drawings, it is obvious that I have produced a directory which fuliilsall the conditions set forth as the end and object of my invention.

What I claim as new, and desire .to secre by Letters Patent, is

'y' The combinationn a commercial directory,

fol?A a lclosure having an openingf in the front panel backed by a glass plate; two-parallel nale 11,' one shaft being located above the other and supported in the side panels ol' the closure, and having projecting ends 16, 16, formed angular in cross-section to receive a crank-handle 17; disks 13 upon each end of each shaft and bearing against the shoulders 12 formed on the shafts; perforated metallic spacing-Washers 14 secured to the inner snrfaces of the sides `of the closure and serving as bearings for the journals of the shafts; a i

ribbon having its ends secured to the shafts and wound thereupon; wire-guides 21 with friction rollers or tubes 22 onthe Wires located above and below 'the opening in the front panel and over which rollers and wires the ribbon is passed; and a plate-spring 18 secured tothe inner surface of a side panehsaid spring having free flexible ends 19 frictionally bearing.)r against the surfaces of the two disks 13 on the same side of the closure and forcing the two disks 13 at the opposite and adjacent ends of the shafts against the Washers 1-l which are secured to the inner surface of the opposite side panel of the closure; the ribbon being' adapted to receive and display advertisements, and the like, as the shafts are revolved and the ribbon Wound and nnwonnd upon the shafts;

In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature in presence of two witnesses.


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Cooperative ClassificationG09F11/29