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Publication numberUS72138 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 10, 1867
Publication numberUS 72138 A, US 72138A, US-A-72138, US72138 A, US72138A
InventorsNathaniel Weston
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Nathaniel weston
US 72138 A
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Letters Patent No. 72,138, dated December' 10, 1867.


TO WHOM THESE PRESENTS MAY COME Be it known that I, NATHANIEL WESTON, ot' the city and county of San Francisco, State of California, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Eiiamelling Cards of Photographed Pictures.

This improvement does not so much consist in the construction of any particular form of machine as it does in the parts or in combinations for the purposes sought to be attained.

Figure 1 represents a rest to steady the enamelling-glass after it has been suiciently pressed with the hand to distribute the gluten or enamel evenly over the surface of the cards, which, by this process, is easily` seen through the glass. Said rest may he formed by any form or device, and is particularly for steadying the Y glass till the enamel is sufficiently set to receive the clamps to hold the upper and lower plates of glass together,

and keep them from changing positionin removal, it being necessary for the edge of the glass to be pressed squarely against the rest. i

Figure 2 represents a Weight that is placed upon the glass as' the hands are removed, to keep an even pressure upon the enamel. To this weight is attached an elastic or other fastening. Another portion of the fastening is attached to the rest, for the purpose of holding the glass rmly and steadily against the rest, and to prevent it from moving oi the cards being enamelled.

Figure 3 represents the enamelling-hlock, for. placing the lower plate of glass, upon which the pictures are laid, to receive the enamel. This block rests upon four square, tapering plugs, or their equivalent, placed upon a suitable article to catch any surplus enamel that may drip from the cards.

Ais the rest; B B, the enamelling-glasses; C is the Weight; D, the enamelling-block for the glass; E E are the clamps for holding the glass steady until the enamel is set; F F F F are the square, tapering plugs; G is the article to catch the surplus enamel; H is thc fastening to the weight and rest.

By this system the enamel is'clistributed more evenly; it also prevents, in a great measure, air-blisters'and spots uponl the cards, that destroy their value; it also facilitates the preparation, lessens the labor, and, by steadying the glass upon the surface of the card, makes a more 'beautiful finish. So rapid is this process with Vthe rest-Weights andfastcnings, that by the time another glass is prepared, the card-bloclr and enamelled card can be set aside for further drying, and its place supplied by another; and, among other advantages, is its adaptability, by the use of a. slightly-warmed glass, to enamel over colored pictures, a desidcratum in thc cnamelling process.

Thus having given a full and clear description of my invention, which, together with the drawings accompanying, will enable any one to practically apply my ideas, I claim- The rest A for the glass, or its equivalent; the use of the glasses B B, the weight Gr, thc fastcuings H, the clamps E E, or their equivalents. in part or in combination, for the uurnoscs herein set forth.



Cooperative ClassificationG03B17/30