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Publication numberUS722011 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 3, 1903
Filing dateSep 20, 1902
Priority dateSep 20, 1902
Publication numberUS 722011 A, US 722011A, US-A-722011, US722011 A, US722011A
InventorsJames Govan
Original AssigneeJames Govan
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US 722011 A
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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent Lio-722,011, dated March 3, 1903.

Application iiled September 20, 1902. Serial No. 124,220. (No model.)

To @ZZ whom, it 'nm/y concern:

Be it known that I, JAMES GOVAN, a subject of the King of Great Britain and Ireland, andaresidentot Radnor, Pennsylvania, have invented certain Improvementsin Golf-Clubs, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to that construction of golf-club having a block of metal inserted in the head of the same for the purpose of weighting it, the object of my invention being to so dispose such weighting-block as to increase the accuracy with which the club can be handled, thereby insuring certainty in the blow delivered upon the ball, so that a long and true flight of the latter will result.

This object I attain in the manner hereinaf-V ter set forth, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure l represents, partly in section and partlyin elevation, a golf-club head constructed in accordance with my invention; and Fig. 2 is a transverse section on the line a ct, Fig. l.

The head l of the club is constructed, as usual, of wood and has a projecting stem or shank 2 for connection with the sta of the club in the ordinary manner. Instead, however, of introducing the leaden or other weight at the rear of the club, as has heretofore been customary, I form a recess in the club in line vertically with the center of the shank 2 and in advance of the center of the head, this rel cess being preferably formed from the bottom of the head, and I introduce the Weight 3 into this recess, retaining it therein by means of a cap or cover plate 4c, secured to the bottom of the head by any suitable cement or by nails, pins, screws, or other available fastenings or any combination of these securing means. I Eind that when the weight is thus disposed in line with the center of the stem of the head said head is more accurately balanced than when the weight is at the rear of this line, and by reason of this balancing of the head I find that the club can be handled with greater accuracy than usual, but little difficulty being experienced in hitting the ball fairly and squarely, so as to insure a long and true Hight of the same.

Having thus described my invention, I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent- A golf-club head having a weight disposed therein in advance of the center of the head and in line with the central line of the stem of the head, substantially as specified.

v In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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Cooperative ClassificationA63B53/04