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Publication numberUS722311 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 10, 1903
Filing dateApr 26, 1902
Priority dateApr 26, 1902
Publication numberUS 722311 A, US 722311A, US-A-722311, US722311 A, US722311A
InventorsAdolph W Magerhans
Original AssigneeAdolph W Magerhans
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US 722311 A
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No. 722,311. PATENTED MAR. 10, 1903. A. W. MAGERHANS.






SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 722,311, dated March 10, 1903.

Application filed April 26, 1902. Serial No. 104,756. (No model.)

T 0 (tZZ whom it nuty concern.-

Be it known that I, ADOLPH W. MAGER- HANS, a citizen of the United States, residing at the city of New York, borough of Brooklyn, Kings county,in the State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Picture-Hangers, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact specification.

My invention relates to improvements in means for holding or supporting pictures, signs, and other articles, and has for its object more particularly to provide a simple, efficient, and inexpensive apparatus for temporarily or permanently supporting pictures and other articles, which apparatus may be easily adjusted when it is desired to change the position of the picture without necessitating its removal from the wall or other support.

Further, said invention has for its object to provide an apparatus composed of few parts and which may be readily folded together within small compass for shipment or storing.

These objects above set forth I am enabled to attain by means of my invention, which consists in the novel details of construction and in the combination, connection, and arrangement of parts hereinafter more fully described and then pointed out in the claim.

In the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification, wherein like letters of reference indicate like parts, Figure 1 is front view of a picture, showing a hanger made according to and embodying my invention applied thereto. Fig. 2 is a rear view of the hanger with the arms F F extended in dotted lines. Fig. 3 is an enlarged detail side View showing a portion of a rod with the clamping device in position thereon. Fig. 4 is an enlarged detail frontview of the clamping device with the ornament thereon removed, and Fig. 5 is an enlarged cross-section taken on the line 5 5 of Fig. 4.

In said drawings, A designates a picture, and A the hanger therefor, comprising a rod 13 of suitable length, provided at its upper end with a hook O, which is adapted to engage the customary picture-molding secured to the wall. Upon the rod B is adjustably disposed a clamping device D, comprising a bent front plate E, provided at its upper and lower ends with transverse slots at a. Upon the outer surface of said front plate E are pivotally secured, by means of a rivet I), the upper ends of the arms F F, the lower free ends of which are provided with apertures c c, and G denotes a large ornamental head or shield secured to the rivet b to conceal the clamping device D.

H H respectively denote the upper and lower clamps, which are provided at their forward ends withtongues (Z d, which extend through the slots a a in the front plate E and are bent, respectively, upward and downward, as shown at Fig. 3 of the drawings. Said clamps H H are also provided adjacent to their forward or hinged ends with circular apertures e 6', through which the rod B is passed, and I denotes a coil-spring disposed upon said rod B intermediate the clamps H H, whereby to hold said clamps normally apart and press upon said rod B to hold the device D and parts carried thereby duly locked in position upon said rod.

To hang a picture, the arms F F are spread apart and the lower ends thereof secured to the rear of the frame by means of screw-eyes or hooks. The hook C of the hanger is then secured in the picture-molding upon the wall, and hereupon the picture maybe adjusted to the desired height by compressing the free ends of the clamps H H, which will permit of the device D and parts carried thereby to be shifted up or down upon the rod 13. As soon as the pressure upon the ends of said clamps H H is released the device D will securely lock upon the rod 13 and prevent further movement.

It will of course be understood that any number of arms F Fmay be employed, according to the size and shape of the picture, and that instead of a hook O the rod B may be provided at its top with an eye where the picture is to be suspended from a nail orhook, or that the rod may be provided instead at its lower end with a base, and thus permit of its supporting a picture away from a wall.

Without limiting myself to the details of construction, which may be varied within the scope of the invention, what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

A hanger comprising a rod, a hook at its upper end for suspending the same, a clampwith engagealole devices, and a shield secured to the raised projecting portion of the plate, adapted to conceal the clamping device, substantially as specified.

Signed at the city of New York, borough of Manhattan, in the county and State of New York, this 25th day of April, 1902.




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International ClassificationA47G1/16
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