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Publication numberUS723227 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 24, 1903
Filing dateJun 11, 1902
Priority dateJun 11, 1902
Publication numberUS 723227 A, US 723227A, US-A-723227, US723227 A, US723227A
InventorsMalinda C Anthony, Mark Anthony
Original AssigneeMoses Joy
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Toy gun.
US 723227 A
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A Tron/v' s.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 723,227, dated March 24, 1.903t

i Application filed June 11,01902. Serial Nu. '111,131'. (No model.)

To a/ZZ whom t may concern/.3 k

Be it known that I, MALINDA C. ANTHONY, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Oakland, in the county of Alameda and State of California, am the adnlinistratrix of the estate of MARKANTHONY, deceased, late a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Oakland, in the county of Alameda and State'of California, who did in his vlife-time in invent certain new and useful Improvements in Toy Guns;` and I do herebydeclare the following to be' a full, clear, and exact description of said invention.

This invention relates to improvements in toy guns, the object being' to provide a gun so arranged as to first discharge a target and then to discharge a projectile, thus not only providingamusement but offering a simpleV and harmless 4means of acquiring skill in marksmanship. y

I will describe a toy gun embodying the invention, and then point out the novel features in the appended claims.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings,`forming a part of this specification, in which similar characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in both the figures.

Figure 1 is a longitudinal section of a toy gun embodying the invention, showing the parts in discharging position; and Fig. 2 is a similar section, but showing the position of the parts after discharging the target and projectile. J

Referring to the drawings, l designates what may be termed the target-barrel, and arranged above the target-barrel is the projectile or firing barrel 2, the barrel 1 being much shorter than the barrel 2.y The rear ends of both barrels extend into a lock-casing 3, to which the stock 4 is attached. Operating in,the barrel 1 is a plunger 5, having a stem 6, adapted to pass its end through an opening 7 in the breech of the barrel 1 and arranged betweeen the plunger and the breech of the barrel is a discharging-spring 8. A similar plunger 9 is arranged in the barrel 2 and has a stem portion lO'extended through an opening 11 in the breech of said barrel 2, while a spring 12 is arranged be- 5o tween the breech and the plunger. The in- .with their shoulders by means of a spring 20,

\ Ahammer 21 is pivoted inthe casing 3,

tum of the spring 8will throw the target forner end ofthe stem 6 is provided with an annular shoulder 13, and an annular shoulder 14 is formed on thc inner end of the stem 1,0 A trigger 15 extends through an opening in the lower wall of the casing 3 and is pivoted in the casing, as at 16. The trigger o'n it-s innerend lhas a shoulder or sear 17 for engaging with the shoulder 13 of the stem 6, and arranged above the trigger isa Sear 18, adapted to engage with the annular shoulder 6o 14 on the stem 10. The sear 18 has a rearwardly-extended arm 19, designed to be engaged by-the inner end of the trigger. The sears are held, respectively, in engagement 6s one member of which bears on lthe upper portion of the trigger rearward of` its pivotal p point, and the other member bears on the lower side of the sear 18.

7o and at its inner end it is provided with a shoulder 22, designed' to be engaged by the sear 23, said sear having a forwardly-projecting portion to be engaged by the trigger on its`inward swinging motion. The scar 23 is held yieldingly in engagement with 'the hammer by means of a spring 24, and a spring 25, engaging with the hammer 21, serves to throw the outerend of said hammer forward when re ased from the scar. l

At the rear end of the casingf is a holderV 26 for a sound-producing cap-such,'for instance, as a paper cap having f-ulminate thereon. Such a cap Ais indicated at 27.

The target 28 may be of any desired form. It is here shown as made to represent a bird, and the projectile 29 is indicated asan arrow or dart.

In .the operation the plungers 5 and 9 are to be forced inward to engage their stems with the sears, as indicated in Fig. 1. Then the i target and projectile are to be placed in the barrels. Upon pulling the trigger 15 the plunger '5 will be released and under the momen- `ward, and then upon a further movement of the trigger the plunger 9 will be released, so

as to discharge the projectile.` At this same time the hammer 21 will be released and will .strike upon the sound-producing device. f Of roo course the two devices may be operated at any required length of time-that is, after discharging the target a person may wait until the target reaches the proper distance before discharging the projectile.

` Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new, and desired to be secured erating in said barrels,independent sears for holding the plungers in discharging position, and means for operating the sears to release 'the plungers one afterthe other, substantially as specified.

3. A gun comprising a target-barrel, a projectil'e-barrel longer than the target-barrel, a

plunger in the target-barrel, a stem extended from said plunger and movable through an opening in the breech of the target-barrel and having a shoulder at its end, a plungerin the proj ectile-barrel, a stem for said plunger movable through an opening in the breech of the projectile barrel and lhaving a shoulder,

' springs for forcing said plungers outward, a

' trigger having a sear'portion for engaging the shoulder of the first-named stem, a soarv for engaging the shoulder of the other stem, and springs for holding said sears in engaging position, the sear for'the last-named stem being arranged above the trigger and moved thereby, substantially as specified.

4:. -A gun comprisinga target-barrel, a projectile-barrel, spring-pressed plungers operating in said barrels, means for releasing the plungers one after the other, and a springpressed lhammer also released by said means, substantially as specified.

5. A gun comprising a target-barrel, a pro-I jectile-barrel, spring-pressed plungers operating in said barrels, means for holding the springs in pressed or discharging position, a trigger operating to release the said means one after another, a hammer, a spring-pressed sear engaging with said hammer and adapted to be operated by the trigger, and a holding device for a sound-producing cap adapted to be struck by the hammer, substantially as specified.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence yof two subscribing witnesses.

MALINDA C. ANTHONY, Admz'nstratmw of the estate of Mark Anthong, deceased.



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