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Publication numberUS723764 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 24, 1903
Filing dateNov 3, 1902
Priority dateNov 3, 1902
Publication numberUS 723764 A, US 723764A, US-A-723764, US723764 A, US723764A
InventorsLacy Vick
Original AssigneeLacy Vick
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Compound tool.
US 723764 A
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. PATENEED MAR. 24, 1903.

L. V10K.-






SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 723,764, dated March 24, 1903.

Application filed November 3, 1902. Serial No. 129,79 (1% model.)

T al w it y flmwem-i threaded openings or sockets H, which aline Be it known that I, LACY VIOK, acitizen of when the parts are in position with sockets the United States, residing at Vicksburg, in or seats J in the handle, and the implements the county of Livingston and State of Kenhave each a threaded stem K, which engages 5 tucky, have invented certain new and useful the threaded socket of the head and enters Improvements in Compound Tools, of which the sockets K of the handle, and this conthe following is a specification. struction serves to secure the implements in My invention relates to improvements in the head and at the same time secure the 60 compound tools; and the object of my invenhandle firmly in the head, as will be under- IO tion is the provision of a tool the head of stood.

which can be quickly and easily adapted to In the modified form of myinvention shown form a hammer, hatchet, chisel, hand-ax, or in Fig. 4 I provide the head with end sockets other tool, the various implements each per- L, which extend through to openings or sock- 65 forming their function in a perfect manner ets M in the handle, and the stems N on the and the tool as an entirety being capable of implement pass through the openings of the production at a very low price. head into the openings of the handle, and the Another object of my invention is the probinding-screws O engage the stems, and thus vision of a tool which will perform the sevhold the implements in the head and secure 7o eral functions each in an efficient manner the handle to the head, as is evident. and which will be durable and entirely prac- It will thus be seenthat I provide a comtical. pound tool which will perform the functions With these objects in view my invention of various implements in a perfect manner consists of acompound tool embodying novel and which can be produced as cheaply as 75 features of construction and combination of either of the implements singly and will thus 2 5 parts, substantially as disclosed herein. commend itself as a practical and desirable Figure 1 represents a perspective View of article. v V my compound tool, the head being fitted with I claim-- two implements-41. hammer and adz or cut- 1. The tool herein-described, consisting of 80 ting-tool. Fig. 2 represents a central vertithe handle having a socket on each side near cal sectional view. Fig. 3 represents a view its upper end, the head fitting on said handle of a modified construction, and Fig'. 4 repreand having a transverse socket in each end sents a detail view of another modified conalining with the sockets in the handle, implestruction. ments having reduced shanks fitting in the 85 In the drawings, A designates the head, sockets of the head and handle, and means 3 5 which is formed with the vertical opening B, for engaging the shanks to secure the implewhich receives the upper end of the handle ment in the head and to secure the head firmly 'O, and the head is further provided with the upon the handle. 7 end square openings or sockets D, which re- 2. The tool herein described, consisting of 0 ceive the squared end E on the various imthe handle, the head formed with the handleplements F, and these implements are re receiving opening, and having transverse tained in place by means of the clampingsockets in the ends passing through to the screws G, which pass through the head and handle -receiving opening, the implements bear upon the squared ends of said implehaving shanks fitting in the said sockets and 5 ments. The openings in the ends of the head engaging each side of the handle to secure passthrough to the verticalopeningB, and the the handle in the head, and binding-screws ends of the implement bear upon the ends of for securing the shanks firmly in the head. the handle and in additionto securing the In testimony whereof I affix my signature implements in place serve also to bind and in presence of two witnesses.

hold the handle in the head, as well as to se- LACY VICK. 5o cure the implement. Witnesses:

In the modified form of myinvention shown MOODY HARDIN,

in Fig. 3 the head is provided with the screw- P. R. VIOK.

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Cooperative ClassificationB25D1/02