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Publication numberUS724920 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 7, 1903
Filing dateOct 29, 1902
Priority dateOct 29, 1902
Publication numberUS 724920 A, US 724920A, US-A-724920, US724920 A, US724920A
InventorsSamuel A Mckelvey
Original AssigneeSamuel A Mckelvey
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Game apparatus.
US 724920 A
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No. 724,920. A PATBNTED APB.. 7, 1903.






GAME APPARKATUSQ SPECIFICATION forming` part of Letters Patent N o. '724,920,7dated'Ap11 7, 1903 Application filed october 29, 19o2. serial' No. 129,283. (No modem,

T0 all whom, t may concer-7b:

Beit known that-I, SAMUEL A. MCKELVEY; a citizen of the United States of America, re-

siding at Pittsburg, in the county of Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, have .in

vented certain new and useful Improvements in Game Apparatus, of which the following is a specification, reference being had therei to the accompanying drawings.

This invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in games, and more particularly to a game board or apparatus whereby interesting and instructive games may be played. Y 1

Brieiiy described, my invention comprises a somewhat rectangular table or bed having a wall around the edge and provided adjacent the front edge with a series of pockets or inclosures. At the back of the table or bed is arranged a substantially rectangularcasing, in which is mounted a series of bells or like alarms, the front of the casing being provided with a series of openings, which may be graduatedor made of dierent size for the purpose, as will more presently appear. The casing'carries a pair of hinged shields, which project outwardly-at an incline to the frontface of the casing when the device or apparatus is set up in position to be used. The casing is constructed at the lower side of its target-face with aslot, whereby the balls or other objects projected. at thep tached detail perspective View of the inclosure-strip for the bottom of the target-casing. Fig. 3 is a transverse vertical sectional view, and Fig. 4 is a like view through the propelling device for the ball or other object.

To put my invention into practice, I provide the somewhat rectangular table or'bed rectangular casing 3. The `front 4 of this casing3 forms a target, and to this end it is provided with a series of openings 5, which may be of dilerent sizes, as shown, and each of these openings may be designated by a numeralof diierent value, the larger openings preferably having numerals of smaller value and the smallest opening having a number of larger value than any of the others.

To the inner face of the rear wall of the casing 3 is secured a series of gongs 6, a gong being placed behind each of the apertures 5, and in the bottom of the casing is an inclined wall 7, whereby the spherical objects after they enter the casing 3 will roll out through the slot'or opening 8, provided therefor at the bottom of the target, and onto the table or bed. I preferably arrange upon the bed or tablejl a series of inclosures which are numbered different values, a practical form of inclosure being a strip 9 and having a T- shaped head 10. Thus the projecting ends of the T-shaped head lform ways 11, through vwhich the spherical objects must roll into the inclosures. The casing is closed at its top by a cover 12, having the upwardly-extending front 14, which projects above the target and gives a greater surface thereto, a suitable brace lbeing provided for this upwardlyprojecting strip 14. The casing carries a pair of hinged shields 16, the lower edges of which rest upon the table or head 1, and when the device is disassembled these shields 16 may vbe closed down over the front of the target 4.

the spherical object into a certain one of the openings 5, so that the same will strike the gong and sound the same. In Fig. 4 I have shown a practical Vform of propelling device in the form of a small cannon comprising a IOO barrel 19, having a spring-actuated plunger 20, which extends through the rear of the barrel and is propelled forward by the spring 21, which is arranged in the recess in the rear of the barrel, the spring having its forward end passed through the propelling-plunger 20.

This gun is suitably mounted so as to be sighted to different elevations. The casing 3 is placed at the rear of the table or bed 1,

ro with hingedshields opened out in the manner shown in Fig. 1. The propelling device is placed at a suitable distance in front of the target and the operators endeavor to propel the ball or other object placed in the canx5 non through the desired one of the openings 2o table or bed 1 and counts for whatever'amount is given to the inclosure into which the ball finally rolls, providing it rolls into one of the inclosures. The game is played by two or more, a certain predetermined number winning the game-for instance, one hundredand the first person to make one hundred will win the game. The count will be made according to the value placed upon the openings 5 through which the ball passes and 3o also the value of the inclosure on the table or bed into which the ball may roll.

Other forms of propelling devices than herein shown may be employed, and it will also be observed that various changes may be made in the details of construction without departing from the general spirit of my invention.

Having fully described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Let-ters Patent, is Y 1. In a game apparatus, the combination with a bed or table having an inclosing wall and provided along the forward edge with a series of inclosures, of a substantially rectangular casing, the front of which forms the target and is provided with a series of openings, gongs mounted in the casing back of each opening, the said shields hinged to the casing and resting on the table or bed, substantially as described.

2. In a game apparatus, the combination with a table or bed having a series of inclosures along the front edge, of a substantially rectangular casing at the rear of the table or bed provided in its front with a series of openings of different size's, a bell or gong mounted in the casing back of each opening, and hinged shields carried by the casing and resting on the bed or table at each end of the target, substantially as described.

3. In a game apparatus, a table or bed having an inclosing wall, the casing at the rear end of'the table or bed, the front face of which forms the target and is provided with a series of openings, gongs mounted in the casing back of each opening, an inclined bottom in the casing below the gongs, the said shields carried by the casing projecting outwardly at an incline from each end of the target, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in the presence of two witnesses.




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