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Publication numberUS727173 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 5, 1903
Filing dateMay 21, 1902
Priority dateMay 21, 1902
Publication numberUS 727173 A, US 727173A, US-A-727173, US727173 A, US727173A
InventorsGaius L Merrell
Original AssigneeMerrell Soule Co
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US 727173 A
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Nm-727,173. PATBNTBD MAY 5', 190m G. L. MERRELL.




UNITED STATES Patented May 5, 1903,




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 727,173, dated May 5, 1903.

' Application inea May 21, 1902. serial No. 108,343. (No modem able places with interlocking aps, which draw the blank together at these points and impart the desired shape to the same.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is a View of a blank suitable for producing a mask representing the face of a Wolf or similar animal. Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the mask made from this blank. Fig. 3 is a' rear elevation of the mask.

Like letters of referencerefer to like parts in the several figures. l

The blank H is made of pasteboard or other flexible material and is provided in its mid' dle portion with openings h for the eyes and between these openings with a tuck-Hap 'L' and below this flap with a transverse slit lo for the f reception thereof. At its top the blank is provided with two pairs of upwardly-converging cuts Z to form the ears and on theV inner sides of the points of the ears with tuck-naps m, which enter slits n outside of the ears for drawing the blank together behind the ears. At the bottom the blank ais provided with flaps which form the muzzle and are preferably composed of the following parts: O represents a central flap, which forms the top of the muzzle, and P P' two -side aps, arranged on opposite sides of the central ap, to form the side portions of the muzzle. The Ilap P is provided with a tuck-ap p and the flap P with a slit p', into which this tuck-flapis inserted. Q Q represent outer flaps, which form the bottom portion of the .muzzle or lower jaw. The Hap Q, is provided with tuck` flaps q, which areinserted into slits q in the aps Q'. In forming the mask from this blank the latter is bent transversely between the eyes and the tuck-flap i secured in the slit k, whereby the upper and lower portions of the face are placed at a slight yangle to each other, as represented in Fig. 2. The iap's mand n behind the ears are interlocked, wherebythe top portion of the face between the ears and the top portions outside of the ears are drawn down and secured together. The lower end of the central muzzle-flap O is bent back, and the side flaps P P' are interlocked against the outside of the bent end portions of this ap, thereby shaping the nose and upper jaw, and the bottom flaps Q Q' are interlocked, thereby shaping the lower jaw.

The blanks are printed or otherwise prof vided with lines indicating the cuts which are required to be formed in the same for producingl these tiaps, so that the -blanks can be readilycut and shaped by the users for producing the mask.

The number, shape, and arrangement of the flaps may be moditied as may be necessary to produce a mask of the desired shape and to secure the llaps together.

l. A mask having ears and provided on the inner and outer sides of each ear with inter locking aps lwhereby the top portion of the mask is held down, substantially as set forth.

2. A mask having in its face portion a tuckflap and a slit in which said flap is engaged, whereby the upper and lower face portions are secured at Van angle to each other, substantially as set forth.

3. A mask having at its lower end interlocking liaps forming the upper portion of the muzzle and linterlocking outside flaps forming the lower port-ion of the muzzle, substantially as set forth. A

Ll. A mask having at its lower end a central topfflap and .side flaps which are interlocked against said central flap for forming the upper portion of the muzzle, and interlocking outside aps formingthe lower portion of the muzzle, substantially. as set forth. T5. A mask provided at its top with ears and with interlocking top flapsV holding the y top portion down, and having at its lower end interlocking muzzle-aps, substantially as set forth.

6. A mask having interlocking top flaps holding the top portion down, an interme- IOO date tuck-flapand slit vwhereby the upper and lowerface portions are secured at an anglo to each other, and interlocking bottom iiaps forming the muzzle, substantially as set forth. y

'7. A fiat blank for a. mask provided with cuts forming at the upper portionof theablank the ears and interlocking top flaps, and at the- K bottom portion the inner and outer interlocking flaps forming` the upper and lower portions of the muzzle, substantially as set forth.

8. A flat blank for a mask provided with cuts forming at the upperpportion of the blank the ears and interlocking top aps, at the in termediate portion the eyes'and interlocking i 5 tuck-flap and slit, and at the bottom portion the inner and outer interlocking flaps forrning the upper and lower portions of the muzzle, substantially as set forth.

Vitnessmy hand thisl'9th day of May, 2o 11902.




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