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Publication numberUS727402 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 5, 1903
Filing dateMay 14, 1902
Priority dateMay 14, 1902
Publication numberUS 727402 A, US 727402A, US-A-727402, US727402 A, US727402A
InventorsFred W Messer
Original AssigneeFred W Messer
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US 727402 A
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No. 727,402. PATBNTED MAY5, 1903.





ITED STATES Patented May 5, 1903.



SPECIFICATION formingpart of. Letters Application filed May 14,1902.

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, FRED WV. MESSER, a citi zen of the United States, and a resident of Boston, county of Suffolk, State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement in \Vatch-Holders, of which the following description, in connection with the accompanying drawings, is a specification, like letters on the drawings representing like parts.

This invention has for its object the prod notion of a convenient, simple, and attractive watch-holder adapted particularly for ladies and designed to be attached to the waistbelt, which now is so extensively worn. Ordinarily the watch is pushed in between the belt and adjacent clothing and is liable to slip down and dangle or fall, afiording a very insecure and unsafe mode of carrying a watch.

In my present invention I have provided a case into which the watch can be readily inserted or removed therefrom with simple means fordetachably yet securely connecting the case with a waist-belt.

Figure 1 shows the manner of using the watch-holderembodyingmyinvention. Figs. 2 and S are enlarged side elevations of the watch-holder detached, showing the attaching-clasp in closed and open position, respectively; and Fig. 4 is a back view, enlarged, of the watch holder, the springcontrolled jaw of the clasp being broken out.

In accordance with my invention the watchcase a is made as a pocket or fob having an open top and preferably made of leather of sufficient body to permanently retain its shape, and herein I have shown the back a of the case as transversely slitted to form a loop (L The attaching-clasp comprises two cobperating jaws Z) Z), the former being made of an elongated strip of fiat sheet metal passed through the loop a and rigidly secured at its upper end to the back of the case by a suitable rivet a the lower end of the jaw extending down to or a little below the bottom of the case. The jaw Z2 is slightly curved or bent in the direction of its length, Figs. 2 and 3, and connected with the fixed jaw by a leaf-spring b attached to the fixed jaw and Patent No. 727,402, dated May 5, 1903.

Serial No. 107,361. (No model.)

case by the rivet a and to the jaw b by brazing, solder, or otherwise, the spring being so bent that normally the lower free end of the jaw b is held against the jaw 19. For convenience in opening the clasp the jaw b is upwardly extended to form a finger-piece 5 so that by pressing it toward the upper end of jawb the jaws will be opened, as in Fig. 3, to permit the clasp to be slipped down onto a waist-belt, as B. (See dotted lines, Fig. 3.) When the open ends of the jaws have been pressed down below the lower edge of the belt, the finger-piece is released and the jaws close around the belt, as in Fig. 2, preventing accidental removal of the watch-holder therefrom.

The case a is on the outer face of the waistbelt, as shown in Fig. 1, and it will be manifest that the watch will be held in a safe, convenient, and secure manner.-

If desired, the jaw b may have a chatelainehook hung on its lower end, and in such case the lower end of the jaw 19 is notched, as at Z), to straddle the ring of the hook. The lower end of the jaw b is also shown herein as turned inward rather abruptly, as at 12 to form a lip; which by engaging the lower edge of the waist-belt prevents withdrawal of the watch-holder by an upward pull unless the jaws are opened.

Having fully described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. A watch-holder comprising a case hav ing an open top, and an attaching-clasp, consisting of a fixed jaw rigidly secured to the back of the case, and a downturned, springcontrolled jaw having an upturned fingerpiece extended beyond the upper end of the fixed jaw, said jaws being connected at their upper ends, the lower end of the spring-controlled jaw having an inturned lip to pass below the lower edge of a waist-belt and rest upon the adjacent end of the fixed jaw.

2. A watch-holder comprising a case having an open top, and a transverse loop on its back, and an attaching-clasp consisting of a flat jaw extended downward through the loop and secured at its upper endto the back of I In testimony whereof I have signed my the case, and a cooperating depending jaw name to this specification in the presence of having a spring connection at its upper end with the fixed jaw, and an inturned lip at its lower end to pass below thelower edge of a waist-belt and rest upon the adjacent end of the fixed jaw. I

two subscribing witnesses.

FRED W. MESSER. Witnesses:


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