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Publication numberUS729516 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 26, 1903
Filing dateFeb 25, 1903
Priority dateFeb 25, 1903
Publication numberUS 729516 A, US 729516A, US-A-729516, US729516 A, US729516A
InventorsRichard Steilberg
Original AssigneeRichard Steilberg
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US 729516 A
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PATENTBD MAY 26, 1903.




UNITED STAT-Es Patented May 26, 1903.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 729,516, dated May 26, 1903. Application iled February 25, 1903. Serial No.`145,008. (No model.)

My invention relates to an improvementv in; y gas-burners with mixing-tubes inwhich com- Y pressed gas is mixed with atmospheric air sucked; and the object of my improvement' is to provide within the mixing-tube a divider or distributer which is closed at its lower part and open at the top, so that a rarefaction of the air in the hollow body is produced by the passage of the compressed gas past the latter, which produces a stron g edd ying of the' air and the gas and an intimate mixture of the same. I attain this obj ect by the arrangement illustrated in a mode of execution inthe:

accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a vertical longitudinal section of the burner, and Fig. 2 is ahorizontal cross# section through the same on the line A B in Fig. 1.

Similar letters of referencerefer to similar parts in both views. The mixing-tube a and the socket-tube b f have as large a cross section as possible. v Compressed gas or the like enters through the nozzle c and draws in the necessary air through the openings d.

In the lower part of the mixing-tube a a divider c is secured in any suitable manner-f for instance, by arms f. The essential feature of the divider e is that it ishollow and closed at its lower part, but open at the top. In the drawings this divider e is assumed to be conical; but it can also have any other shape-for example, that of half a ball or otherwise. The mixture of gas and air passing upward through the annular area between the divider e and thewall of the mixing-tube a produces a rarefaction of the air in the hollow body of the divider e, This causes a considerable eddying of the air and gas mixburner-tips.

ture, whereby the latter becomes a very intimateone.

The y'nfrixing-tube a is assumed to be provided'w'ith a flat sieve 71, and a burning-plate c', having a central hole z", when the gas and air mixture produced in the above manner will give a iame of high heating power.

It will be understood that the sieve h and the burning-plate c' can also be replaced by other If a suitable incandescent body or socket is used, a light of more than fifteen hundred Hefner candles can be produced. Infall cases a thorough mixture of the gas passing out under pressure with the air carried with it is produced by the new divider or distributer e. The result is a iame of great heating power and therefore of high lighting' efficiency if used with an incandescence body.

Iam aware that prior to my invention gas- Yburners have been made with dividers, and "I therefore do not claim such a combination broadly; but

^^ nWhat I do claim as my lnvention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

AIn a gas-burner, the combination with a gas-nozzle, of a socket secured about the discharge end of said nozzle and having a series ot air-inlets formed in its side walls, said socket above the air-inlets therein, being reduced in diameter and tapered upwardly, a

mixing-tube having a reduced lower portion

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Cooperative ClassificationF23D11/10