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Publication numberUS730062 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 2, 1903
Filing dateJul 5, 1902
Priority dateJul 5, 1902
Publication numberUS 730062 A, US 730062A, US-A-730062, US730062 A, US730062A
InventorsCharles J Widmer
Original AssigneeImp Stand Company
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Folding stand.
US 730062 A
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llalxTBNurxaD. JUNE 190,3. G. J. WfIDMER.v l' POLDIN STAND. P'zfmouxon muy JULY 61-902.


No. 730,062.A

UNITED STATESV Patented June 2, 1903.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 780,062, dated June 2, 1903. Application iilecl .l'uly 5, 1902. Serial No. 114,402. (No model.)

To a/ZZ whom t may con/Gern:

Be it known that I, CHARLES J. WIDMER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Marion, in the county of Grant and State of Indiana, have invented a certain new and useful Improvementin FoldingStands, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relatesto music-stands or the like, and particularlyV to an'arrangement of devices whereby extensible a-nd folding legs may be properly associated with a central rod or bar or tube intended to support a music-stand or the like. I

My invention is illustrated in the accom panying drawings, wherein;-

Figure 1 is a side view of the music-stand with legs extended. Fig. 2 is a section on line 2 2, Fig.v 1. Fig. 3 is a section on line 3 3, Fig. 2.

Like parts are indicated by the same letters in all the figures.

A is a central tube, of any desired material, size, or shape, and commonly associated with other sections A A2, which are intended to telescope one within the other, and thus to form an'extensible central tube.

B is the music-holding part of the device, properly attached to the upper section A2.

C C are the legs.

D D are laterally-projecting parts secured to or continuous with the tube A and placed at the lower end thereof.

E is a thimble, which slides freely on the tube A above the parts D D. Each of the parts D D has two vertical walls to receive the pivot F and a bottom which furnishes a stop at G. Each of the legs C is pivoted near one end on the pivot F and has an inwardlyprojecting end J of such length from the cen'- ter of the pivot F to the end of the part J that when the thi'mble E is raised the leg can be turned on the pivot-forexampla in the position indicated in dotted lines in Fig. 3.l This length is such that when, however, the thimble E is lowered into the position indicated in Fig. 3the upper end J ot' the leg rests against such thimble, while the lower portion of the leg rests'V against the partG, and such leg is held rigidlyin theposition shown in full lines in Fig. 3. If the user desires to put the' leg into the position shown in full lines, it is only necessary to turn the leg on itspivot F in the direction indicated by the arrow, whereupon the end .I of the leg will engage the lower edge of the thimble E and raise the same until the leg is carried to a point where the thimble drops down again into the position shown in full lines in Fig. 3.

I do not of course desire to be limited to the particular size, proportion, and arrangement of the parts here illustrated, andrconsderable departures can be made from them or either of them without departing from the spirit of my invention, and I wish my drawings to ber takenin a measure as diagrammatic and intended to illustrate only one form or arrangement of a device embodying my invention.

The use and operation of my invention are as follows: When the stand is in positionl for use, the parts occupy the several relations indicated in Fig. 1. If now the user desires to fold the stand, so that it will take the smallest possible compass, he forces the sections of the telescopic tube together to reduce the length. He may then invert the stand and loosen the legs by moving them slightly on their pivots, whereupon the thimble will drop down away from the pivot projections, and the legs will then be free to `turn into the position indicatedin Fig. 3,whereupon the parts are folded. If now the user desires to extend the legs, he will turn the central rod so that the pivot projections will be downward. He will then move successively each leg from the position shown in dotted lines to the p0- sition shown in full lines, as suggested by the arrow in Fig. 3. YEach leg Will raise the thimble E and hold it up until such leg has passed the proper point, when the'thimble will drop down and become a stop.

Iclaim- In a music-holder or the like the combination of a central rod or tube with a lower pivotblock having laterally-extending pivot projections, a series of legs pivoted thereon intermediate their ends and wholly outside the tube, a thimble adapted to slide vertically pivots beyond the desired distance to cause them to support the rod when their upper ends make Contact with the thimble.


and freely along such centra-1 rod or tube Wholly inside the upper ends of the legs and to go to rest against the pivot-block, the npper ends of such legs being of such length as to turn freely on their pivots Without conmeting the rod when thethimule is removed and to be prevented from turning on their l Witnesses:



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