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Publication numberUS730082 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 2, 1903
Filing dateApr 3, 1900
Priority dateApr 3, 1900
Publication numberUS 730082 A, US 730082A, US-A-730082, US730082 A, US730082A
InventorsJoseph D Bates
Original AssigneeJoseph D Bates
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Dish or plate.
US 730082 A
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No. 730,082. PATBNTED JUNE 2, 1903. J. D. BATES.


APPLIOATIORIILED APR. 8. 1000. Mmnwnn nov. 5, 1002.

F21 d lg H0 MODEL.


,rosnru. ians'rns, 0F wEs'rFi Ln, MASSACHUSETTS.

' o'ls'i- "onfPLAT'sL um mnm of letters patent l r 730,982, m a, i

sm tten; ma s as, '19005 -'lenewed Iovemberh, i902. Earls-l. m. 130,200. a. I f

To all zit-may cancer-m. V

Be it knownthat I, JOSEPH D. BATES, a citi zen of the United States of Ameri' and a. resident of Westfield, in the countyo amp- '5 den and State'of Massachusetts,have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Dishes or Plates, ofwhich thefollowing is a full, clear, and exact description. 4 This'invention relates to an improved plate [0 'or similar dish or aclass'com-prising two parts or sections, one of which is a metallic or otherwise suitably rigid, durable, and permanent holder or support, while" the otherse'ction, which is very thin and may be composed of. hard, strong, and tough paper and is adapted 'to be nested inthe holder or permanent section, is for temporary employment. to be thrown away after once 'using'and to be -replaced by another new 'or fresh one the next time the dish is to be used.- I a The improved-dish -is advantageous for the use of campers, picnic parties, or yachtsinen, who are enabled to have satisfactory plates: or dishes for their lunches or dihnersand to throw away the paper or other thin sections without experiencing any mention'able loss. and to be thereby relieved of the inconvenience of dish-washing. 1 4 The invention is fully described hereinafter in connection with the accompanying drawings and is set forth in the claims.

Referring to thedrawings, Figure l-is a planview of theimproved plate or'dish, shown 1 as having. a portion thereof 'broken away and in section for the purpose of increased clearness of illustration. Fig.2 is asectional view taken on line 2 2,.Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is asectional I view of a stack or tier of therenewable dish sections neste d. Figs. 4 and 5' are perspec-.

ing peculiarly.- recessed form ations .thereof, hereinafter a Similar characters of reference indicate corspending parts or formations in -all the views. v 1 In the drawings, A represents the permanent or base section of the two-part dish, and B represents the inner and renewable section. The said part A may bemade quite thing ad ff as wide as the maximum width-'ofsaid're-' or veneer plates now in common use. tive views'of edge portions of the dish,showv p I claim, anddesire to secure by Letters Pat v 9o vantageously of. sheet metal, and of the ordif nary form of a plate or other dish. The parts B are preferably made .ofpaper,

.being'cut out into the form of disks and by the use .of dies or otherwise formed with an;

upturned marginal portion bto correspond to 5 5 the marginal portion a of the form or permaf nent. dish-section A. The form andxlime'nsions of the parts Bare made confer-liable to those of :part A,.so that'fthe .to rmer may fit closely withinth "latter, as shown in Figs. 1 6

and 2.;

' Asa means of engagement between the renewabl'e sections or disks and th'eforms or.

base-section the. latter has several marginal recesses d d, the opposite edges 10 of which are inclined or convergent from the inneredge of therecess o utwardly, as seen in l1ig. 4,.or:; such inclinations or.. convergence may be reversed, as seen in Fig. 5, while there'newable dish-sections B have narginal tabs orears 7b cesses (1, so that when thesect-ion B is nested 1 in the base-section A said ears maybecrowded into andinterlocked with theedgesof said recesses. vTh'is'mafy be readily done with the 'thumb or'finger.

The inner sections maybe composed of or din'ary paper solely or paper treated by any r of the processes known in the arts for render ing it ply of the sections or disks B maybe nested into very compact form'fqr stowage or'trans portation, and their natureis'sueh that they are not -liable to become cracked or .brolren, v as is the case with the well-known thin woodcu -Q;

A having edge recesses and the renewable inner section Bof paper orlike thin material having outwardly-extending marginal ears f or tabs f, adaptedtoen'gage-in said recesses, substantially as described.

waterproofi or extraordinarily hard and 86 W s l 1' It will be appreciated that aplentiful-snp- 2. As anew article of-mannfacturethedish ears or tabs ff, for engagement 'in said reor plate composed of the permanent section 0, substantially as described. [0 A having marginal recesses, the opposite Signed by me at Springfield,Massachusett-s, edges or which are inclined relativelyto each this 81st day of March, 1900.

3 other, and the renewable paper section B I JOSEPH D. BATES adapted to the shape and size of the perma- Witnesses: nent section A to be nested therewithin, and *WM. S. BELLOWS,

provided with the marginal integrally-formed Wu. W; FOLLEfrT.

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