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Publication numberUS731201 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 16, 1903
Filing dateJan 28, 1903
Priority dateJan 28, 1903
Publication numberUS 731201 A, US 731201A, US-A-731201, US731201 A, US731201A
InventorsLee R Miller, Emanuel T Richert
Original AssigneeLee R Miller, Emanuel T Richert
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US 731201 A
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UNITED STATES Patented June 16, 1903.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 731,201, dated June 16, 1903.

Application filed January 28, 1903. Serial No. 140,877. (No model.)

To all whom it nuty concern:

Be it known that we, LEE R. MILLER and EMANUEL T. RICHERT, citizens of the United porting-Bandages, of which the following .is

a complete specification.

Our invention has relation to the produc-- tion of a supporting-bandage for retaining a medicated or absorbent compress on the end of the penis with a View to retaining thereon a compress containing medicine for the treatment of an injury or sore on the head of the glans or to receive a discharge from the urethra incident to a diseased condition thereof.

The object of our invention is to produce an adjustable elastic bandage capable of holding a compress of a suitable kind on the head of the penis with a view to the treatment thereof or the reception of a discharge incident to a diseased condition thereof which shall be adjustable with relation to its distance from the body of the patient and arranged to be provided with supports of sufficient elasticity to be capable of withdrawal from contact with the member to be treated with a view to permitting a renewal of the compress contained therein or to permit the patient to urinate.

To the accomplishment of the aforesaid object, ourinvention consists in the peculiar and novel construction, arrangement, and combination of the various parts hereinafter described and then specifically claimed, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, forming a part hereof,

In the drawing, which represents a perspective view of our device, 1 is a sack-like body of a thin and generally semitransparent substance, such as vulcanized india rubber, around the open mouth of which is a-reinforcing-band 2, consisting of one or more layers of a substance similar to that of which the sack-like body is composed and adherent thereto. This cap is generally provided on its sides with openings 3 for the purposes of ventilation, and it is preferable to have the band 2 extend and encircle these openings with aviewvto reinforcing them and preventing their tearing out or enlarging unintentionally. On this band is sewed or otherwise securely fastened adesired number of hooks 4, which are of the ordinary construction of hooks used in dressmaking, to accompany eyes formed to engage them, In rconstructing these hooks for this purpose the upper free end of the hook is generally bent down toward the base portion so closely as to tightly compress any substance placed between them. From each of these hooks lead elastic bands 5 to a belt 6, which is adapted to surround the body and is provided with a buckle for the purposes of drawing the belt snugly. The elastic bands 5 are preferably of round fabric-covered strips of india-rubber of sufficient elasticity to permit of considerable stretching. The bands 5 are arranged to be placed under the reflected ends of the hooks 4 and to be retained there sufficiently firmly to sustain the cap 1 in a desired position, while permitting upon an unusual strain achange of location such as to allow the cap to be drawn closer to the body of the wearer or removed farther therefrom with a view to adapting the device to different persons.

It is obvious from the description heretofore given that by placing a compress, either medicated or absorbent, in the end of the cap and applying the belt around the waist of the wearer the cap containing the compress may be readily placed over the glans of the penis and adjusted by'means of the bands 5 .in the hooks 4 to accurately fit the wearer, and this cap and its inclosed compress may be easily removed therefrom for renewal of the compress or to permit the wearer to urinate by simply grasping the cap in the hand and stretching the bands 5. This device, therefore, furnishes a simple elastic ad justable device for the purpose named which is said cords being detachably connected to said adapted to different persons and will at all cap by means of clamps 4L.

times insure a sufficient pressure on the In testimony that we claim the above We mount of the urethra to keep thereon a comhereunto set our hands in the presence of two 15 5 press for any desired purpose. subscribing witnesses.

' What we claim, and desireto secure by Let- I EE R MILLER Patent EMANUEL T. RIOHERT.

A supporting bandage comprising a ventilated cap shaped to cover the glans penis and In presence of 10 terminating at the base of the glans; and O. E. HUMPHREY,

elastic cords for holding said cap in position, W. H. BOWMAN.

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Cooperative ClassificationA61F5/453