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Publication numberUS731289 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 16, 1903
Filing dateSep 26, 1901
Priority dateSep 26, 1901
Publication numberUS 731289 A, US 731289A, US-A-731289, US731289 A, US731289A
InventorsJohn Domagola
Original AssigneeJohn Domagola
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Painter's brush wiper and holder.
US 731289 A
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PATENTED JUNE 16, 1963..



A'Prmqnmn FILED snr'r. 26, 1901. no MODEL.

I No. 731,289.,

1 Patented June 16',

' a JOHN DOMAGQLA, on PERmnLmoIs PAINTERIS aausr 'wlesa AD women.

s enorrrcarron forming part of Lettersifatent no. 731,289, dated-Tune 16, 1903. Application filed September 26 19Q1i Serial No. 76.715. No model) .To all whom it may concern I Be it known that 1, JOHN DOMAGOLA, a citizen of the United States, residing at Peru,

in the county of Lasalle and State of Illinois,

-, of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

My invention is a device for the use of house, I

, sign, and other painters for wiping surplus paint ofi from the brush after dipping in the pail of paint and before applying to the work. This object is attained by using the device as hereinafter described.

Referring to the drawings, Figure 1 is a- .painters pail with device in position.

is a top, view of same. Fig. 3 is the device inverted, with a part of bracket-clamp broken away. Fig. 4 is a view ofthe edge of the device farthest from the center of the pail, showin g the jaws for holding the brush-handle, but omitting the bracket-clamp. Fig. 1 is a painters pail (such as are ingeneral use) in a vertical position, with the top part of one side broken away to show the. device in position and means for clamping the same firmly to side of pail. Said device consists of a plate 1, a bracket-clamp 2, a thumbscrew 3, and jaws 4 for holding the brushhandle when the same is temporarily out of use, allowing paint to drip from brush back into the pail.

Fig. 2 is a plan view of device, which stands a little above the pail, with the front or curved edge slightly lower than the back, causing all paint to drip into the pail instead of over it. Jaws for holding the brush-handle are shown at 4 4, while 5 is a crescent-shaped slot.

which is cut in the plate 1 andthe blank left adhering to the plate at ends near the center at 10 -10-'-that is to say,the cut is made through i the plate corresponding to the curved front edge of the same. Said cut is made only at the sides and about one-third. the way across 3. p a v plate with a bracket clamp and having its each end from each side at 10 10, thus leaving Fig. 2

'1 purposes-d ..1,'to make a-p'oint for the paint to drip from through the plate back into the pail. 6 is the front edge of the plate, cut slightly curved to 'fit the brush; NVhen wiping the brush, it is desirablettowipe it more thoroughly at the edge, and to accomplish this it follows that the front edge of the plate should be curved, .or it would require two movements to wipe 'one side of the brush. 7 ,7 are rivet-heads to hold the spring-jaws from dropping through the slots 8 8, in'which they run, said jaws being wider on the under side of the plate than the upper parts, which work throughslots in plate. Said jaws are drawn together by a spring 9, Fig. 4, and are kept from coming too closetogether by the front of the jaws reaching the endof the slot at 13, Figs. 2 and'4.

Fig.3 is an inverted view of the plate 1,

fwith a part of the bracket or clamp 2 broken olf, which bracket or clamp may be fastenedv .tothe plate by any suitable means. Fig.3 show the under side of the jaws for holding the brush-handle and the method of fastening rivets 7 7 in the jaws; also,the spring 7 9, which holds the jaws together.

Fig. 4'showsa back view of the plate 1 and the shape in which the upper part of the jaws are bent. To .put the brush-handle in the jaws, press it down between inthe opening at the top, which separates the jaws. 7 7 are rivets in the jaws 4 4 and hold them in position, at the same time allowing the jaws to slide in the slots 8 8, Fig. 2. The spring!), Figs. 3 and 4, draws the jaws together on the handle, thus holding the brush secure while temporarily out of use. Having thus described my lnvention, what I claim'as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

cut near the' forward or inner edge of the plate through thesame,,and having the ends of the blank left-adhering'and the sides bent-down at an angleof about thirty degrees substantially asshown for the purposes set forth.

2. In apainters brush wiper and holder a front or inner edge curved as shown for the; escpibed. 1

3. In a painters brush wiper and holder a name to this specification in the presence of slotted plate 'with a bracket-clamp and havtwo subscribing witnesses.

in" jaws for holdin brush-handles said jaws we l-king in the slots in the plate and drawn JOHN D OMAGOLA' 5 together with a, spring substantially as de- Witnesses: Y

scrihedand for the purpose set forth. D. M. HUMSTON;

In testimony whereof I have signed my BERT GUNN.

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Cooperative ClassificationB44D3/123