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Publication numberUS73296 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 14, 1868
Publication numberUS 73296 A, US 73296A, US-A-73296, US73296 A, US73296A
InventorsSamuel Cakusi
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Impkoyement in postage-stamps
US 73296 A
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@litten tntrsatmt @frn SAMUEL oAnUsi, or WASHINGTON, DSTRIGT or continuait.- Leners Patent No. 73,296, dated January 14, 186s.


dige Stimuli nitriet tu it ilgestrttcrs izitmt tut mating gint nf tige samt;v i


De it known that I, SAMUEL CAnUsI, ofthe city of Wasinngtonpin the District of Columbia, have invented a certain new and improved System of Postage-Stamps and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact descriptionlof the same, reference being had to the accompanying specimen-sheets, which form part of this specification, and to the specinieii-envelopes with stamps thereon. I V One' of the features of my system of stamps is that of cancelling the stamp by the post-marking of it, the w oost-marking being done by thefwriter of the letter, or of the address or superscription. i Another feature is that of each post-ndice having its own stamps,'the post-oice being named in or by thestamp. I

IA third feature is that of indicating, by writing on the stamp, the'fchnracter of thcl,letter,.as to whether it is valuable and important, and as to what disposition should-be made of theletter under certain contingencies circumstances. l y

Other features of the system will appear as progress is made with this description of th`e system.

My system is applicable to stamps that can be pasted on the envelopethe gum'ined or stamped on the envelope, as now used, and to every form of stamp, of whatever color, whether local'or gencrahas also to everydenomnation of stamp. l-

.v i i I 'The condition of the stamp, as it, will be in sheets,- or stamped on the envelope, supplied bythe Post-Ottica. Department or contractor to theA diiferentpost-oilies, is indicated on the-specimen-sheet'at A, this'stamp being Yforthe post-oihce at Washington, D. Q.; and the difference between this and the stampior-so'me one'other ottico will b e'innthe name of the town or cityonly. It will be noticed that this stamp is divided by two short lines, a and b, into an upper and lower section or parts,ltbe upper part or section being a space for cancellationtthe lower part or section a space for resideneeor memoranda, while lthe surface of the envelope below'tbe stamp canbe used for noticesvrelating to remanding,transmitting, It', in the hurry of business, or from any cause, n letter with this stamp, A, uncancelled should be dropped in the post-oilice receiving-box, the chief clerk is authorized either to cancel the stamp, as indicated at B, and forward the letter as per superscription, or to open it, and, ascertaining the writers naine and address, to-write it on the stamp, or. on the envelope, and then, putting the letter in 'the-envelope', to have the city carrier deliver it' tothe writer, charging three dents therefor, or such other sumas thelaw Ain ay direct. `Iii-the writer of the letter cannot hefonind, the letter should be advertised, and, it' still undelivcred, and considered to be of value, may beretained in some properplace for o. reasonable period of time. fand-,held subject td suitable conditions, 'to insure protection to the writeror owner of the letter. v i l i i u v When .the stamp on letters or other matters is simply marked cancelledfas shown bythe stamp B, suchY letters aro considered by the oilice as con'taiiingno matteroimpor-tance, and, if notvcalled for by o r delivered Yaccording to the address', they 'undergothe usual process of advertising, Sie., afterwhich,- without examination, they are destroyed at the ohce of their destination.- Matter of. this kind` may be remanded, if anyrl `errors uren supposed to have occurred, which is done by application toA thc postmaster previous to their being destroyed.

Cases offthisltind inayoften occur, but are easily corrected. I

' Letters orother matter directed to parties in New York, cancellcdfaixd endorsed #as shown by C, are com sdered to contain matter of importance, or of a private nature. Iii after the usual course of delivery with or` Aat theoice-orbythe carrier, without the party addressed being found, they must not be advertised, but be retu'rnedto the writer, as per stamp and endorsement. This endorsement may containb'oththe name and resi-` dence of the writer. The neme, either Vin full or in initials, may be omitted, but the residence should always be inserted, as otherwise the delivery cannot be effected. i The stamp shown at D indicates that the party writing to G. Willis, at Baltimore, Maryland, isire'sident r of New York, now on business atTWashington, D. C., and desires his letter returned to him :rtfhis residence, New York, Es per endorsement,it` not taken out at Baltimore, the return-postage to be collected on delivery. The/stamp shown atl indicates thntthe party addressed is n resident of New Orleans, Louisiana, at present Vin the city of Baltimore. VThe writer resides at Washington, D. C., and he desires the letter to be scritto the New Orleahs address, if itis not taken out at Baltimore. lf not taken outatNew Orleans, it should be returned totvlgegwrteraashingtongs per sta-mp and endorsement. v Y d mns 2 Thestamp shown at F indicates that the party addressed has left Georgetown, D. C., for New York city, from whence he wiil take passage for Liverpool, England. The writer is o. residetof Norfolk, Virginio, on a visit at Washington, D. O. It the letter is not taken out at New York in fteen days, it should bo forwarded to Liverpoolby first opportunity, so `that it may reach there without delay. Should the letter t'nlie the party at Liverpool, then it should be retu'rned to the writer at Norfolk, as per endorsement.

'The stamp shown at G indicates that the par-ty addressed is a resident` of New York city, and has gone on business to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The writer, from Washington, D, 0 addresses him on somo important matter, but, fearing the lettersmaymiss him, it is remanded to his residence, New York, post-odio@ box 10, after ifteen days st Phila-delphia. If, after the expiration of theusual period, the letter should be found in the said box in NewYork post-oilie'e, it should be returned to the writer, as per stamp and endorsement. Postage for the extra transmission must be paid on delivery.

The stamp shown at H indicates that the party from Washington, D. C., new at Baltimore, Maryland, writes', to 4the party addressed, I. Fisher, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, new at Boston, Massachusetts. In ffteen days the letter is transmitted from Philadelphia te Boston. In ten Vdays more it is remanded to Philadelphia, from whence it is returned to the party, as per the endersement,i i` the failures lin the delivery occur. Postage of transmission and remandi'ng to be paid on return-delivery. 4

The stamp shown at I indicates that the party addressed is a resident of Baltimore, Maryland'. -He contemplates visiting :the cities named. A letter is addressed to him fromWashington, D. C., to Baltimore, Maryland. If noty delivered in ve days, vit is transmitted to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania..l In ten days, again, it is transmitted to New York; then, in fifteen days, to Boston. After being twenty da'ys there, it is remanded 'to Baltimore. If the letter is not taken out at the expiration ofthe usual period fromthe Baltimoreposboihee,

it should then be returned to the first party, as per stamp and endorsement.' The party addressed pays the transmission-postage whenever he obtains the letter, or the first party pays the whole on the return-receipt.

The stamp shown' at Jindieates that a. letter is addressed to 4a resident of the island of Malta, Europe- M. Sardo-now at New York. He will,l in ten days, depart for Liverpool, England, where he will remain.

twenty days, after which he will depart for Malta. If the letter is not taken out at any of the places named, after remaining at the last-named plaee for the'usual period, it should be returned to the first party, as per stamp and endorsement. The postage to Liverpool should be prepaid; the transmission from Liverpool to Malta on delivery oi' the letter at Malta; or the whole may devolve on the first party.- l

The stamp shown at 'K indicates that the party is a resident of Kinsdale, Watsons Landing, Westmoreland lcounty, llfirginin.. A letter addressed to a party at Washington, D. C., is`entrusted to the clerk .of the steamboat touching at said Landing, with request to post the same at the Washington postoilice. If not taken out or delivered after fifteen days, it is returned, as per stamp and endorsement, to Kinsdale, Watsons Landing, Westmoreland county, -Virginia, via Millville postoilice, Virginia.

The stamp shown at L indicates that a letter is addressed to Baron Abutelli, at New York, whore he is to remain for fifteen or twenty days, after which time he will depart for Europe. If the letter is not taken out in twenty days, it is returned immediately thereafter, as per stamp and endorsement.

These various illustrations show how my system may be adapted to the mailing, transmitting, and remanding. of letters,.and other mailable matter, suiiieently full to explain the system, and to indicatie how it may be further developed and extended, as the wishes ot' correspondents and businessmen may call for.

lUnder this system, the expense will be less than under the present system. A large amount will be saved from the non-i1se of the post-officie date and blotting-stainrlps, first, in the cost of the stamps or dies, and, second,

in the clerk-hire, or labor in using them, while considerable revenue will accrn'e to the Post-Oili'co Department from the transmission and remandingmharges. e l y As the advanta'ges and economy of this system more'properly belong 'to an article specially drawn up in detail on the suh'eet, rather' than to a s eoication settin forth the invention the are not here further .l P g s y dwelt upon.

The stamps used here, and shown bythe specimen-sheets, are Washington, D. C., stamps, they being the only ones now to be obtained. In the ease of the stamp H, therefore, the words sholld be Baltimore, Mary-' land, instead of Washington, D. C.. .v

What Iclaim as' my invention, ana desire t6 secure by'etters Patent, 'rs -A Constructing a. postage-stamp, as described, with n blank plaeefupon its face, for the purposes set'fortlr. This speci'eation signed; this 7th day of August, 1867.

v l SAM'L CARUSI` Witnesses:

Trios. d?. Evsssrr, JonNU. lsnszex.

Cooperative ClassificationG09F3/00