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Publication numberUS733449 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 14, 1903
Filing dateJul 1, 1902
Priority dateJul 1, 1902
Publication numberUS 733449 A, US 733449A, US-A-733449, US733449 A, US733449A
InventorsBurt H Willsie
Original AssigneeBurt H Willsie
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US 733449 A
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m: Ncmms PETERS w Pnorouwa. vnsumc'rou. u. c

NITED STATES Patented July 14, 1903.



SPECIFIGATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 733,449, dated July 14,1903.

Application filed July 1,1902;

all whom, it may concern: I

Beitknown that I, BURTH. W1LLsIn,acitizen of the United States, residing at Bedding, in the county of Shasta and State of California, have invented a new and useful Bag- Holder, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to bag-holders; and it has for its object to provide a device of this class which shall be simple andinexpensive in construction, easily manipulated, and so arranged that the bag that is being filled may be occasionally shaken, so as to cause the contents to settle therein.

A further object is to provide a construction whereby the bag when it has been filled may be raised or elevated, so as to enable its edge to be conveniently detached from the hooks engaging the same for the purpose of holding its mouth distended.

l Vith these and other objects in view my invention consists in the improved construction, arrangement, and combination of parts, which will be hereinafter fully described, and particularly pointed out in the claims.

' In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective view showing a bag-holder constructed inaccordance with my invention. Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional View of the same. Fig. 3 is a vertical transverse section taken on the line x 50 in Fig. 2.

Corresponding parts in the several figures are indicated by like characters of reference.

The frame of my improved bag-holder is composed, essentially,-of'two uprights or side pieces 1 1, thelower ends of which have cleats 22,supporting a bottom piece 3. The sides or uprights 1 l are also connected at their lower rear edges by a cross-piece at. These several parts are to be substantially made and connected, so that the uprights or side pieces shall be sustained in an upright or approximately vertical position.

The side pieces 1 1 are provided at their upper ends with recesses 5 to receive the arms or levers 6, the inner ends of which are provided with cross-pieces 7, equipped with teeth or prongs 8, adapted to engage the upper edge of the bag which is to be supported by the device. lhe arms or levers 6 are mounted adjustably in the recesses 5 by means of pins 9, which may be made to en- Serial No. 113,931. (No model.)

gage anyone of a series of perforations 10, extending transversely through the upper ends of the side pieces. The latter are provided near their upper ends with outwardly and upwardly extending brackets 11, the upper ends of which are recessed at 12 to receive -the outer ends of the arms or levers 6, which may be secured in said recesses by means of pins 13.

The uprights 1 1 are provided on their inner sides near their lower ends with guides 14 to receive the vertically-movable slides 15, the lower ends of which are bent inwardly to form brackets 16, supporting a foot-piece 17,

which in practice serves to support the bottom of the bag. This foot-piece is provided with a centrally-disposed pad 18, engaging the central part of the bottom of the bag.

The bottom piece 3 is provided with a centrally disposed slot 19 to accommodate a curved lever or treadle 20, which is fulcrumed upon a pin or shaft 21, mounted in bearings 22, suitably attached to or connected with said bottom piece, washers 23 being interposed between the sides of the lever or treadle and the adjoining sides of the slot in order to insure freedom of movement. The under side of the foot-piece 17 is provided with a wear-plate 2t, forming a bearing-surface for the inner end of the treadle. The latter may when desired be provided with a frictionroller; but this is not considered necessary. I reserve the privilege, however, of using such a roller when it shall be found desirable to do so.

Suitably secured to the inner sides of the uprights 1 above the guides 14 are aprons 26,

which extend downwardly over the said.

guides and the slides moving therein. These aprons may be of textile material, or they may be constructed of sheet metal or any other suitable material, and the mode of attaching said aprons may be varied to suit circumstances. The function of these aprons is to prevent obstructions of any kind from entering between the slides and guideways, whereby the free operation of said slides and the foot-piece supported thereby might be in any way interfered with.

The operation of my invention will be readily understood from the foregoing description,

taken in connection with the drawings hereto annexed. The arms 6 may by changing the location of the supporting-pins 9 be mounted at different elevations to support guides of varying lengths. The adjustment of the bag may be facilitated by temporarily freeing the outer ends of the arms 6 from the holdingpins 13. This, while not always necessary, will be found very convenient in case the edge of the bag when the latter has been partially filled should become disengaged from the supporting prongs or barbs 8, when the cross-piece bearing such prongs or barbs by simply removing the pin 13 may be lowered to meet the edge of the bag instead of straining the latter to meet the cross-piece. At any time when the'bag has been partially filled it may be raised or elevated by depressing the projecting end of the lever or treadle 20. By'suddenly releasing the latter the bag will be as suddenly permitted to drop, thus causing its contents to be shaken and settled in the bottom thereof. The pad 18 upon the foot-piece 17 will serve to direct the contents toward the corners of the bag, and the said contents will therefore be directed toward the corners and sides, where it will be well and thoroughly packed. In like manner by operating the treadle 20 the foot-piece may be elevated to elevate the bag when the latter has been filled, when by exerting a continued pressure upon the said treadle the bag may be retained in a raised position sufficiently long to enable its upper edge to be disengaged from the supporting-prongs.

Having thus described my invention, I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States- 1. A bag-holder having upright sides pro vided with slots at their upper ends, brackets connected with said uprights, levers connected pivotally with said brackets and ex tendinginwardly through the slots in theuprights, means for securing said levers adjustably in said slots, cross-heads at the inner ends of said levers provided with bag-holding hooks, a cross-piece connecting the uprights near their lower ends, a vertically-movable end piece normally supported upon said crosspiece, and a foot-lever suitably mounted below the foot-piece for imparting to the latter a vertically-reciprocating movement.

2. In a bag-holder, a vertically-slidable footpiece having on its upper side a centrallydisposed pad whereby the contents of the bag supported upon said foot-piece will be directed toward the corners and sides of said bag, treadle means for operating said vertically-slidable foot-piece, and vertically-adjustable means for supporting a bag-in contact with said foot-piece.

3. In a bag-holder, the combination of upright sides, slides mounted in guideways upon the inner sides of said uprights, aprons covering the upper parts of said slides and guideways, a foot-piece supported upon said slides and means for manipulating said foot-piece, substantially as set forth.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own I have hereto affixed my signature in the presence of two witnesses.

BURT H. YVILLSIE. Witnesses:


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