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Publication numberUS73375 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 14, 1868
Publication numberUS 73375 A, US 73375A, US-A-73375, US73375 A, US73375A
InventorsJakes Park
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Jambs park
US 73375 A
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Be it known that I, Jenna PARK, Jr., of Pittsburg, in the countyf Allegheny, snd State of Pennsylvsnie, have invented s new and useful Improvement in Combination of Copper and Cost Steel; and I do hereby dselsre the following to be sl'ulL'clesr, and exact description thereof.

v A combination or union of copper with some harder and stronger metal has been long needed for msuy purposes in the arts and msnutsctures, such as locomotive fire-box sheets, wire for ships rigging, rods, bolts, spikes, snd \nrious' orher srtieles for which copper slone cannot be employed, owing to its softness end want of strength.

My invention consists'ol' combining copper with cast steel, by outing the molten steel on or eronnd the copper, which is previously hosted, thus forming an ingot which msy be hsmmered, rolled, or otherwise worked into any desired shape, the steel being tempered or hardened as may be desired sfter lt is worked.

In order to cnnble'others skilled in the art to make use of my invention, I will proceed to describe the' manner in which it is put in practice.

'The relative position of the copper and cast steel will be regulated itccording to the purpose for which it is designed. The slsb, plate, bar,'or-rod of copper, to-which the cast steel is to be united is first heated in a suitable furnace to a good rod heat.. It is then immediately plsced in s, suitable mould, made of cast iron or other a" proper material, the interior or cavity of the mould being so shsped as to make an ingot of the required size and shape. Molten cast steel is then teerned" or poured into the mould, on or around the rcd-hot'copper, nnd the result is a union ofthe tire motels suficicnt to permit of the ingot of steel snd copper being hammered gr r l lcd out'into pistes, rods. spikes, bo1ts, o r gther desired article. The-steel endcoppeproll or hammer out I together, and after the combined metals have been reduced'or shsped as may be desired, the steel mey he tempered in the usual say. The copper serves to give strength to the steel, prevetiting its ersoking or breslting readily, by importing its toughness to the-combined metals, while the steel gives firmncss'end rigidity to the copper.

If it is desired to meke an article in which the copper is to be covered externally with a costing of caststcel, the heated piece of copper is so placed in the mould that the cast steel may be poured on both sides of the copper. From such an ingot may be rolled plates or bars of steel-coated copper. The combined metals are hammered or rolled after the steel hasbecomc thoroughly set, and hard enough to be reduced by hammering or rolling.

If it is desired to make any srtielcs of steel covered with it costing of copper, on ingot is formed in a suitable mould by placing two or morofpieccs of hosted copper against the sides of the mould, and pouring the melted steel into the cavity between the pieces of copper.

If it is desired to have steel on one side and copper'on the other, tho'hcoted copper is placed sg ninst one side of the mould, and the molten steel is poured into the cavity against or on to one side only 61' the copper.

If it is desired to burn steel in the centre and copper all around it, as is'required for making copperreosted steel-.wire, or copper-coated spikes or rods, I prepare a hollow ingot of copper, into the centre or csvity of which, after it has heenhested to a. good red best, I teom'or pour the molten cast steel, In this csse nomould would be necessary, but may be usedifl preferred. Such an ingot may be drawn out into wire, or worked into other nrticlos, iuch ss bolts, spikes, kc. l

It is' desirable to teem the steolsgainst the copper ss soon cs possible after the copper is removed from the M furnace in whichit was hosted, so as to prevent the formstionof scale on the copper. 1 Therclctivc thickness of copper and iron will be easily regulsted'by the sire of the slcbs'or pieces of copal per and the size of tho csvityot' the mould. A I

' What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Psapnt, is-- I 4 Combining copper and cast stoelby heating thocopper to a good rod host, and teeming or pouring thereon liquid molten cast steel, substantially as and for the purposes hereiuheforodescribed.

" In testimony whereof, I, the said JAMES PARK, Jr., have hereunto set my hand.


Witnesses: A

Geo. II. Cmusrr, \V. F. Gunmen

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