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Publication numberUS73487 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 21, 1868
Publication numberUS 73487 A, US 73487A, US-A-73487, US73487 A, US73487A
InventorsJean Lucien Arman
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Improvement in electric cables
US 73487 A
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@uiten gisten @anni @ffice JEAN LUCIEN ARMAN, OF BORDEAUX, FRANCE.

" Lener., Patent No. 73,487-, ma January 21, 1868.



Be it known that I, JEAN LUCIsN-ARMAN, of Bordeaux, in the'Empire of France, have n'vented an Elec# trienl, Floating, ExtensiblepCable; and I do hereby declare thel following to be e. full, clear, and exact description of the same, reference beingihad to the accompanying drawing, and to the letters of reference marked thereon. p My invention consists in constructing an electric cable in the peculiar manner fully described hereafter,- in order that itinaypo'ssess the properties of appropriate strength, expansibility, pliability, and buoyancy,

`which permit it'to be paid ont 'without danger of breaking, and allow it to be suspended in the wat-er at such a depththat it will, be nnaectedby the waves and currents, the cable at the same time being easily raised when repairs are necessary. l

In order to enable others skilled-in the art to make and use my invention, I will now proceed to describe the manner of constructing the same.

The accompanying drawing represents my improved electric cable, the central cere, A, of-which is made of n suitable number of strands el' Manilla 'hemp or other fibre ol a non-spongy character, twisted `in s. helical form, as illustrated in the drawing. Round this central core I coil, spil-ally, one or more electric cables, B, consisting, as usual, of wires surrounded by gutta pereha, together with fibrous strands D, and round Athe whole are coile'd strands, Eof bar st, (libres 'mad'e from the barkof the linden tree,) or other fibrous strands which possess `the property of floating in water.

In laying thiseuble, it is'delivered from a vessel, followed by another, which carries a series of weights, te be attached to the-cable at suitable intervals, so as to sink the same to such a depth that it will be unaffected by violent waves and currents.

It will be seen thatthe cable, owing to the spiral arrangement of the wires, that of the insulating.gutta- 'pere-lia covcringof the same, and the ceiling ofthe strands composing the core and outer covering, possesses the properties of expapsibility and pliability to such an extent, that it can be delivered out without danger of breaking, or interfering with the integrity of the wires.

I propose to attach 'to the cable, at desirable intervals, buoys for indicating its position, und, in some cases, to connect to the cable lloatinglightdlouses, which may be of great utility to navigators.

Instead of making the outer cover of coiled fibrous strands, it may be made of network, which will permit expansion of the cable. The cover, however, should in all cases be made of fibres ofthe least absorbent quality, so that-proper buoyancy may be insured.

One of the main advantages of the cable is-the facility with which it can be raised when repairs are necessary.

I claim as my inventiornnnd: desire to secure by Letters Putent- An electric cable, having a core, A, of fibrous strands, surrounded by insulated wires B and fibrous strands D, and enclosed in In outer covering of'etrands E, of buoyant materiel, when the said strands and wires ure twisted and arranged, in respect to each other, as set forth.

In testimony whereof,"I have signed my name to this specification before two subscribing witnesses.

L. ARMAN. Witnesses:

E. RsrNAnn, E. Snsnnss GouLD.

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