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Publication numberUS735010 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 28, 1903
Filing dateMar 10, 1902
Priority dateMar 10, 1902
Publication numberUS 735010 A, US 735010A, US-A-735010, US735010 A, US735010A
InventorsArthur H Zahl
Original AssigneeArthur H Zahl
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Christmas tree.
US 735010 A
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No. 735,010. PATENTED JULY 28, 1903.' A. H. ZAHL.




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flmdm. @5735 am A TTORNE ZS NITED STATES Patented July 28, 1903.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 735,010, dated July 28, 1903.

Application filed March 10, 1902- Serial No. 97,660- (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ARTHUR H. ZAHL,a citizen of the United States, residing at Bensenville, in the county of Dupage and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Christmas Trees; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full,

clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the-art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to improvements in artificial or Christmas trees, and has for its object to provide a device of this character which may be used as a substitute for the natural tree and is adapted to have a rotary movement when used for display purposes.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is an elevation embodying the improved features. Fig. 2 is a vertical longitudinal section of the body of the tree, the rotating mechanism being shown in its relative working position; and Fig. 3 is a horizontal section on line 3, Fig. 1, lookingv in the direction indicated by the arrow.

The tree-body A is composed of a number of tubular sections capable of being conveniently assembled in securing and holding the difierent parts together. I

A hub -t has a loose shoulder bearing in the cap-plate 5 of the clockwork mechanism 13. A pinion 6 is formed on the lower part of the hub and is engaged by a driving gearwheel (3 of the clockwork. The lower end of section 7 of the body A has a threaded engagement with the upper part of hub 4, as at 8. The upper end of the tubular section 7 is provided with an internal flange 9, screwthreaded in its inner circumferential surface for the engagement of the lower contracted end 10 of the next joining-section 11. A table 12 is provided centrally with an aperture 14 and rests on the upper end of section 7, as shown best in Fig. 2. In forming the connecting-joint the contracted end 10 of section 11 is inserted down through the aperture in the table and-engages the upper end of the first section 7, the shoulder 15 coming to hearing on the table and clamping the same rigidly in place as the joining ends of the sections are drawn together. The table attachment 12 is for the purpose of holding such articles as cannot be conveniently hung on the .ing.

branches of the tree. The lower end of the next succeeding tubular section 16 has a threaded engagement with the upper end of section 11, as at 17. The lower joining end of section 16 being of aless diameter provides for a shoulder-bearing 18 on section 11 and on which rests one of a series of hubs 19, which are mounted on the different sections forming the body of the tree and are disposed at intervals, as shown in Fig. 1. These hubs are each provided with a number of socketapertures 20 for the loose reception of the innor ends of the branches or limbs 21. The apertures enter the hubs at an angle, as shown, so that the branches will assume an inclined position in imitation of a natural tree. Artificial branches may be used; but natural evergreens are plentiful in the market inthe proper season and of course impart a more realistic and ornamental appearance to the tree. The tubular sections comprising the body of the tree gradually diminish in diameter in the direction o the top, and the branches may be made to shorten respondingly in imparting a natural appearance to the tree. The top section 22 has a threaded connection with the next section below, as at 23, the upper end being open and forms a holder for the tree-top 24. The hubs 19 are also provided with a number of horizontal apertures 25 for the reception of a number of radial arms 26, which are held in the horizontal position shown. These arms will be properly arranged with reference to the branches or limbs and are adapted to support suitable lighting devices, such as a, in providing for the illuminating feature.

The tree as a whole is revolubly mounted on a stationary spindle 27, which extends up-- ward on the inside of the body and stops short of the top. The lower end of this spindle is fixed in the supporting-base 28, the uppe. nd terminating in a conical bearing-point 29, seating in the ball-bearing 80, located in cavity 31, formed in the lower end of a bearingplug 32. This plug has a threaded engagement in the inside of the tubular body and is vertically movable in positioning the hear- The upper end of the hub 4 is cupped out for the spindle ball-bearing 33. Th contracted tubular bearings 34 and 35 also assist in maintaining the parts in their vertica p0- sition and prevent alateral or swaying movement when in motion. By this means the weight of the tree and its load is suspended and supported from the conical bearing-point of the spindle and will turn freely on its axis with the expenditure of but a minimum of power.

The general construction and arrangement is such that the device may be assembled with facility and is as easily taken apart for compactness in storage when not in use or for convenience in packing for shipment.

The actuating clockwork mechanism is set on the base 28 and will be suitably incased. This clockwork will be of the usual order, so that a detail description thereof is not necessary.

. Having thus described my invention, what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. An artificial tree havingabody composed of a number of tubular sections, joined endwise, a series of perforated hubs, the branches and light-holding arms supported from said hubs, a base, a spindle having its lower end fixed in said base and extending upward inside of the tree-body, an adjustable bearing in which the upper end of said spindle is seated, and means for causing a rotary movement around the spindle-support, substan tially as set forth.

reac s 2. In an artificial tree the combination with holding arms, the table attachment, an axial spindle running up on the inside of said body, a bearing-plug in which the upper end of the spindle is seated, a base in which the lower end of the spindle is fixed, a hub, secured to the lower end of the tree-body and having a ball-bearing in the upper end and a pinion formed on the lower end, the actuating-clock work, and the motion-transmitting means between the hub and clockwork, substantially as set forth.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing Witnesses.




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