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Publication numberUS735415 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 4, 1903
Filing dateApr 17, 1903
Priority dateApr 17, 1903
Publication numberUS 735415 A, US 735415A, US-A-735415, US735415 A, US735415A
InventorsGeorg Schroedel
Original AssigneeGeorg Schroedel
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US 735415 A
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No. 735,415. PATENTBD AUG. 4, 1903.. G. SCHRDBL. PROJEGTILB.



i j, UNITED j STATES@ Patented August 4, 19o-s.



SPECIFICATION forming part of LettersPatent No. 735,41 5, dated August 4, 1903. i Application filed April 17,1903. Serial No. 153,023.` (No inodel.)

Vuseful Improvements in Projectiles for Sporting Purposes and Games; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of this invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to whichit appertains to make and use the same.

. ment was too dangerous for use with games for children, and for this reason arrows have been used having india-rubber cups in place of points, so that they were held against the target by air-pressure. These arrows, hoW- ever, could only become attached to fiat surfaces and then only if the cup struck the surface perpendicular-ly.

The object of my invention is to produce,

l' an arrow, dart, or the like which Awill carry a small disk or plate to the target and cause it to adhere to the latter, but which will not adhere to the target itself. The point hit is by this means indicated, although the arrow falls to the ground immediately after impact and can then be used again.

The improved projectile is also perfectly harmless, andthe disks or markers can be made to adhere to angles and corners and to soft, concave, convex, or any other surfaces.

One formof the improved projectile is shown in -the annexed drawings as an example.

Figure l representsa dart during its flight toward the target, Fig. 2 the same dart on impact with the target, and Fig. 3 the dart falling to the ground after. having attached the marking-disk to the target. In Figs. l

and 2 the arrow is shown in section.

The shaft a of the arrow or dart has at its -front a cup or the like b, of elastic material, which contains the marking-disk c. This cup b is wider at the end than at the base, and in the form illustrated the edgesfof its walls or crown d are cut away at intervals, so that slots or apertures g are formed, through which air can enter the cup when the latter is pressed against the target. By this means the adherence of the arrow to the target is prevented. Inside the cup b a smaller cup h is provided, into which the disk c is inserted. The depth of the cup h is slightly in excess of the thickness of the said disk. One side of the disk c is coated with adhesive substance, which is moistened before the disk is used. The latter is placed in the cup h with the adhesive toward the mouth of the cup, so that when the arrow strikes the target the adhesive side of the disk will come in contact with the latter. No special means are provided for fastening the disk in the cup h. The disk is simply placed into the cup and is pressed i-nward by air-pressure during the flight of the arrow, being so supported by the wallsI of the cup h that it cannot fall down vertically.

When the arrow strikes the target, the outer cup b is pressed hat in the manner shown in Fig. 2. The inner cup h is then pressed against the targett' and the adhesive side of the disk `c comes into contact with the latter. By this means the said disk is attached to the target. The cup b, however, cannot become attached to the target, sincel air can always enter the cup thronghthe slots g and prevent the creation of a vacuum. The cup b is therefore removed from the target by gravity as soon as the disk c has been attached and the arrow falls down in the man ner shown in Fig. 3, but without taking the disk c along with it. As already stated, the impact of the arrow against the target causes the adhesive side of the disk c to be pressed against the target and to adhere to the latter. Since the disk is not fastened to the cup h, itis not pulled away from the target when the arrow falls down, but is pulled out of the cup and remains on the target to indicate the place hit.

It is obvious that this invention can be applied to arrows adapted to be shot from bows and also to bolts and the like to be shot from ICO g2 f s. '735,415

crossbows, pistols, and guns and to projectshaft and elastic head provided with tongues iles for throwing and other purposes. whereby air may be admitted to said head to Having now described my invention and prevent its engaging with a target and the 15 in what manner the same is to be performed, recess within said head adapted to receive 5 I declare that what I claim is adhesive disks.

-1. In a projectile for sporting purposes and In testimony whereof I affix my signature games, the combination of the cup-shaped in presence of two witnesses.

head having a recess therein and a disk adapted to repose in said recess, said disk v GEORG SCHRODEL t Witnesses:

1o being provided with adhesive material on its A. WIELE,

exposed surface.

| 2. In a projectile, the combination with the i MAX SCHNEIDER.

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International ClassificationF42B6/04, F42B6/08
Cooperative ClassificationF42B6/04, F42B6/08, Y10S292/28
European ClassificationF42B6/04, F42B6/08