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Publication numberUS735486 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 4, 1903
Filing dateOct 13, 1902
Priority dateOct 13, 1902
Publication numberUS 735486 A, US 735486A, US-A-735486, US735486 A, US735486A
InventorsSamuel S Fels
Original AssigneeSamuel S Fels
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Advertising device.
US 735486 A
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4 No. 735,486. PATENTED AUG. 4, 1903.

S.. S. PELS.


` Immunol; mlm) 00512.13. 1902. No MODEL.

UNITED STATESK Patented August 4, 1903.



SPECIFICATION formingpart of Letters Patent N o. 735,486, dated August 4, 1903.

Application filed October 13, `1902. Serial No. 127.093. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern,.-

Beit known that I, SAMUEL S. EELS, a citizen of the United States, residingin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have invented an Improved Advertising Device, of which the following is aspecication.

My invention relates to cards, stands, or

`supports for the purpose of displaying printed advertisements relating to articles of merchandise and ,it consists of a special device of this character adapted to be readily knocked' down `for shipment and having a self-com` tained base.

My invention is fully illustrated in the ac-` companying drawings, in which- Figure l is a View of the supporting-frame foldedand ready for transportation. Fig. 2 is a View of said supporting-frame in position for use, and Figs. 3 and 4 are views illustrating modifications of the supporting-frame' forming the subject of my invention.

The advertising-frame which I have de. vised is especially applicable for use in stores and may be ofsuch size as to be placed upon the counter or upon'the door of the stores, and may even be employed upon theside- Walk. v

My improved frame or support is preferably made of heavy pasteboard, although I do not wish to limit myself to a frame made of this material, as it may be made of sheet metal and in some instances of Wood.

As shown in Figs. 1 and 2, the improvedA invention consists of the pieces 1 and2, ar-v ranged back to back, as shown, which pieces are preferably sewed or otherwise fastened at one end on the line a: fr. One portion of the structure formed-by these pieces is apertured at 3, and thecharacter of the fastening provides a pockets, into which a card carrying advertisements, such as illustrated at 5 in Fig. 2, may be slipped. The opposite ends of the pieces l and 2 are adapted to be bent on the line 1/ y, the bent portion of the piece l forming the base-piece 6,having slots 7, and thebent portion of the piece 2 forming the base-section 8, having the projecting ears 9, adapted to enter the slots 7 of the base-piece 6 when the frame is in the position shown in l-shown in Fig. 3.

Fig. 2. The lower portion of the frame Will present the appearance illustrated in Fig. 2 when the base-sections are bent on the` line y y and the projecting clips 9, engaged in the slots 7. By this `means an enlarged base is provided which gives the frame or support a substantial and stable support.

In Fig. 3 I have illustratedaform of` structure in which a double base is provided,one of Which bases may form a top 10. In this instance the side pieces l and 2 are sevved or otherwise secured together on the line arf and the access to the pocket et", which is thereby provided, is reached at the end of the sup- I yport instead of at the top. The members Sa completely form the top and base, and these members are provided with the projecting pieces 9a, which enter slots formed in the other bent-over portions 7a. The structure shown in Fig. 3 may be flattened out. for 'transportation in substantially the same manner as the structure illustrated in Fig. l;

AIn Fig. 4 I have shown a modification of the form of frame shown in Fig. 2, in which the whole support or frame is made of a single piece of material which isvbent at the top on the line y2. In this structure the pocket 4b for the reception of the card 5 isfrlentered at the end in a manner similar to the pocket In other respects this frame or support is substantially similar to the one illustrated in Fig. 2, thesinglepiece of material comprising the said frame being sewed on the lines x2, and the base-sections 6 and S provided, the latter having tabs or projections 9, which enter slots 7 in the sections 6. In some instances the pockets may be omitted andthe full space of the card left for any character of advertisement or picture. y

The improved frame forming the subject of my invention is intended for advertising purposes and may contain' onits body the cards or other advertising matter of the `dealers of a particular line of goods, and in the pockets formed in such frame special cards containing advertising matter of the retail dealers may be placed.

Having thus described my invention, I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent- IOO l. A frame or support made of bent and folded material joined together at one portion to form a two-ply section and carrying interlocking ends, said ends adapted to form a supporting-base.

2. A frame or support made of bent and folded material joined together at one end to form a two-ply portion, and having interlocking sections at the other end, said sections adapted to form a supporting-base.

3. A frame or support made of a single piece of material bent at or near the center of the same and joined together at one end to form a two-ply portion, 'and having free sections at the opposite end, said sections adapted to be spread and locked together to form a supporting-base.

4. The combination in a frame or support, of the apertured two-ply section, means for securing the plies of said section together to,

of the two-ply section, means for securing said section together at one end of the structure, said section having an aperture therein, securing means for the same forming a pocket for the reception of a card to be displayed through said aperture, and interlocking members carried at the opposite end of the frame or support, said members being spread to form asupporting-base when locked together.

6. vThe combination in a supporting-frame, of the two-ply section, means for securing said section together at one end, said section having an aperture therein, and said securing means forming a pocket between the plies for the reception of a card to be shown through said aperture, and projecting ends carried by said frame and having interlocking means, said ends, when locked together adapted to spread and form a supportingbase.

7. The combination in asupporting-f'rame, of a piece of material bent at or near the center and secured together to form a two-ply section, said structure having an aperture, fastening means adjacent to said aperture, said fastening means providing a pocket between the plies of the material for the reception of a card to be shown through the aperture, ends carried by said frame and projecting beyond the folded and secured portion, and interlocking means carried by said ends, said ends being spread apart when they are secured together forming a supportingbase for the structure. n

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing Witnesses.




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