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Publication numberUS736 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1838
Publication numberUS 736 A, US 736A, US-A-736, US736 A, US736A
InventorsThomas Addison
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Thomas addison
US 736 A
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` l in a spiral channel O On the outside of thev UNITEI) STATES PATENT OFFICE.



Specification of Letters Patent No. '736, dated May 10, 1838.

.ence being had to the annexed drawings of the same, making part of this specification.

In a pencil case invented several years ago, the use of which was abandoned on account of its not producing the desired effect and on account of its lliability tO get out of order, (represented at Figures 1, 2, 3, 4,) the Outer case was made in two parts A and B, the upper part A having a spiral thread T formed on the inside thereof for turning tube D containing the pen or pencil which also had a small projection E moving in a straight slit F inthe lower part of the case and having` no rest or .seat for the stop, to prevent the pen or pencil sho-vlng back again while writing--besides requiring two and a half turns to shove the pencil or pen out for use. In the annexed drawing Fig. 1 represents the parts of this case put together. Figs. 2,


v 3, and 4 represent the same parts detached.

Fig. -t shows the upper part of the case cut through the center.

The same letters refer to the same parts in all the figures.

In the pencil case now submitted these defects are removed, and in the following manner: The common pencil case G Fig. 7 is simply surrounded with an outer case H Fig. 5 having a spiral groove or channel I formed around it in which the stop K of the pen or pencil holder moves for shoving the one or the other in or out, a sheet L 4and the straight slit made in the outer tube- 4which N is the pencil or pen holder-K the y stop, and O the slit; Fig. 8, finished pencil .innerer outer tube in combination' witha' Fig. 6 being made at the lower end of the spiral groove Or channel in which the stop rests for preventinor the pen or pencil shoving back again whl e writing. 4

The pencil is shoved out or in by One turn only of the inner case G which is effected by extending it beyond the end cf the outer v case I-I and forming 'a fancy head M,- Fig. 8',^i"`"j1 thereon, which is turned to the right Or left 50`! Q i by the thumb and foreinger according as u the Pencil is to be shoved in or out which causes the stop K rojecting from the side of the encil hol er to travel along said spiral cliannel I and consequently to 'carry alongwith it the pencil fixed in the inner tubethus shoving it in or out.

The screw may be cut o-n the inner tube thus accomplishing the same end, but in a different manner.

Fig. 5, 'represents the several parts of the improved case .put together; Fig. 6, the i outer case with the screw around it; Fig. 7 theinner case with the straight slit-in .65*

inwhich the screw is on the inside; Fig. 9, the pen holder and stop, shown separately The invention claimed and desired to bei secured by Letters Patent consists in` Making a spiral channel OIT screw int'h seat in the lower end of either to receive the stop of the pencil tube to prevent the` pencilor pen shoving back while writing,'as before described.


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