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Publication numberUS739436 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 22, 1903
Filing dateJul 31, 1902
Priority dateJul 31, 1902
Publication numberUS 739436 A, US 739436A, US-A-739436, US739436 A, US739436A
InventorsJohn L Strohm
Original AssigneeCharles C Mumm
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US 739436 A
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No. 739,436. PATENTED SEPT. 22, 1903.





firm/12 rs I UNITED STATES? Patented September 22, 1903.






SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 739,436, dated September 22, 1903.

Application filed July 31,1902. Serial No. 117,803. (No model.)

files designed to contain loose sales-slips, 210- counts, memoranda, &c.; and the object of the invention is to provide a file wherein the individual accounts of each customer, when the device is used by a merchant, may be kept and conveniently referred to, one file being appropriated for each customer and the salesslips detached from the book and placed in its appropriate file whenever a sale is made or at the close of the days business.

Other objects of the invention will appear from the following detailed description.

The invention consists generally in various constructions and combinations, all as hereinafter described, and particularly pointed out in the claims.

In the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification, Figure 1 is a perspective of a book-file with the top cover thrown back and a portion of the back cover broken away to show the construction of the file. Fig. 2 is a'similar view showing the spring-actuated presser-arm and the support therefor, and Fig. 3 is an edge view showing the top cover and the presser-arm in their closed position.

In the drawings, 2 and 3 represent, respec tively, the back and front covers of heavy pasteboard or other suitable material, and 4: a flexible connection between said covers and forming the back of the file, and 5 is a metal reinforcing-plate provided .on the back cover near one end and preferably concealed by the lining 6. This plate has an outwardly-turned perferably integral flange -7, substantially parallel with and bracing the back 4 and preferably spaced therefrom to make room for the ends of the presser-arm and the spring bearing thereon and having at its outer edge a lip 9, to which the flexible back 4 is secured by a wire 10 or other suitable means. The rein forcing-plate is provided with holes to receive filing posts or pins 11, having headed inner presser-arm 13 are inserted.

ends that rest upon the back cover and are braced and stayed 'by said plate and have pointed outer ends to facilitate the filing of loose sheets or leaves thereon. The flange 7 is provided upon each side of the center thereof with slots 12, wherein the ends of alooped outwardly turned and provided with heads '14, that are engaged by the ends of a flat spring 15, that is preferably secured at a point intermediate to its ends by a rivet or other suitable means to the flange 7. We prefer to provide grooves or depressions 1 6 in the flange 7 to receive the outwardly-turned ends of the presser-arm and the heads thereon and aid in holding them in place. When the presserarm is raised to the position shown in Fig. 2, the heads 14 will swing around and bearing uponthe spring 15 place the same under tension, pressing it away from the flange 7, and when the presser-arm is lowered the heads will swing back, allowing the spring to return to its normal position,-where it will exert its force to hold the arm down upon the leaves.

These ends are At the end of the file opposite the presserarm mechanism we prefer to provide a block 17, upon the outer face of which the name of the customer may be written or printed to permit the ready location of a customers file when placed in the file-case. This block may, if preferred, be provided with a suitable fastening device (not shown) for holding the front cover in place.

WVe claim as our invention-- 1. In a book-file of the class described, the combinatiomwith the covers,of a reinforcing plate provided on the back cover and having an upwardly-turned flange forming a back plate, a presser arm carried by said back plate, paper-holding studs provided on said reinforcing-plate, and means for causing said presser-arm to bear with a yielding pressure or memoranda are placed, a presser-arm car ried by said back plate, and means for holding said presser-arin in yielding engagement with the paper on said studs, substantially as described.

3. I11 a device of the class described, the combination, with a back cover provided at one end With a horizontally and vertically extending plate, posts secured to and extending vertically from the horizontal portion of the plate and having their upper ends free for the reception and removal of in einorandaleaves, and a spring-influenced presser-arln secured to the vertical portion of the plate and arranged to extend beyond the posts and to bear against the lnemoranda-leaves held by the posts, substantially as described.

at. In a device of the class described, the combination, with a back cover provided at one end with a horizontally and vertically extending plate the vertical portion of which is formed with a longitudinally-raised portion forming a groove and having slots formed in it, posts secured to and extending vertically from the horizontal portion of the plate and having their upper ends free for the reception and removal of memoranda-leaves, a looped presser-arm having its ends passed through the slots in the longitudinally extending groove of the plate and outwardly bent to one side of the slots and provided with heads, and a spring secured to the plate and pressing against said heads, substantially as described.

In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands, CHARLES C. MUMM, at Minneapolis, Minnesota, this 21st day of July, and JOHN L. STROHM, at Hankinson, North Dakota, this 22d day of July, 1002.


In presence of RICHARD PAUL, M. C. NOONAN. JOHN L. .fTROllM.

In presence of-- E. F. WIRTH, A. J'. BARKER.

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Cooperative ClassificationB42F13/12, Y10S24/08