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Publication numberUS739800 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 22, 1903
Filing dateFeb 25, 1903
Priority dateJun 21, 1902
Publication numberUS 739800 A, US 739800A, US-A-739800, US739800 A, US739800A
InventorsWalter S Adams
Original AssigneeJohn A Brill
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US 739800 A
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w. s. ADAMS.

GAR TRUCK. I APPLICATION rum; ran. 25. 1903.

s sums-$3212? 1.

' INVENTOR fllrjadams. W 7




APPLIOATIOH FILED r33. 25. 1903.

a sums-sum a.


T-nlll yu INVENTOR THE 04mm: mans co.. PHOTO-LUNG WASHINGTON a c No. 739,500. A Patented September 22, 1908.




:PECXFIGATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 739,800,-dated September 22, 1903.

Original application filed June 21, 1902, Serial No. 112.538. Divided and this application filed February 25, 1903. Serial No- 1 1M967. (No model.)

T all whom it y OOH/667%! between the tops of the axle-boxes 3 and the 'Be it known that I, WALTER S. ADAMS, a. axle oox yokes extend the usual axle-box citizen of the United States, and a resident of springs 10. v the city and county of Philadelphia, State of On the inner pedestal-arms 5 are formed in- 5 Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and wardly and longitudinally extending lugs 11, useful Improvementsin Car-Trucks, of which opening upwardly and having strengtheningthe following is a specification. webs 12 and perforations 13. The pedestals My invention has relation to pivotal carmay be connected together by means of the trucks adapted to be employed in connection tie-bar 14, and the arms of the yokes may be 0 with electric motors, and it has more espejoined by the short bars 15. 6o cial relationship to trucks wherein the hol- At 16 arethe transoms, formed of angle-iron ster is supported on longitudinally-disposed with their inner vertical faces 17 opposed to upwardly-arched semi-elliptic orleaf springs each other, and their horizontal flanges 18 arranged on each side of the truck beneath are secured to inwardly-extending bracket- :5 the top bar of the side frames. like webs '19, extending inwardly from the The object of my invention is to simplify top bars 9. and reduce the cost of construction and main- Resting on the lugs 11, between the webs tenance of trucks of this kind and at the 12 and over the perforations 13, are coiled same time preserve a great many of the feasprings 20, which have their lower ends rest- 20 tures of the trucks of this class-namely,beting in an annular recess 21 and their upper ter equalization of the load under varying ends supporting caps 22. The caps 22 have conditions of service, to produce an easy-ridan'jannular groove 23 corresponding to the ing truck both with reference to the superrecess 21 of the lugs 11, and on the upper surposed car-body and the action of the truck faces of said caps are longitudinal grooves 24,

25 on the track'rails to enable the axles of the which are perpendicular to the transverse wheels to be brought comparatively close toopenings 25 in said cap. Pivot-pins 26 rest gether to produce what is known as a short in the grooves 24 and form pivots'for the twowheel-hase truck, and to secure many other part bolts or links 27, which pass through the desirable features hereinafter referred to. openings 25, and at the lower ends of said 30 This is a divisional application of one filed links 27 are eyes 28, which'pivotally secure by me June 21, 1902, Serial No. 112,588. stirrups 29 by means of pins 30. The do- In the drawings, forming part of this specipending arms 31 of the stirrup 29 are united fication, Figure lis a side elevation of a truck by abolt 32, to which are secured the ends made in accordance with my improvements. of the longitudinally-arranged semi-elliptic 35 Fig. 2 is a partial plan view of the same. Fig. springs 33. These springs 33 are free to elon- 3 is a fragmentary section taken on the line gate under pressure, because the springs 20 3 3 of Fig. 1 looking in the direction of the and openings 13 are large enough to allow arrows. Fig. 1 is a detail view showing the the links 27 plenty of room in which to swing link-supporting means. Fig. 5 is a side elebothlaterall'y and longitudinally of the truck. 40 vation showing a truck with a modified form The semi-elliptic springs 33 are upwardly 0 of bolster-support. arched and are united at their longitudinal Throughout the various views similar refcenters by the bolster 34, which has its ends erence characters designate similar parts. 35 bolted upon bands 36, that pass around The truck consists of the usual axles 1, the springs 33, strap-bolts 36 being used for 5 wheels 2, and axle-boxes 3. The frame comthis purpose. The bolster may be of any 5 prises the axle-box yokes or pedestals 4, havsuitable type, although I prefer to use a builting the inner and outer arms 5 and 6, extenup bolster having a lower bar 37, a wooden sions 7 from the outer arms connected transfilling 33, and an arched bar 39, which is proversely by cross-bars 8, the inner arms being vided with. the usual center and side bear- 7 50 connected by the top bars of chords 9, and ings 39 39* and thrust-springs 39. The 1001- ster rests between the faces 17 of transoms in the usual way.

Instead of the construction described above and illustrated in Figs. 1, 2, 3, I may use the modification shown in Fig. 5, in which the bolsteris constructed substantially the same as above described except that it is connected tothe springs 33 by means of the iinks 40, which pass around said springsand rest on recessed plates 41, which are secured to the bands 42 (36) of the springs 33, and at their lower ends the links 40 engage cross-bars 43, having flanges 43, which are secured to the ends of the bolster by bolts. The plates 41 and cross-bars 43 are rounded and recessed, as shown at 44 and -15, to allow the bolster to swing in the direction of its length in addition to the lateral swing provided by the links, thereby relieving the longitudinallydisposed semi-elliptic springs 33 from all transverse strains and forming a flexible connection between said bolster and springs.

The spiral springs 20 at the ends of the semi-elliptic springs 33 resiliently support them and by neutralizing the difference in rhythm between the semi-elliptic springs and the spiral springs at their ends entirely absorb thejars and other undesirable effects of spring action and more perfectly equalize the load of the car while in action or during the application of the brackets to the truck, at the same time permitting perfect flexibility between the bolster and transom and the semi-elliptic springs.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is- I 1. The combination in a truck having a frame and axle-box pedestals, of the longitudinally-disposed semi-elliptic springs springsupported from the axle-box pedestals, and a bolster supported by the said semi-elliptic springs.

2. In a car-truck, the combination with the frame having axle-box pedestals, top bars united by transoms, longitudinally-disposed semi-elliptic springs, springs supporting the ends of the semi-elliptic springs from the axleboX pedestals, and a bolster extending b tween the transoms and movably supported by the semi-elliptic springs.

3. The combination of a truck having a frame and axle-box pedestals, projections intermediate of the ends of said pedestals, spring-links suspended from said projections to swing laterally and longitudinally, semielliptic springs supported by said links, and a bolster connecting said 4. The combination in a car-truck, of a frame having axle-box pedestals, the longitudinally-disposed semi-elliptic springs,abolster supported by said semi-elliptic springs,swinglinks supported from the axle-box pedestals, and a movable connection interposed between the pendent ends of said links and the ends of said semi-elliptic springs.

5. In a car-truck, the combination with the semi-elliptic springs;

tr uck-frame having atop bar and axle-box pedestals, lugs extending inwardly from the inner arms of said pedestals, springs on said lugs, apertures formed in said lugs, links supported by said springs and extending through the apertures, longitudinally-disposed semielliptic springs supported by the lower ends of the links, and a bolster supported by said semi-elliptic springs.

In a car-truck, the combination with a frame havingaxle-box pedestals, springs supported by said axle-box pedestals, links supported at their ends by said springs, semielliptic springs connecting said link, and a bolstersupported bysaid semi-ellipticsprings.

7. In a car-truck, the combination with a frame having axle-box pedestals, perforated lugs on said pedestals, swing-links supported by said lugs, longitudinally-disposed semi.- elliptic springs supported at said links, and a holster supported by said semi-elliptic springs.

8. In acar-truck, the combination with side frames having axle-box pedestals, springs supported upon said pedestals, swing-links supported on said springs and adapted to be swung transversely and longitudinally of the truck, semi-elliptic springs, transoms extending between said frames, a bolster extending 9 between the semi-elliptic springs and transoms, the ends of said semi-elliptic springs being secured to said links.

9. The combination in a car-truck, of the side frames having top bars and axle-box pedestals, lugs extending inwardly from the inner arms of the axle-box pedestals, apertures formed in said lugs, spiral springs supported on said lugs about said apertures, links pivotally supported upon the said lugs and extending through said apertures, longitudinally-disposed semi-elleptic springs movably connected at their ends with said links, and a bolster supported by said semi elliptic springs.

10. The combination in a truck, of the side frames, provided with axle-box pedestals, semi-elliptic springs, links and spring-supports for the links on said pedestals for supporting the semi-elliptic springs, and a bolster rigidly attached to' said semi-elliptic springs.

their ends by 11. As an article of manufacture, a side 7 frame for trucks comprising a top bar, pedestals, and perforated lugs projecting from the inner arms of said pedestals.

12. The combination in a truck of the side frames provided with axle-box pedestals, springs on said pedestals, semi-elliptic springs supported on said springs, and a bolster rigidly attached to said semi-elliptic springs. Signed this 27th day of January, 1903.



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