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Publication numberUS740617 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 6, 1903
Filing dateJun 1, 1903
Priority dateJun 1, 1903
Publication numberUS 740617 A, US 740617A, US-A-740617, US740617 A, US740617A
InventorsWilliam P Bettendorf
Original AssigneeWilliam P Bettendorf
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US 740617 A
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No; 740,517, PATBNTBD 00T. e, 1903,- m1. BEMBMDQBF..

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Huf-mm nu VNo. 740,6 1 '7.

UNITED STATES iatented October 1903.



SEECIFICATIOII forming part of Letters Patent No. 740,617, dated October 6, 1903.

' Application led J une 1, 19.03. Seriallilo. 159.610. (No model.)

To @ZZ whom, it may concern:

Beit known that I, W'ILLIAM P. BETTEN- DORF, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Davenport, in the county of Scott and State of Iowa, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Car-Trucks, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

The aim and purpose of my invention is to provide a car-truck the side frames of which, including the-journal-boxes, the spring-platform, and the column-guides, are integral. This I accomplish by the means hereinafter nfully described, and as particularly pointed out in the claims.

In the drawings, Figure l is a side elevation of my invention'. Fig. 2 is a transverse vertical section of said truck,taken on dotted line 2 2, Fig. l, looking in the direction indicated by the arrows. Fig. 3 is a plan view of one-half of said car-truck, showing one side thereof in full. Fig. 4 is an end view of said truck; and Fig. 5 isa horizontal section through one-half of the length of the side frame of the truck, taken on dotted line 5 5, Fig. l, looking in the direction indicated by the arrows. i

In the drawings, A represents the upper arch of the side frame of the truck; B, the inverted arch thereof; C C, the columns, and

D D thejournal-boxes. These parts are made of one piece of metal, and it makes no difference, in so far as my invention is concerned, whether the same is made of cast-steel, pressed steel, or otherwise.

The journal-boxes D are preferably of the same design as the well-known Master Car- Builders journal-boxes except that those features which en able the latter to be removably secured in the ends of the side traine are elimihated. The lids a of the journal-boxes are of suitable shape-for closing the mouths of the same and are formed with a central knuckle o, projecting from their upper edge, which fits between the alining knuckles c c, projecting from the upper edge of the mouth of the box and is hinged thereto bythe usual pint-le d.

' The openings e e of the side frame betweenthe upper and lower arches and the guidecolumns C and journal-boxes may be of any desirable shape or may, if desired, be omitted altogether. The space between the column-guides, into which the ends of the truckbolster E extend, has its lower half made wider by providing said column-guides with corresponding inset or recessed surfaces g g. This'lower widened space between the columnguides is provided for the purpose of enabling the ends of the truck-bolster to be inserted in place. rlhis widened space, therefore, corresponds to the width of the end of the bolster plus the projection of the guideblocks h h, secured to the sides of the same. r`he width of the upper half of this space between the columns is such that when said bolster is in its proper position, with the springs G G under its ends, the column-guides will enter the vertical channels in said guideblocks and direct its movement. The sill of this space in which the ends of the holsters play is provided with an integral spring-seat H, which consists of a suitable plate or tray the edges of which project beyond the vertical broad sides of the side frame and are preferably supported by the brackets or struts k 7a., Vhile I prefer, however, to have this spring-seat integral with the side frame, it may be made separate and suitably secured thereto.

In order to give rigidity to the side frames and dispense with the necessity of the usual spring-plate, I prefer to connect the same by the spacing or tie bar K, which near' each end is provided with a circumferential shoulder I, and has the end portion beyond said shoulder extended through a suitable opening located midway the length of the side frames under the spring-seats and provided with suitable nuts J on its outer screw-threaded eXtensions to tighten and hold it in place.

The side frames of the truck shown in the drawings are made of east metal, preferably steel, and it will be noticed that the edges both of its oute'i` contours and the openings Atherein are provided with lateral flanges.

These, besides greatlyim proving the appearance of the side frames, also add strength to them. This construction may, however, be

dispensed with, although I desire to be understood as considering such a side frame, either with or without such flanges, as coming within the spirit of nay-invention.'


Vhat I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

l. A metal side frame for ear-trucks having journal-boxes made integralthereof and a bolster-opening therein mediate said boxes.

2. A side frame for car-trucks comprising an upper arch, a lower arch, column-guides and journal-boxes made integral of one body of metal.

3. A metal side frame for car-trucks having lateral flanges and journal-boxes made integral therewith and a bolster-opening therein mediate said boxes.

4. A side frame for car-trucks comprising an upper arch, a lower arch, guide-columns and journal-boxes made integral of one body of metal, and having the edges thereof flanged.

5. An integral metal side frame for cartrucks the lower portion having a bolster- VILLIAM P. BETTENDORF.


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Cooperative ClassificationB61F5/52