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Publication numberUS741004 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 6, 1903
Filing dateAug 22, 1902
Priority dateAug 22, 1902
Publication numberUS 741004 A, US 741004A, US-A-741004, US741004 A, US741004A
InventorsSamuel W Van Nostran
Original AssigneeSamuel W Van Nostran
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Attachment for theater-seats.
US 741004 A
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UNITED STifIES Patented October 6, 190B.



SPECIFICATION forming para of Leners Parent No. minchiate@ october c, 1903. f

Application filed August 22| 1902i Serial No. 130,720.l (No modeLl To @ZZ whom it may concern: Be it known that I, SAMUEL W. VAN Nos- TRAN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Minneapolis, in the county of Hennepin and Stateof Minnesota, have invented certain new' and useful Improvements in Attachments for Theater-Seats; andI do hereby declarefthe following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, suchl vas will enable others skilled inthe art to which it appe'rtains to make and use the same.

My invention has for its object to provide an. attach mentv for the backs of theater-seats adapted to hold an advertisement, to adord a hat or clothes rack, and also to hold a look-V ing-glass..

To these ends the invention consists of the novel devices and combinations of devices hereinafter described claim. A

The recent custom in theaters of requiring and deiined in the A ladies to remove their hats has hitherto found its greatest inconvenience in the fact that such hats being usually bulky and at the same delicate must he handled with care and. held in the lap during the whole performance.

One feature of 'my invention provides a device upon which the hat and other articles of wearing-apparel may beAoonvenien-tly and safely hung to the back of the chair just in front of the one occupied by the owner. The provision'of a looking-glass is also very de-l sirable, since it enables the lady, orpother person for vthat matter, to inspect and properly adjust her hair and various articles of wearing-apparel. The device also aords an extremely serviceable means for displaying ad vertising matter. This lastfeature isnot the least important of those noted.

In the drawings like characters indicate like parts throughout the several views.

Figure I is a view in side elevation, showing one of my improved devices applied t'o the back of a theater-seat. Fig. 2 is a rear elevation of the parts shown in Fig. 1, and

Fig. 3 is a vertical section on the line xiaof Fig. 2.

The numeral l indicates the back of an ordinary theater-seat, the upper portion of which, it will bev noted, is thicker than the i upper ends, as shown at o2. through perforations in the back of the case- `ing` or keeper la,

lower portion thereof., so vthat a` ledge 2 is thereby formed, as best `shown in Fig'. 3. l The character o indicates the back or relatively iixed member, and the'character a' iiidicates the pivotally-movahle member, of a metal case., whichparts are hinged at their Screws b, passed section o, and screwed into the top of the seatback l, securely hold the said oase-section a to the said seat-back. `At its sides the caseoverlap the sides of the member o when the latter is turned downwardinto a closed or vertical position. Said side strips a3 are provided i with inturned ribs or lian ges c, which serve to friotionally hold a card c against the back of .the oase-section a. 0n its outer face the card c is marked with advertising matter. On its innr face the hinged case member a' is provided with 'a marginal intnrned flange a5, whiohengages the beveled edge ofl the mirror f, and thereby secures the` said mirror 'to Y the said l section a is provided with side strips a3, which case-section. On its outer face said case-secltion a is provided at its sides and free or lower edge with marginal ilanges o, which afford a keeper serving to hold a cardg against the outer-face of the said case-section a. The card g, like .the card c, will be marked with advertising matter. The card c is inserted into working position byupward movement from the lower end of the casesection a., while the card g is inserted in working position by `a. downward movement through the upper or As is evi hinged end of the case-section*a. dent, the advertising matter on the card g will be exposed to view while the case-section ct is turned downward into normal position, whilethe advertising matter on the card c will be exposed to view when the case-section a is turned upward, as indicated by dotted lines in 1,'so as to expose the mirror f for use. y

The iixed case-section o. is provided with a depending supporting-plate c?, which is 'bent to iit against the ledge 2 and against the thinner portion of the seat-back l. A heardetachablysecured to the plate of( by short nntted bolts k', pivotally connects a clothes ybracket or hook m to the section is provid ed 4.with Irecesses back of the seat andto the said plate a7. shown, `the bracket mis providediWith/a long upper' anda'short lower hook,"u`po'n the pper of which a hat and to the lower of which a cloak or other article of wearing-apparel may be conveniently hung.

The bracket m is vtree toswing from'oneexev treme position into another extreme position, (indicated by dotted lines in Fig. 2,) in both of which positions it'w'ill lie'elo'se against the back of the seat l and entirely below thejlegs 2. To yieldingly hold the said bracket or hook 'mY in either of these 'extreme positions'or in- .its operative outturned position,y (shown by full lines in the drawings,) its Vertical shaft-, ,i

. @indentations mfg; wit-hy which. cooperates the ,conical point cfa spring-pressed, retaining-doge?, n i'onnted in a thimblelike projection afiof the keeper 7c. .In this Waythebraeketfmisheld; so that it will not Vunder ordinary conditions be moved from any one of' the three positions in to which it may set. Y will 'readily swingr from 'its operative or ont` turned position in case' a petsons clothing should catchth'ereon, and will thus prevent' tearing of the clothes.v When the hook'm is turned' outward, it prevents the vinsertion or set -forthgand claimed. stood that the device is not limited to its use The 'combination .with

removal of the card e; but when it is. turned to either'sid'e back avainst the offset ortion i It will of course be understood that the dey vice described is capable of modification Within the scope of my invention as herein y It `vvill .also be underinconnection with theater-seats, but is capa- 'ble of application Wherever such' a device is desired.

What I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patentof the United States, -is'as follows: the case-section a flanges a4 and the of the hookmpivoted having the card-holding offset platesection of,

to the said oiset'plate-section aT'and'movable 'into 'extre'm'e-j positions' n n'derlying the 'shouldered portion thereof `afndii'iv'vard of they plane of the said flanges a4,`whe`reby a card may be' readily' inserted froin when 'thesaid 'hook ifs'ftnrned into'an ex'trei'rie positief, substantially as described. In testimony whereof I affix my signature in'p'resence oftWo Witnesses. SAMUEL V.VA N"NOSTRAN. Witnesses: s


into tlieholde'r afforded by said. flanges' or 'removed there-

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