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Publication numberUS742689 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1903
Filing dateDec 17, 1902
Priority dateDec 17, 1902
Publication numberUS 742689 A, US 742689A, US-A-742689, US742689 A, US742689A
InventorsHarry S Lord
Original AssigneeHarry S Lord
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US 742689 A
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PATENTED OGT. 27,1903.

H. s. LORD.



n mu HM UNIT zen of the United S the county of Sagadahoc and Patented October 27, 1903.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 742,689, dated October 27, 1903.

Application filed December 17,1902. Serial No. 135,537. (No model.)

S. LORD, a cititates, residing at Bath, in State of Maine,

have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Pipe-Coverings, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements in pipe-coverings such as are used for covering [0 steam and hot-water pipes;

my invention is th made of canvas which can when desired and which Wlll be or detached thoroughly practical r 5 tended purpose.

and one object of e provision of a covering be easily applied and efiicient for the in- Another object of my invention is the provision of a canvas covering means for securing the for pipes having ends of the coverings by a suitable lacing device.

Another object of my invention is the provision of a pipe-covering which can be quickly applied, which will present an attractive appearance, and which can ure as which can be easily transported,

be produced at to commend it.

With these objects in view such alow figmy invention consists of a pipe-covering embodying novel features of construction and combination of parts, substantially Figure 1 represents a side elevation of my covering applied to a perspective view as disclosed herein.

a pipe. Fig. 2 represents of a portion of the covering detached. Fig. 3 represents a sectional view taken transversely through the pipe and covering.

In the drawings, A designates a pipe,around which is placed the asbestos covering B, and

this is preferably surrounded by a covering of fabric 0, and ar 0 I place my'dalnvas ound the entire structure covering D. My canvas covering fits snugly around the interior covering and has its meeting or adjacent end E reinforced, and one of the reinforced portions is provided with 5 F. In the reinforc the flat or protecting strip ed edges E of my covering means of this I secure the series of hooks G, with which is. en aged the lacing-cord H, which is arranged preferably as shown in the drawings, and by construction it will be seen that the ends of the covering are drawn snugly together to cause the covering to fit smoothly upon the pipe and to give a neat and attractive appearance, and the free end of the lacing may be tied or secured by a suitable fastening J. I also provide the reinforced or double edges of the covering with an elastic or yielding portion K to permit the covering to be adjusted to pipes of various diameters, as circumstances require.

From the foregoing description and drawings it will be understood that I provide a pipe-covering which can be quickly applied or removed, which is of attractive appearance, capable of production at a very low price, and thoroughly efiicient and practical in every particular.

I claim- 1. A covering for'pipes, consisting of an inner jacket, an outer canvas covering having its meeting edges reinforced and elastic, an exterior or protecting flap on one of the edges to close the gap between the edges, hooks secured upon said edges, a lacing engaging the hooks and a fastening for the free end of said lacing.

2. The pipe-covering herein shown and described, consisting of the .asbestos, the canvas covering having on one edge the protecting-flap and having the elastic strips along the inner edges, the hooks connected to said strips, the lacing engaging said hooks and the fastenings for securing the ends of the lacing. 1

In testimony whereof I affix my signature WVitnesses:

FREDK. J. HINoKLY, C. M. Gonnnun.

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Cooperative ClassificationF16L9/003