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Publication numberUS743646 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 10, 1903
Filing dateSep 26, 1902
Priority dateSep 26, 1902
Publication numberUS 743646 A, US 743646A, US-A-743646, US743646 A, US743646A
InventorsJohn Kirschbaum
Original AssigneeAlan Robb Fergusson
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US 743646 A
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wolreaeee. V Z BatentedNQVemberIO,1903. lhvrrnn STATES ATENT FFICE.



SPEGIFIGATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 7413,6 16, dated Novembe r 10,1903.

Application filed September 26, 1902. Serial No. 124,913. (No model-) To all whom it may concern: ing member. Stationary memberl is further- Be it known that 1, JOHN KIRSCHBAUM, a more provided with a bracket 5, forming a citizen of the United States, residing in Wabearing for the pivot 6 of a rotary operating terbury, in the county of New Haven and member 7. This member consists of a flat -5 5 State of Connecticut, have invented certain disk having a preferably milled circumfernew and useful Improvements in Clamps, of once and extending somewhat above the openwhich the following is a specification. ing in plate 1, Fig. 1, surrounded by the ribs The present invention refers to clamps 2, is provided on one side with a spiral rib 8, such as used for clamping supports for vaforming a spiral groove in which is located a 0 rious purposes to the shelves or partitions projection or lug 12, formed in the slot 11 of of desks, especially rolltop desks. Itis the movable clamping member 9. Thisclampknown in devices of this kind to hold together ing memberis pivoted to the stationary clampthe clamping members by means of a sliding ing memberg'a's at 4, is provided with ribs 10, collar or ring or by means of a screw and nut, similar to ribs 2 on stationary member 1, and :5 the screw-bolt being secured to one member carries at its free end 18 an adjustable clampand the nut bearing against the other of the ing-plate l5, pivoted to 13 by means of a bearmembers. Either of these devices shows ing-bracket l t. grave defects, consisting particularly in the The base portion of the stationary member facts that the top of the supporting shelf or carries any suitable translating device or, for 20 board is obstructed by part of the clamp, instance, a lamp-bracket consisting of astaif that the collar in one case is not easy of ad- 16, a ball-andsocket joint 17, havinga screwjustment, and the screw in the other case threaded member 18 for holdinga fixture, (he. must be of considerable length to allow the By suitably modifying the free ends of the application of the device to shelves or boards clamping members the device may be used :5, of greatly-varying thickness. for various purposes. a

The underlying invention is adapted for The operation of the device is as follows: use on boards or shelves of practically any The disk 7 is rotated until the stud 12 is 10- desired thickness and leaves the top ofthe cated in the outermost groove of the disk. board substantially clear and unobstructed. Then the stationary member 1 is placed on 5c The accompanying drawings, forming part top of the supporting-board 19, and by now of the present application, show the new deturning 'the'disk 7 in the opposite direction vice in its preferred form, the essential of the stud 12 will glide in the grooves formed which consists in the employment of a rotary by the spiral rib 8 and be drawn more and spiral member adapted to draw together the more toward the center of the disk 7, where 5 clamping means of the device and adjust the by plate 15 will adjust itself to the lower side same to varying thicknesses of the supportof the supporting-board 19 until it rests ing board or shelf. against the same. For loosening the clamp Figure l is a side elevation of the device; it is only necessary to turn the disk 7so as to Fig. 2, a view of the lower side of the same; bring stud 12 away from the center of the o 40 and Fig. 3 a View similar to that of Fig. 1, disk.

showing the device clamped-to a board or Having now described the invention, that shelf. which is considered new and useful, and de- 1 in Fig. l is the top plate of the device sired to be secured by Letters Patent, isforming the stationary clamping member and 1. A desk-clamp, comprising a plurality of 9 5 45 is provided with a longitudinal slot surroundclampingarms, supporting means for a transed by turned-up ribs 2. This plate is bent lating device on one of the arms, a spiral ensubstantially at right angles, as at 3, formgaging device between the arms, and a selfing the base for a lamp-staif or other device, adjusting holding-plate on the other of the as hereinafter will be described more fully. arms. 5c The end of this bent part 3 is provided with 2. A clamp, comprising a stationary arm bearings for a pivot 4 of the movable clampcarrying a rotatable disk having a spiralshaped rib thereon,-and a movable arm carried by the stationary arm and having a stud engaged by said rib so that rotation of the disk varies the distance between the free ends of the arms. 7

3. In a desk-clamp, the combination with a stationary arm, of a movable arm pivoted thereto, a rotatable disk on said stationary arm and having a spiral rib, a stud on said movable arm adapted to be engaged by the spiral rib, and meanson said stationary arm for carrying a translating device.

4:. The combination with a plurality of pivoted members, of a spiral rotatable in its own plane and carried by one of the members, and engaging means for said spiral on the other of the members.

5. The combination with a stationary arm and'a movable arm pivoted thereto, of a spiral member on the stationary arm and rotatable in its own plane, and engaging means for said-spiral secured to the movable arm.

member and having a spiral rib, and engaging means on said movable member for said spiral rib.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand, in the presence of two subscribing witnesses, this 24th day of September, 1902.




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Cooperative ClassificationA24F19/0092, B60R7/05