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Publication numberUS744545 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 17, 1903
Filing dateAug 10, 1903
Priority dateAug 10, 1903
Publication numberUS 744545 A, US 744545A, US-A-744545, US744545 A, US744545A
InventorsWilliam M Hervey
Original AssigneeGeorge A Eisaman, William M Hervey
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Novelty device.
US 744545 A
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PATENTED NOV. 17; 1903.




Patented November 1,7, 1903.



SEECIFE'CATION forming' part of Letters Patent No.v 744, 545, dated November 1*7, 190.

.- Application tiled August l0, 1903. Seriellil'o. 168.931. '(No model.)

.'Zo all ltr/1,0m, 'it may concern: Beit known that I, WILLIAMM. HERVEY, a.

' 4'citizen of the United States of Americare siding at Homestead, in the county of Alleifo characterone of the disks lbeing adapteduto .secu re g the same together.

gheny and State of Pennsylvania, have in vented certain new and useful Improvements -in Novelty Devices,`of which. 'the following A is a specification, reference being had thereinto the accompanying drawings'.

This invention-relatesto certain useful improvements in a noveltydevice .to be employedas acampaign-.button, advertis-v ing apparatus, orlike device or in various other similar connectionsi The primary object of the device is to con# struct a device in .which two/disks are employed to complete an emblem-ligure, or

is adapted to appear, when the disks are inl one position, certain. parts of the emblem,

4 figure, character, or representation in order tol complete thesame in front view on the'.

front disk,and when the vdisks are shifted independent eharactes,1'emblems, gures,or

representations are broughtinto view through the cu t-away portions of thefront disk. ,One

disk is-provided with a `segmental slot, and4 u the other disk is provided with a projection which is passed through this slot and forms a handle'foroperating the`disk`to mowe the *same into the different positions to obtainthe desired emblems, figures, characters, or' -representationmand where the .device is emg ployed -as an advertising device this handle f portion orentension .may be employed'as va V,couponor the like, as will'be more 'fully ex-' plainedhereinafter.

f. In describing ther invention in dfailrf.'

. erence will'- be'jhad'to the accompanying drawings, forminga partlofjthis application, and wherein like numerals oi" reference wilt be lemployed for the designating2 of likevparts throughout the dilerent views of the .drawings, in whichc Figure 1 is a front elevation .of disk of one form of construction. a-lke view of the-reardisk. Fig. 3 isa front the front elevation of a form of the device with the rear disk positioned so as to showa complete emblem or representation in front view and showingin dottedlines the positionof Vthe handle portion when the rear disk is shifted. Fig. 4 ,is a front elevation or plan View of a. front disk, showing a Idiierent characteror representation. Fig. 5 is alike view of the Fig. 2 is rear. diskemployed therewith.` Fig. 6 isa -similar view ofthe complete device in this fo'rm. Fig.\7 isafront elevationor plan view of a front disk, showing adiierent character or representation.' Fig. 8 is -a like view of the rear disk employed. therewith. Fig.'9 is asimilar view of the-complete devicein' this form.v Fig. 10 is acentral vertical sectional view of the device complete.

To put my invention into practice, I provide 1 a disk 1, which, i-t isttozbe-obse'rved, is of-.the same form'of-'construct i on in the vdifferent showings of 'the application of the device made herein.v #This disk l may be provided with an emblem 2, as seen in Figs. l and 3, and provided with oVaLQUt-aivay portions 3,1as seen in this' form. Inim'ateria'l as to the representation or character-fon the front face of the disk 1, I provide the latter adj. ent'the lower edge with 'a segmentat-slot 4., through vwhich is passed'and in which: operates the' extension-5, carried'by the vrear disk 6,' 'and .which extension 5` acts 'as a-handle. forrotat .ingthe realdisk or vmay be used ,as a coupon 'on forv like purpose, according to the use t'o vwhich the device is pnt.v f; n

',.the rear disk-is preferablymadeslightly. y,smaller in diameter than' the front-disk, and 'thetwo disks are permanentlyfastenedlsto vgetherby a double-headed rivet 7, which may be rigid with the rear'disk, so as to turn in the front disk, or therear disk may turn on lthe rivet.: The rear disk ti'has placedthereon:` portions-.8, forming a part of the emblem 2, and' when these, portions are brought in' $.15V '-1- @person giving out the buttons, though in this form this extension will generally be used as. a handle only@ This form is generallypro` front of the openings 3 inthe disk l the emblem 2 is shown'complete on the front of the device. This Vrear disk in the'form shown in' Figs. 1, 2, and-8 is also provided with representations or characters 9,which when brought in front of the openings' 3 appear there-` through. This form ofA disk, as shown and 'described in Figsl, 2, and 3, it will be observed, is particularly adapted for use as a campaign-button' o'r the like and may be provided with a suitable pin 11 or other desirable fastening device. The extension 5,which acts as the handle, maybe -provided withf a line of perforations l0, if desired,so that the 'same may be detached and returned to the fthe segmental slot 4 and thev disk 6 provided with an extension 6', forming a handle, which is' generally made 'mbeindicative of thevnature of the emblem, character, or representation. Y The disk` I in Figs. Ltand 6` is pro- 'vided with a single opening 3', and there is generally placed upon the-,disk 1an inscription, such as at 12, having relation to the na- .tnre or style of the character or representa- .f-:tion 14 on'the disk. The disk t7 has its por- "i tion 15- ofthe character or representation so 3sv L when the disk 6 isgin one position and brought into view through the-opening 3 when the placed thereon as to be hidden from view disk 6 is in its other position. In'Figs. 7

`to 9 Ythe disk l is also shown as provided AWiththe segmental' slot et and with a single opening 3, As in the construction .or forni 'jshown in Figs. i to 6, the disk in this form pletes the representation or character when ,fthe disk is in one position, as seen in Fig. 9.

In the forms shown in Figs. 4 to 9 the device is particularly adapted for use as an advertising dev'iec or button and,'wheredesired, may be given out by dealers with the handle portion z designated as a coupon to be returned to a certain place.` Even if handle portion isl detached a stub thereof remains sui`cient to permitthe rotating of the rear disk, so as to bringthc portion of the repreasshown, TheI sentation carried` thereby into View or hide the same, as desired.

While I have herein I. shown and described how various slight changes may be made in the invention, yet it willbe observed that other chan ges` than -those enumerated by `me may readily be made,- more especially as to the alteration of the representations or charactors, so as to adapt the device for various uses withoutjnany manner altering the prin- .lower edge, 'said disk lhaving a portion of a representation ory character thereon, and the other of which disks has' an extension passed 1 through said segniental'slot, and has portions of a representationor charaeterthereon ad apted when' brought in vt'ront of theI sight-opening in .therst-mentioned disk to complete the representation or character on said disk, substantially as described.

2. In a device of the type described, two disks pivoted together, the frontdisk provided with a sight-opening and having a segmen-tal, slot, said -front disk having an uncompleted representation or character thereon, said .rear'disk adapted to be rotated on its pivot andhaving an extension passed through the segmental slot in the fl'rontdisk, said rear i disk'be'aring a representation or character on its front face adapted when brought in front of the sight-openingin the front disk to complete the representation or character on said disk,- substantialty7 `as described;4

3. lIn a device of the type described,gtwo

resentation or character, and said rear disk` provided with va character or `representation adapted when the disk is turned soas^to bring the character or reprsentation thereon in front of thesight-opening in the front disk to' com plete the character or 4representato'n f appearing on said front disk, substantially as described. i

In testimony whereof I'avx my signature in the presence of tivo witnesses.




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