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Publication numberUS744718 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 24, 1903
Filing dateFeb 2, 1903
Priority dateFeb 2, 1903
Publication numberUS 744718 A, US 744718A, US-A-744718, US744718 A, US744718A
InventorsIsabel Cassidy
Original AssigneeIsabel Cassidy
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Massage appliance.
US 744718 A
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No. 744,718. PATENTED NOV. 24, 1903.




WITNESSES: mvmron gnaw/- JAM @w-dl ATTORNEYS i atented November 24, 1903.



MASSAGE'APPLlANCE- i-IEECIFICATION formingpart of Letters Patent No. 744,718, dated November 24, 1903. Application filed February 2,1903. Serial No. 141,618. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ISABEL OAssIDY, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of New York, county of New York, and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Appliances for Therapeutical and Massage Purposes, of which the,

, following is a specification, reference being produce the desired beneficial results without liability of injury to the skin.

The device embodies a hollow sphere of flexible material having an undulated surface area.

The invention will be hereinafter fully described, and specifically set forth in the annexed claims.

In thea'ccompanyingdrawings,forming part of this specification, Figure 1 is an exterior elevation'of the device in its preferred form; Fig 2, a transverse sectional elevation taken on the line m a: of Fig.1; Fig. 3, a similar sectional elevation illustrating a modification of conformation; Fig. 4, a similar view illustrating a further modification, and Fig. 5 is an illustration showing the mode of applying the device to the face of a person.

In the practice of my invention as illustrated by Figs. 1 and 2 of the drawings I employ a hollow sphere A, which is composed of flexible material, preferably, indiarubber. This has ranged over its entire surface area, at any desired distance from each other and in any suitable relative arrangement, protuherances a, which are formed integral with the body of the sphere and'are preferably of semispherical contour, each presenting a convexityraised above the normal surface area of the sphere.

In the illustration of the invention shown by Fig. 3 of the drawings the hollow flexible sphere A is provided with integrally-formed protuberan ces on its surface area, which each embody an annular rib a, raised above the normal surface area of the sphere and which respectively present a concavity a as well as an annular protuberance.

' In the form of my invention shown by Fig. 4 of the drawings the undulations of the surface area of the sphere are-formedby means of a series of concavities a which are ranged over the surface'in any desirable relative arrangement.

It is well known that massage skilfully applied is exceedinglybeneficial in the treatment of nervous diseases, and its use also tendsto increase flesh and improve the complexion.. The kneading of the musclesincident to this treatment, primarily producing a modification of the muscular tissue, acts beneficially. upon the nerves, the muscles being controlled by the nerves in both their movement and nourishment, healthfulness of .the skin and improved circulation of the blood following, the increased flow of the latter involvingaugmented nourishment and capacity to eliminate deleterious matter.

The kneading of the flesh essential in all massage treatment has been most successfully accomplished by use of the fingers and palms of the hands of a skilful operator; but by employment of my invention self-massage may be readily and successfully accomplished, the peculiar undulated surface of the sphere taking the place ofthe palms of the hands and finger-tips of the operator, the

smooth surface of the sphere contacting with the convexities of the skin-surface, While the protuberances act on the hollows.

In the operation and use of the invention the palm of the hand of the operator or user, as the case may be, is employed only as a socket for the reception of the device. The sphereitself is pressed against the part to be treated and manipulated and rolled around over the surface for any required length of time, the undulations of the surface area of the sphere causing direct contact'with all parts of the skin-surface, thus successfully and quickly accomplishing the desired results.

Having now described my invention, What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. An appliance for massage purposes, comprising a hollow sphere of flexible material, embodying an air-cushion having integral protuberauces of semispherical contour, in cross-section, said protuberances ranged over the surface area of the sphere at such relative distances from each other that a plurality of them and part of the surface of said sphere may be simultaneously pressed into contact with the skin-surface in massage operations, substantially as shown and described.

2. As a new article of manufacture, an appliance for massage purposes, comprising a hollow sphere of flexible material, embody- ISABEL CASSIDY.



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