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Publication numberUS74494 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 18, 1868
Publication numberUS 74494 A, US 74494A, US-A-74494, US74494 A, US74494A
InventorsSanford S. Burr
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Improved folding bedstead
US 74494 A
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4 Letters Patent No. 74,494, dated .February 18, 1868.


dlgs tlamrte referat it in that' Entert what ma mating pat nf the ramt.


Be it known that I, SANFORD S. BURR, of Dedham, county .of Norfolk, and State of. Massachusetts, have invented'fa new and useful Folding or Disguised B edstead," and do hereby declare the followingv to be a full, clear, and exact description thereof, due reference being t had. to the accompanying drawings makingipart of .this specification, and i'n which- Figure 1 is a front elevation, andv Figure 2 a side elevation of my invention.

Figure 3,a perspective viewbf it, as lowered or unfolded and ready for use.

The object of my present invention is to produce an economical and effective folding bedstead, for use in an apartment where the room ordinarily occupied by a bedstead is greatly needed in the day-time, such bed' stead, when constructed as hereinafter described, occupying but little space when not` used as a. bed, and being ornamental in appearance.

-AThe invention consists in an upright-box or case, having the appearance in front of an ornamental piece of furniture, but open at its rear side, and provided with a folding bedstead in such manner that when wanted for sleeping purposes the bedstead, may be lowered from the rear side thereof into a horizontal position, in manner as hereinafter explained, and as shown in the rawings above referred to, as illustrating my invention.

In such drawings, A denotes an upright case or box, open in rear and'in front, made 4in imitation of or to resemble in appearance a bock-case or other appropriate article' of furniture, `and which may beornanented to any extent desired. The lower portion of the caseA is to be enlarged, and as shown at It, and provided with a drawer, a, for containing the various articles 4er utensils needed in a sleeping-apartment. The folding bedstead is shownat b, as composed of two side rails, c d, the usual slats e e e &:c., and with a head-board, f, such head-board, when the bedstead is closed, making the top or-cap of the false cabinet or article'of furniture, such head-boardor cap being provided with snitable'folding' or adjustable legs, g ,rh-for the purpose of supporting it and the outer end of the bcdstead upon the vfloor of the apartment when lowered into a horizontal position. The under or rc'ar side of the bedstead or bed-bottom is to be covered with any suitable cheap material for the purpose of preventing Aentrance of dust to the bed and clothing, or escape of ling-Ste., therefrom into the apart'- ment. The side rails c el are hinged or p'ivoted to the upper corner o f the enlargement or extension h, as shown in the drawings, the depth of :uch enlargement or extension being equal to'the width of the said rails e`d, in order that when the bed is turned into an upright position these side rails shall make part of and complete the' sides of the false piece of furniture. i i

,A suitable lock or catch is to be applied to the upper edge of the front of the case, for the purpose of securing the bedstead in an upright or folded position. The lower portion of the case A, orthat usually occupied by the upper drawers of an ordinary book-case, 'will serve to contain the pillows or extra bedding','&c., the bedstead of course being 'provided with suitable bedding. V

The device above described, when not in use, cannot be distinguished from an ordinary pieceot` furniture,

vand occupies but very little space. When wanted at night", it is to be turned round so as to bring its rear side facing tlie'apartment, and the bedstead is to be llowered into a horizontal position, its legs gig being turned down into such a position as to support its outer end upon the floor, the bedding being lowered with thebedstead.V

' The peculiar construction of myrinvention admits of extreme cheapness, as the front is entire, andnt movable nor divisible. As the bedstead, whennot in use, is out of sightlit may be made very light, and consequently can be raised and lowered very easily, which would not b e the case if the front of .the device were movable, as is now'the case.

If desirable, a small drawer, for containing toilet articles, may be added to the case A, over the drawer a before mentioned.

Having described my invention, what Iclam, and desire to secure by Letters Patent,` is- The combination, with the upright case or false cabinet, oi' a folding bedstead, hinged tothe rear of the saine, and constructed as herein described, so thatV when folded up its head-board shall constitute the cap or cornice" i o f the cabinet, substantially inthe manner shown and set forth.



EDWARD Gnrrrrrg, EDMUND H. Hnwxns.

Cooperative ClassificationA47C19/22