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Publication numberUS747045 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1903
Filing dateJan 13, 1903
Priority dateJan 13, 1903
Publication numberUS 747045 A, US 747045A, US-A-747045, US747045 A, US747045A
InventorsLincoln J Carter
Original AssigneeLincoln J Carter
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Theatrical scenery.
US 747045 A
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PATENTED DEG. 15, l903.`



TN; Naam: PETERS co. maremma.. wnsummcn, n. c


UNITED STATES Patented becember 15, 1903.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 747,045, dated December 15, l`903.

l Application iiled January 13, 1903. Serial No. 138,846. iNo model.)

To a/ZZ whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, LINCOLN J. CARTER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illii nois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Theatrical Scenery,of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to that class of theatrical appliances intended to present certain stage eectssuoh, for instance, as the burning of a forest, prairie, or the like, in the midst of which is seen a human being, house, wagon, or similar object-all of which will more fully hereinafter appear.

The principal object of the invention is to provide a simple, economical, and efficient apparatus for producing a fire effect on the stage of the theater; and the invention consists in the features, combinations, and de-` tails of arrangement hereinafter described and claimed.

' casting the glow or iire effect on the appa` ratus.

In the art towhich this invention relatesv it is well known many attempts have been made to present re eects on the stage either by employing actual devices, such as Greek re and the like, or other devices by which crude results have been obtained. It is Well known, however, that it has long been desirable to provide some method by which all the realistic eects of an actual fire can be obtained without any of the dangerous and objectionable features attendant on the use of Greek re and similar devices. The principal object of this invention, therefore, is to provide an appliance, mechanism, or apparatuswhich will produce theeifect of blazing lire on the stage, in the midst of which is seen some objectsuch as a house, horse, or human being-all of which will more fully hereinafter appear. Y

In' constructing my improvements and using them in connection with a theater, a represents the stage, in the background of which is arranged a sheet or sheets of opaque cured to the upper edge and provided with cords e passing up into the flies. It is very desirable that this sheet of material should be given a Waving effect, so that as the light or glow hereinafter described is cast thereon it will have the effect of flames forming and vanishing in operation. To obtain this waving eect, many means may be employed; but I preferto use manual laborsuch, for instance, as a boy or man, who will beat the sheet of flexible material with a light bamboo rod. While this manual means is, as above stated, the form which I prefer to use, other means may also be employed-such, for instance, as described in connection with my Patent No. 662,708, of November 27, 1900, in which a series or plurality of electric fans arranged underneath the sheet of lieXible material is used; but I prefer the manual means, as a better effect is thereby obtained-one that more nearly approaches realistic flame effects. It is also desirable that some means be employed for casting a light or glow upon the waving cloth and on its front surface, sothat the sheet of cloth has alternate or successive portions waving into and out of the rays of light. To accom plish this result, I provide a boX portion f, which is arranged directly in front of the sheet of waving clot-h. In this box or the chamber formed thereby is arranged a plurality of incandescent electric lights g. The upper part of the box is provided with a cover h, having a plurality of openingsz' therein, across which is arranged a piece of colored glass of the de- IOO ' tween the walls of fire.

f may be arranged a piece of scenery m rep# resenting grasses of a prairie or forest.

the midst of the lfire.- If an ordinary sheet of cloth were used, which would naturally be opaque, the desired object would appear in front of the tire; but it is 'desirable that it should appear so as to obtain the natural effects in the midst of the re. To accomplish this, I provide a second sheet of flexible material lo, formed of a transparent substance,so that as the light is cast thereon the wellknown law of the interference of the rays of light will render such portions of the transf parent sheet practically opaque; but when the rays of light are removed therefrom, as hereinafter described, or from portions thereof, such portions of the entire sheet willappear transparent and the lire eects in the rear of the same may beviewed as if vthere were no intervening sheet or screen. This second or front transparent sheet of material is given a waving motion in exactly the same manner as described in connection with sheet b and is also provided with a box f at its lower end, in which the light-producing means is held. Intermediate these two screens, on that portionZ which is between the sheet portions b and k, such objects as desired may be placed. For instance, a man may be placed herein to rescue another human being from the midst of a burning forest or prairie, or a locomotive or other animate object may be seen passing over a burning prairie and be- Outside of the boxes In order to further the completeness of the realistic fire eect, I prefer to make one or both of the boxes f as shown particularly in Fig. 3 and to provide it at each end with a drum n, one' of which drums is provided with a crank-handle 10. Passed around these drums is a flexible belt q, having a plurality of openings 1, each of which may be provided with a piece of transparent flexible material, such as mica and the like, so that as they come opposite the electric lights or over the same they will casta glow on the waving sheets of flexible material and in such a manner as to make it appear as if there were a waving of the same in a lateral direction. In other words, the rays of light will be cast therethrough at an angle at first, then perpendicularly, and lastly through an opposite angle, giving the eiect of intermittent tongues of flame passing upwardly and` vanishing in-a lateral direction as well, all of which tends to produce a highly desirable and realistic eect.

I claimthe combination of a rear sheet of flexible wavable material, a front transparent sheet space between it and the rear sheet, and means for `casting a glow or glows thereon so as to produce a iire effect, substantially as described.

2. In mechanisms of the class described, the combination of a rear opaque sheet of fiexible wavable material stretched across -the stage and having its lower end secured thereto, a frontv transparent sheet of flexible wavable material having its lower edge secured to the stage stretched across the same and providing a space between it and the rearsheet, and means for casting a light or glow thereon so as to produce during the waving of the sheets a vanishing effect of tongues of dame, substantially as described.

3. In mechanisms of the class described, the combination of a rear substantially opaque sheet of flexible material arranged to be waved, a front sheet of transparent ilexible material arranged to be waved, means for casting a glow or light on the rear sheet, and means for casting rays of light ora glow on the front transparent sheet in an intermittent manner, substantially as described.

4:. In mechanisms of the class described, the combination of a waving sheet or sheets of flexible material, lights for casting a glow or glows on such waving sheet or sheets, and a movable piece provided with a plurality of openings interrupting the rays of light as they are cast on the waving sheets and producing an intermittent flame effect, substantially as described. v

5. In mechanisms of the class described, the combination of a rear sheet of substantially opaque material secured to the stage and held at its upper portion and adapted to be` waved, a front transparent sheet of flexible materialsecured to the stage at its lower portion and held in a vertical manner at its upper end adapted to be waved, a plurality of lights for casting rays of light upon the rear waving sheet of exible material, a plurality of lights arranged to cast a glow or rays of light upon the front sheet of waving flexible material, and an endless belt provided with a plurality of openings for interrupting the rays of light on-the front sheet and producing an intermittent llame eect thereon, substantially as described.


l. In mechanisms of the class described,


of ilexible wavable material providing a IOO IIO

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