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Publication numberUS748186 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 29, 1903
Filing dateAug 15, 1903
Priority dateAug 15, 1903
Publication numberUS 748186 A, US 748186A, US-A-748186, US748186 A, US748186A
InventorsJeremiah C Hill
Original AssigneePhilip B Shaw, Jeremiah C Hill
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US 748186 A
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Nd. 748,186. PATENTED DEC. 29, 190s.v

J. 0. HILL.




attaining THE norms PETERS 00., wommn'ncq WASHINGTON, u c,

UNITED STATES Patented December 29,- 1903.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 748,186, dated December 29, 1903. Application filed August 15, 1903. Serial No. 169,605. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, JEREMIAH O. HILL, a citizen of the United States, residing at Williamsport,in the countyof Lycoming and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Pencil-Sharpeners, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to sharpeners for leadpencils.

The object of the invention is to produce a pencil-sharpener of simple and efficient construction which shall be available also as a paper-weight and an advertising device and in which the cutter or cutters present a very effective cutting-angle to the work.

The invention consists in the constructions and combinations hereinafter described and claimed.

Figure 1 is a vertical section of the entire device on line 1 1, Fig. 2. Fig. 2 is a plan of the device complete. Fig. 3 is a perspective of the shavings-box with cover removed. Fig. 4 is a perspective of the box-cover which contains the cutters or planes.

A indicates a metallic box, preferably struck up from a single piece of metal. This box or body has a fiat bottom B, ends 0 0, turned up for a little way, and flat sides D D, extending upward and terminating in curved edges. The side D is preferably less in height than the side D, so that the sliding cover E may slide over the side D and find a seat against the side D. Sides D and D may both be made to bear advertising matter, as the device is intended to be cheap enough to give away as an advertisement under some circumstances. As the body A is struck up of one piece of brass, tinned metal, or other light material, the expense is but slight.

The box cover or top E, which is also the cutter or plane, is preferably of steel or metal which will hold an edge. This piece E is concavo-convex in the direction of its length, and when it slides on the box its ends come under the upturned flanges O O of the box-body. When pushed back against the box side D, the cover, with the box, forms a symmetrical inclosure in form of an arched receptacle.

Near the middle of cover E there is an opening F, preferably rectangular. Below this opening the cover is ground or otherwise brought to cutting edges G G, the bevel of the material being preferably on the under side. The edges G G thus face each other.

A pencil may be drawn in the direction of the length of the cover across opening F. The arched form of cover permits the user of this, device to control the form of cut and the shaving which shall be removed from the pencil. As both sides of opening Fare sharp, the device can be used for a long time without resharpening, since one edge can be used when the other is dull. Chips or shavings which are out from the pencil will fall into the box, from whence they can be moved by sliding the cover.

I am aware that flat-topped boxes have been used into which the shavings or filings from a pencil fall. My peculiar arched top to a box gives a facility for handling the pencil. The entire form of my box tends to convenience of usage, although the detached cover may be used.

What I claim is- 1. A pencil-sharpener consisting of a box with an arched cover having an opening therein, the edges of the opening being sharpened.

2. A pencil-sharpener consisting of a box having flanges turned upat the ends and sides with curved top extending above said ends, one of the curved sides being higher than the other, and a concavo-convex cover having an opening therein provided with cutting edges.

3. In a pencil-sharpener, a box having a shaving-receptacle,and an arched cover therefor having an opening in the arch and sharpened edges to the opening.

4. The arched plate E having an opening F therein, and cutter G sharpened or beveled on the concave side.

5. A pencil-sharpener consisting of a me tallic plate higher in the middle portion than at the ends and having an opening in the raised portion, the edges of which opening are sharpened to form cutters.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.




Cooperative ClassificationB43L23/08