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Publication numberUS748288 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 29, 1903
Filing dateSep 2, 1903
Priority dateSep 2, 1903
Publication numberUS 748288 A, US 748288A, US-A-748288, US748288 A, US748288A
InventorsGeorge Klein
Original AssigneeGeorge Klein
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Convertible knapsack, hammock, and sleeping-bag.
US 748288 A
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PATENTED DEC. 29, 1903.

No. 74s,288.. 4




UNITED 'STATES Patented December 29, 1903.



SPECIFICATION formingpart of Letters Ejatent No. 748,288, dated December 29, 1903l I Application flied september 2,1903.' stanno. 171,647. (Nomads.)

j California, have invented new and useful Im-` provements in Convertible Knapsacks, Ham` mocks, and Sleeping-Bags, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to an improved article;

which is convertible on occasion into either a knapsack, a hammock, a sleeping-bag, or a.

section of a tent.

It consists of the parts and the construction and combination of parts, as hereinafter more fully described, having reference to the accompanying drawings, iu which- Figure lis a perspective of the device when folded in the form of a knapsack. Fig. 2 is a perspective of the device when strung as a hammock. Fig. 3 is a plan of the fabric c0nstituting my invention. p

A represents a rectangular sheet of canvas, rubber cloth, or other suitable vfabric of any convenient size. Two or more rings arranged in pairs, as shown at 2, are secured adjacent to each end of the sheet and equidistant from the longitudinal center line thereof. When the sheet is to be used as a hammock, the suspending-ropes are attached to opposed pairs of these rings and hung from any suitable xed supports in the usual manner. The distance between any two engaged rings at either end of the sheet determines the width of the hammock, which it may be desired to -vary to accommodate the convenience of individuals of different size. The longitudinal edges of the sheet on the side opposite to that to which the rings are secured are provided with suitable interlocking members, as 3, by which the edges may be united when the slack lateral portions ct of the sheet are folded over upon the occupant of the hammock, and so form a coverlet or combined hammock and sleeping-bag, or, if desired, the sheet may be spread upon the ground, and after the blankets have been spread upon the sheet the edges of the latter may be folded over and united in the manner of a sleeping-bag.

Where two people similarly equipped with sheets A are traveling or vcome together, they may quickly rear an A-tent by uniting two corresponding edges of the two similar sheets, supporting the united edges on a suitable ridge-pole and forming end folds in the two sections. When the sheet is to be converted into a knapsack, it is folded centrally and longitudinally so that the two opposite selvage edges are brought together. The doubled portion is then folded again longitudinally, bringing the central fold of the sheet coincident with the aforesaid selvage edges. Thesheetnowcomprisesfourthicknesses,with an opening between the two intermediate layers along the selvage side and closed along the opposite side. The folded strip is now folded transversely from each end toward the center, these transverselyfolded portions nally laid liat one upon the 'other and secured together along one yside by'means of suitable adjustable fasteners, as 4 4', and along the bottom by similar fasteners 5 5'.

In appearance the folded sheet is a rectangular flat package with open pockets between the folds along the top for the reception of various articles. The open top is closed by means of a flap 6 secured to the back portionv of the knapsack. The flap is adapted to be secured by a suitable adjustable fastening, as 7, on the front of the knapsack. The package is swung over the shoulders and su pported by means of the adjustable straps 8 in the usual manner of a knapsack. To insure regular transverse folding of the sheet, the latter may be provided along one edge with suitable markings 9, corresponding in size to the knapsack limits.

By reference to Fig. 1 it is observed that the flap 6, which comprises a strip of a width approximately that of the completed knapsack, is secured to the outside of the sheet along one of its selvage edges at any convenient point intermediate of the ends of the sheet and in a space between any two of the markings 9. The fasteningdevices 4 4', 5 5', and 7, the straps 8, and their'fastener l0 (which latter is also a part of fastener 5) are all disposed relative to the flap and to the adjacent rectangular area of the sheet which is to form the front and back of the knapsack, so that when the sheet is folded as previously described the several parts will appear in proper apposition.


Having thus described my invention, what lI claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patl. A new article of manufacture, comprising a rectangular fabric foldaole into knapsack form, and having suspending devices adjacent to each end and' upon each side of the longitudinal center thereof, each of said devices including a plurality of suspendingpoints permitting the fabric when folded, to

be varied in width, said fabric provided with y interlocking members along its two longitudinal edges. v

2. A new article of manufacturecomprising a rectangular sheet having suspending a rectangular sheet of fabric having suspending devices located adjacent to each end of the sheet'and one upon each side of the longitudinal center thereof, each of said suspending devices includinga plurality ofsuspending-points located at different distances from the center of the sheet vwhereby the width of the sheet, when folded, may be varied, interlocking members along v its opposite sides by which the edges may be united to form a bag, a lateral flap portion upon one of the longitudinal sides of the fabric, said fabric adapted to be folded to form a package with open pockets between the folds on one side and to be closed on the opposite side and to bring said flap into apposition with the open side of said package, and adjustable securing devices for the remaining open sides of the package.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in presence of the subscribing Witnesses.




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