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Publication numberUS74912 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 25, 1868
Publication numberUS 74912 A, US 74912A, US-A-74912, US74912 A, US74912A
InventorsArtemus N. Hadley
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Artemus n
US 74912 A
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i A N Hadley a l PATENTD ELASTIU INSLE FEB251868 Invent or y Attest.

Leners Paie-nt No. 74,912, dans February 25, 1868.

IMrnovBD INsoLEron Bours AND slices,

'tite Sirtori: nient tr iu tinte @entre -nteut animating ritt nt tlg:v time.

4tro WHoM 1r MAY ooNoERN:

V13e it knoivn that I, ARTEMUS N.'HADLnY,of Richmond, Wayne oounty, Indiana,have invented `e. new und useful Elastic I nsole; and I hereby declare the following to be ffull, clear, und exfact description thereo'f,

reference'being had to the accompanying drowings'making part of this specification. e

My invention relates tomi India-rubber pador cushion, to be worn rtext the heel inside of u. boot o'r shoe,

or other foot-apparel, and so' constructed as to both support and graspethe werers heeILaiording elasticity to l the foot in walkingnnd protecting the stocking from weer. In the accompanying drawings-- Figure 1 is a. side elevation'o'f my insole in position for use, a portionof the boot being removedL Figure 2 is an inverted perspective view of the insole detached.

'A is a scoop-like piece of India rubber, terminating in front in a. feather edge, a, and inrenrin a feathered .spur or counter, B. -The entire surface next theheel of thewcarer is concave, sowas to tand hug that part 4et* the person. C are bosscsor protuberanecs on the'under side of thepiece A, which become compressed or iiuttened when the weight of the body is brought upon the insole, and which, on the rise of the foot, act by their expansion to press the insolel firmly against the heel of the wearenndto protect his stocking from/abrasion and wenn..l I w The projections C may be of annular or any other suitable form. The portion Amay, if preferred, extend entirely underneath the foot of the wearer. Aniuferior moificotion of my invent-ion may be simply scored,

or even smooth upon the under side.

It will be seen that the spurpiece B, in conjunction with the resilient nctonof the insole, is efectivefto` hold the insole firmly to the heel of the wearer when` lifting his foot, thus preventing wear and :attrition of the stocking. l Y

I claim herein as neiv, and of my invention- 1. The provision of the spur-piece or counter B nt. the roar erige oi an elastic insole, substantially as and' Y for the purpose set forth.

sot forth.

. In testimonyvof which invention, I hereunto set my hund.

' ARTEMUS N. RADLEY- Witnessesr Gno. H'.' KNxonT, JAMES II. L'AYMAN.

2. lhe combination of 4the solo-piece A, spuror counter B, and protuberances C, as and for .the 'purpose 1

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